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I write to escape reality. Follow me on 'authorsprachi12' to know about the story updates.


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  • Author: sprachi12
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Liara Haysbert's whole world revolved around her books and her family. She didn't want to find her mate just after turning eighteen because she wanted to become a doctor first. A part of her didn't wish to find her mate because she was scared that her mate would reject her. Because she used to struggle to speak in front of anyone, as she had been mocked her whole life because of her nerd nature. But life had another plan for her when out of the blue, her part crossed with her fated mate, a rogue. None of them wanted each other to know the problem that they might face in the future, but neither Liara could muster the courage to speak in front of him, nor did he talk with her. "Ple..please sto..stop following me." Liara whimpered, feeling scared, but immediately she realized something, "Oh!! I…I get it.. You can't s..stop yourself be..because of the mate bond. Let..lets reject each other, okay?" "I, Liara Haysbert, da..daughter of Brandon Haysbert rejects…." Immediately she realized that she didn't know his name. "Ple..please tell me yo..your name." She whispered. "Name?" He finally spoke for the first time in front of her. Liara grabbed her clothes tightly, hearing his voice. "I don't have a name, Liara. Everyone calls me by different names; you can choose one to reject me. The options are B*st*rd, Killer, *ssh*l*, Black, Red, Speed, d*ckh**d, Beast, heartless, leech, dog, etc. The list is too long." "You… you're joking, right? Your parent's mi..might have…." "The woman whom I could call mother died at the time of my birth, and that woman was r*p*d multiple times. So, I don't know who my father is." Liara's heart sank upon hearing this, and she soon realized what the hell she was going to do. She kept staring at him without blinking her eyes for a while before speaking. "Theodore." It meant 'a gift of god'. And he was indeed a gift by Moon Goddess; otherwise, they wouldn't have been 'FATED MATES.' * Book 4: Fated Mates: Love Over Everything (Ongoing) Book 1: Billionaire’s Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Completed) Book 2: My Mate is a Witch (Completed) Book 3: The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy? (Completed) *** Follow me on social media. Search ‘sprachi12’

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