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The Vampire's Pleasure Slave

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Warnings ⚠️ Contains strong mature content. **** “I'm sorry, master,” Star shivered as the vampire slipped his finger into her wet slippery p*ssy. “It's late for this. You broke a law, princess. It's time to receive your punishment.” He inserted another finger into her wet pink virgin hole. “Ahh.” The princess cried out when he added yet another finger. “Please, stop—” “Take it, wh*r*. This is your punishment.” He joined the fourth finger to the ones already inserted. **** Who would have thought going on a hunt will bring these many problems for the young princess? Headstrong and arrogant, the young Princess was always ready to cause trouble. A headache to her father, and her mother's pride. She thought the world was hers to do as she pleases. But that was until she stepped foot into the forbidden castle, unknowingly awakening a vampire Lord who was determined to make the feisty Princess, his pet. What happens when miss arrogant meets an arrogant master? Read to find out! Note: This book contains strong mature content.

Chapter 1 Princess Star

I walk through the hallway of the palace and headed straight to the palace.

“Princess!” My maid called out to me, but I didn't turn, and neither did I spare a glance her way.

“Princess!” She hurried towards me. “My princess, your father forbade you from making an appearance today. You know the penalty for defiling orders, don't you?” She gasped.

The sound of a slap can be heard in the otherwise silent hallway as my palm made contact with her cheeks.

“Since when did you learn to speak to me, like my mother?” I narrow my eyes at her.

“Forgive me, my princess!” She cried out.

“Scurry off, you Stinky thing. Let me not see your disgusting face until I'm through with this.”

Without a backward glance at her, I continued with my walk, towards the throne room.

My tight trousers clung to my body as I walked, and my shirt seemed to be riding up a bit.

But I don't care.

I'm Princess Star.

I fear no one.

I'm the terror others fear, and the bane of my brother's existence.

I'm the joy of my mother and the pain of my father.

Yes, that's what I am.

I'm princess Star.

No one loves me, but everyone loves me.

And I don't care.

I'm who I am.

“My princess!” A guard tried to stop me from entering the throne room.

“If you love that stinky hands of yours, I won't advise you on what to do.” I glared at his hands that were yet to touch me.

“The king requested we shouldn't allow you in there, My princess. I'm afraid—” I kick him on his shin.

He gasped both in surprise, and pain.

“Oh, this? I bought the shoe from a blacksmith. Do you love it?” I grin.

“My princess,” Still in pain, he blocked my path and removed to take his stinky body off my way.

“I see you want me to continue, don't you?”

“My princess!” The second guard who was supposed to be guarding the other part of the throne door rushes forward when he heard the sound of pain from the fallen guard.

“Oh, two? This will be fun,” I stretch my taut muscles, “how do you want it? Together or separate?” I smirk.

“My princess, your father ordered us never to let you inside. He—”

“Together, then.”

I didn't give them a moment to decide on what they wanted to do with their life.

“Now, you know not to stop princess Star.” I wiped my hands on their clothes, before I left them on the floor, gasping in pain at what they went through.

Not to boast or anything, but I'm stronger than 90 per cent of the males in this kingdom.

The remaining 10 per cent is for the children and the ones I've not duelled with.

This is to tell you how much stronger I am.

I took a deep, steady breath before I opened the great doors of the throne room.

“Father, your precious daughter, is here.” I fully walk into the throne room.

Father was speaking to a man who was dressed in the traditional regalia of princes, on the planet of Meribom.

The dark material has drawings of golden staffs and Elephants on it.

Cowries were hung on the hem of the wrapper, and more staffs were drawn around them.

The inner red garment he wore has drawings of Lions on it, and it can be seen because of how sheer the outer royal apparel was.

His apparel was unlike father's, which seemed to scream respect.

“Star?” Father sounded surprised when he saw me, while the prince standing beside him looked like he has seen a ghost.

“No other princess, but your loving daughter, father.” I close the distance between us and knelt at his foot.

"My daughter,” he gently pat me on the back with his sceptre.

“Thank you, father,” I rose from my kneeling position.

“What are you doing here, Star? I instructed the guards to keep you out until I'm through with what I was doing.”

“Guards?” I scoffed, “teaching them a lesson didn't take me more than a minute. They are lucky I didn't break any bones.”

The prince beside me, inhaled Sharply, at my words.

If he was pale when I entered, right now, he looked whiter than a corpse.

Ghosts will be jealous of how white he was.

“Star!” Father shouted in a cautionary tone.

“What, father? Oh,” I place my palm on my mouth, “I see. You don't want the new suitor to know how strong and ruthless his wife-to-be is?

Or—” I gasped once more, “don't tell me you are trying to convince him that all he has heard about me is nothing but rumours?”

“Star!” Father shouted.

“Oh, dear father. How can you expect me to keep my mouth shut when this dear prince is being lied to? I took a step towards the fear-stricken prince. “It's a pity, my prince. As feeble and soft as you look, just a punch from me can break your bones. Don't you think you are signing up for a suicide mission? Oh! my—”

“Star!” Father rose from his throne.

“Oh, father!” I cried out, with my face showing nothing but pure innocence in them.

This is the exact expression that lands more than enough men on my feet, as victims.

“I'm only trying to tell him what to expect if he wants my hand in marriage. Don't you think he needs to know, father?”

“Enough of your childish games. I'm not going to allow you to destroy your—”

“Pardon me, my king, but I need to leave.” The prince said in an urgent tone.

“What?” I dramatically placed my palm over my mouth, “and here I thought you succeeded in getting a mute husband for me?”

Father only glared at me before he turned to the prince, “listen to me, son. This is the way Star acts. She was born this way. Don't take any word she says, to heart.”

Chapter 2 Going hunting

“Yeah, I wasn't born this way. I was trained this way,” I took a step towards him, but he took a step back.

“Pardon me, my king,” he looked as Ashen as a ghost, “I will take my leave!”

Before I can say a word, he has already reached the doors of the throne room.

“Good riddance.” I walk to my chair which is next to my father's throne and popped down on it.

“Star!” Father was mad.

He looked like he was only ready to combust at any moment.

“What's it, father?” I frown at him, “what did I do wrong? I only came to chat with my soon-to-be husband, not knowing he's just a chicken, like the others.”

Father huffed in anger before he stormed towards the door.

“Dearest father, where are you going to?” I call out to him, but he didn't answer me. He stormed out of the throne room and banged the door behind him.


I sigh.

Fathers can be so demanding.

I don't understand why he wants to g


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