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Sold to the vampire lord

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"Have anyone seen ,A beautiful girl like this before " He ripped off my garment ,leaving me stack naked on the stage . " Who want to be the first ,to taste her juicy breast ,who want to be the first to deflower her " The men in the crowd started screaming ,some of them where looking at me lustful ,I used my hand to cover my breast ,but it still didn't change anything , suddenly the bidding started . " Five thousand gold coin " " Ten thousand gold coin " Suddenly Mr Alfred shouted at them . " Lady's and gentleman as you can see she's untouched , beautiful and sweet she will Grace your bed in the morning and in the night " Someone from the crowd screamed . " Fifty thousand Gold coin " " Sixty thousand Gold coin " Sixty thousand gold coin ,going ..going... Suddenly when I thought all hope was lost that I will be sold to that old Haggard man ,a deep voice was heard from the front roll . " Two hundred thousand Gold coin " Mr Alfred was shocked by what he just heard . " Two hundred thousand gold coin ,going going ..." " Sold " Warning this book contains mature content ⚠️ PG 18

Chapter 1

Victoria pov ...

" Victoria wait up, Stop running, or else am going to hit you when I catch you "

" You can't do anything sister,... haha am going to tell uncle and aunty, If you dare touch me "

" Okay you win, Wait but I need to Catch my breath "

I slowed down and waited for her in the middle of the road.

" let's go home Alice, aunty will be waiting for us please, It's getting late "

" I know but we need to wait for a little for Mr. Standford he promised to come on time today "

" He's not here yet, So let's go "

I don't know why but my mind was restless, I wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

" Listen to me Victoria, We can't just leave this place without delivering what we came for "

" I know but it's getting dark and you know it's not safe, Right now please let's go home "

" Okay you win "

We picked up the bags of carrots and were about to leave, When suddenly a carriage stopped in front of us, A man In his last fifties stepped out of the carriage, Just then Alice excused herself, and Mr. Standford walked up to me.

" Good day sir, I was asked to give you this carrot in exchange for money "

" Sure, indeed there are beautiful carrots just as described"

" Are you sure you have seen the carrots or should I open it for you to see them "

" They wouldn't be any need for that Miss, I have already seen the carrots "

" Okay sir, Please can I have the money now "

" Yes sure you have your money now, Damien, Bring the bag of money "

" Yes sir "

The young man ked back into the carriage and came back with a small bag of money. He gives it to his master, Then Mr. Stanford Throws the bag of money at me.

" Count it to see if it's complete"

" No problems sir, My aunty trust you a lot, So you don't have to worry, I will hand it over to her when we get home "

At that point, I remembered I came, here with Alice, But I kept wondering where she was, She told me she was going to deliver a message and up till now, she's nowhere to be found.

" You said we "

" Yes sir I came here with my sister but I haven't seen her up till this moment, I think I have to get going "

" Where do you think you going "

" Home sir, Our transaction has been completed "

" You seem to forget something, miss, You are the goods I just brought "

As much as this man standing in front of me was behaving weirdly I still don't understand what he meant by the goods he just bought, I took a few steps backward, looking for the next available way to escape.

" So miss Victoria, it's time to go "

" With all due respect, Sir Standford, I will pretend we never had a conversation, have a nice day "

I quickly turned to leave, But I felt a sharp pain in my head, I fell to the ground My vision began to fade away. I could hear sir Standford and Damien talking.

" I hope you don't hit her so hard, Because I don't want any damage to my goods "

" No my lord, This will make her pass out until we reach the slave establishment "

" Good .. Careful pick her up and put her in the carriage "

" Yes My Lord "

Finally, everything around became dark.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself inside a cage, My head hurts. I tried to remember everything that had happened but I couldn't, just then I heard a voice.

"Don't think too much my dear you are in a slave establishment "

" Wait ..what, You are joking right "

" Nope am not "

I turned around to look at the skinny woman sitting beside me.

" How did I get here "

" I don't know, Let me guess maybe you were sold by your relatives or maybe your family sold you Whichever way you are now in the slave establishment "

" Oh..No...I need to get out of here please help me how am I supposed to leave you please "

" If I had known a way of escape I wouldn't have been here with you right now and whatever thought you having you better erase it from your head because you can't escape from here unless you are brought by someone "

" Oh God how did I get to this place "I started to panic

Suddenly my mind flashed back to everything that had happened.

' Mr. Stanford, He was the one who bought me here, That b*st*rd I swear am going to kill him "

I screamed at the top of my lungs ...I was boiling in anger. suddenly the skinny lady spoke up again.

" Save your breath and strength for later you will need it "

Just then we heard a scream, I quickly rushed to sit beside the skinny woman.

" What was the noise "

" They brought in some new slaves so they are giving them the slave mark "

" Slave mark "

" Yes, she pulled down her dress and showed me her mark "

" Oh my God you mean they are going to give me that too "

" Yes but am still surprised why you haven't gotten us yet "

We were still talking, When a guard opened the door and pulled a little girl into the cage then locked it.

When I saw the little child lying on the floor almost lifeless, That was when I realized I was in a different world.

Chapter 2

Lord Xander pov ...

The carriage stopped in front of a market , Then Dexter came over to open the carriage down .

" My lord we just arrived at the market "

" I know ,I am not blind to see that we just arrived at the market "

I stepped down from the carriage and walked into the market , The place was crowded , The people were busy displaying their goods ,I walked deeper into the market then I arrived at a small hut .

I stood in front of the hunt for a while , Then looked around to see if anyone was watching before entering into the hunt suddenly a knife was throw at me, But I quickly catched the knife with my right hand , It was few inches away from my eyes .

I turned to look at the direction where the object was coming , Then I saw a young lady siting on a stone ,her eyes was close , Then she spoke to me .

" You are too fast for an average vampire , Lord Xander "

A smile appeared on my


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