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Vincenzo's Heir
  • Author: Chisomm
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10.1K
  • ⭐ 7.5

Lillian Stewart is a twenty-four years old who has always wanted a simple life. After being dumped by her boyfriend of two years and a baby on the way, her life makes a drastic turn. Vincenzo Romano was her boyfriend who never showed her his dark side, but what she didn't know was their relationship was based on lies and secrets. Was the love he had for her a lie too? What happens when he makes an appearance in her life again and she finds out a life changing secret, will she be able to raise her child in a life of chaos? A life she had never wanted. Will vincenzo give her a choice? A mysterious man pledged to make her his at all costs, promising to eliminate anyone that stands in his way. In the midst of war and chaos, will they ignore the sparks and attraction they feel towards each other?

Caged Between The Werewolves And Vampires
  • Author: Chisomm
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 45.6K
  • ⭐ 9.6

She fought to catch her breath as she took in her mates. They looked satisfied and —fuck if she didn't feel satisfied. “I can't believe I did that.” She whispered softly to herself but they heard her. “Oh, that was just the beginning, dolcezza. When you are ready to have us, we will fuck you so hard that you would feel the soreness in between your legs for days.” Callan said with a smirk. *** **Trigger warnings: This is a dark werewolf/vampire romance book. Containing steamy, erotic scenes, multiple men, filthy languages, bdsm, kinky group sex and more** Claire Evans got the biggest shock of her life when she found out that she was mated to two Alphas. It has never been heard of in the history of werewolves. Claire spent most of her life as the omega of her pack. They were treated like trash by the high ranked pack members and their Alpha. She dealt with insecurities for years, until she found her mates. Callan and Cameron, the twin Alpha of the dark moon Pack. They were known as cold and ruthless, killing anyone without remorse. They had always wanted one mate from a young age and the moon goddess finally granted their wishes. But will they succeed in pushing her out of her comfort zone? But they are left in shock when they find out that their mate wasn't who they really thought she was. She had her own darkest secrets too. A secret she had never told anyone, including her mates. A secret that has haunted her all her life. She was a hybrid. Not just two but three species. Werewolf. Witch. Vampire. But she gets an even bigger shock when she finds out that her vampire side has a mate.


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