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Everleigh Miles

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About me

Everleigh Miles spends her days writing flawed, vulnerable, kinky characters in difficult situations, drinking too much wine, and picking up after Mr Miles, DD Miles, and DS Miles, their two dogs, two cats, and a turtle. She lives in beautiful Australia, in her dream house at the top of the hill, looking down at the ocean and just a short distance from some of the best wineries the country has to offer (which explains the too much wine). Thank you for reading and following @everleighmilesauthor.


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The Sixth book in the Havermouth Pack Series, The Pack's Dragon! Book One, The Pack's Secret Keeper, Book Two, The Pack's Triquetra, Book Three, The Pack's Vampire, Book Four, The Pack's Hybrids, Book Five, The Pack's Rebels. The battle for Havermouth has been won, but the war against the Van Helsings has only just begun. What secrets will be revealed from Samuel's past and what role has he to play in the battle Aislen and her men will lead to take back the river towns held by the Van Helsings? The floodwaters have reached the ocean and carried with it the zombie virus, adversely affecting the Mer and marine life. When the Mer discover the source of the virus, will Aislen and her men find themselves fighting a battle on two fronts?

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Book Three in the Havermouth Pack Series - "The Pack's Secret Keeper" and "The Pack's Triquetra" ** Trigger Warnings - this is a DARK werewolf/vampire bullyboy romance book, featuring non-con/dub-con, gaslighting, violence, and a range of very kinky group sex bxg and bxb, sounding, masochism, bondage, BDSM, Daddy-Dom, and more ** Once a king, and once a slave, can his secrets save his mates? Talen has waited over a century for a mate, and the goddess is generous when she finally grants his wish – she gives him four. It does not take long for Talen to realize that his very long, long life has been spent in training for the arrival of these mates, as he will need every skill at his disposal to not only heal the rift between the Triquetra and Aislen, but to protect them through the coming trouble. The flood waters have brought to Havermouth many threats, and not just in the form of the face-eating former inhabitants of the original abandoned colony of the Havers family. When Rhett is infected by the zombie-making virus, Talen, Aislen, and the Triquetra seek the help of the mysterious warlock Leighton and his family, just as the town fills with black-clad, armed men who call themselves the National Emergency Service... But they aren’t there to help Havermouth recover from the storm. Will Talen’s wisdom and wealth of experience, help save his mates from the dangers of Havermouth?

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Don't Mess With The Rock Chicks Two Way Street, Book One “But Owen. You can’t just quit your job, sell your house, and run away with a band. People just… don’t do that.” When her childhood sweetheart Owen breaks off their engagement, quits his job and sells his house in order to pursue a career as the lead guitarist of a band, Emily’s world comes crashing down around her. Owen was, after all, her best friend and always had been. They had grown up next-door neighbours, gone to the same school, the same university. They had even bought houses next to each other. They had been each other’s first for everything. Absolutely everything. There had never been anyone else, not even for a moment. Just as Emily begins to find her feet again and form her own plans, Owen’s backup singer calls in sick, and Emily steps in to save the day. Soon she finds herself swept up in a crazy ride to the top of the music industry which might just save her relationship with Owen… or end it completely. Vice and Victor, Book Two Vice and Victor have a plan. Five years in the spotlight to make their fortune, then move into the background, with their own record label. Fast and smart is their motto. Romance will have to wait, especially since their idea of an ideal romance, involves both of them and one woman. When their manager, Aaron, asks them to collaborate with a chart-topping popstar who wants to gravitate into rock, they are dubious. A frequent flyer in the gossip columns over the last twelve months with a history of drug and alcohol problems, they fear she will be difficult and volatile to work with. After being roofied by her music producer, Mirage has learnt the hard way that it is not an equal world. Without proof, she cannot pursue legal recourse, and she is locked into completing another album with her rapist. Meanwhile, Mr Rich has been feeding the industry lies about her having dependency on alcohol and drugs, and the gossip mags have seized upon the stories, slowly tearing her professional reputation into pieces. But Mirage is not a fragile damsel in distress, she is a pop-rock chick, and she is fighting back. Raven's Luck, Book Three “I fix things that need fixing. And you, Raven, are broken.” When his best friends Vice and Victor ask Raven, a PI, to investigate Gregory Holmsworth, the estranged grandfather of Vice and Victor’s girlfriend, Mirage, Raven is drawn into the underworld of the music industry. Although on the surface Gregory Holmsworth’s business seems legit, his path has not always been on the right side of the law. When Raven’s investigation is noticed, Gregory sets Vixen to distract him. Vixen is Gregory’s Fixer, a role which is wide and varied in activity, but for Vixen, mainly involves the music side of his business, as Vixen is the lead singer of a punk band just breaking into the industry. Whilst Raven has been looking into Gregory, Vixen has been looking into Raven, and she sends him an invitation to meet with her, luring him with the promise of a way into Gregory’s business and secrets. But Vixen has other plans for Raven. She likes pretty boys, and broken things, and she has decided that Raven fits both descriptions to a tee. All three books in one place! One thing is clear: Don't Mess With The Rock Chicks.

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Book five in The Havermouth Pack Series - Book One, The Pack's Secret Keeper, Book Two, The Pack's Triquetra, Book Three, The Pack's Vampire, and Book Four, The Pack's Hybrids. Please note, trigger warnings from previous books apply. Will there be a happily ever after? With Havermouth under the control of the Van Helsings, the Triquetra, Aislen and Talen are divided at the outset of a war to end all wars. Zombies and other dangerous supernatural creatures have been set loose upon the town by the explosions at the high school, and the humans of Havermouth have had enough of staying inside without power or medical support. And what is the pack upto? Will the supernatural world be revealed to humankind?

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Book Two in the Havermouth Pack Series - The sequel to "The Pack's Secret Keeper" ** Trigger Warnings - this is a DARK werewolf/vampire bullyboy romance book, featuring non-con/dub-con, gaslighting, violence, and a range of very kinky group sex bxg and bxb, sounding, masochism, bondage, BDSM, Daddy-Dom, and more ** The storm will pass... but what the flood waters bring with them, is hungry... Triquetras form when there are times of peril, and more than one alpha might be needed to protect the female and young. The Havermouth Triquetra therefore is both a blessing to the pack and their families, and a harbinger of troubled times to come. Alpha werewolves born to the pack’s elite families, privileged, handsome, and wealthy, Heath Gale, Cameron Edison, and Rhett Salem seem to have it all. However, behind the shine, there are shadows, and in the pack misogyny and intolerance run as deep as the river through Havermouth, influencing every decision that the three make. Hiding that their Triquetra is bi-sexual, and that they are each other’s mates is a necessity, not an option, and they eagerly await the day when their female mate is revealed, and they can openly claim their love for one another. When that mate appears however, she is not what they expected. She is human, intractable, and rebellious – and she does not like them. Or, at least, she does not like all of them. Will the female mate that they’d hoped would save them, tear them apart?

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Love finds a way when Reid Morrison, heir to the Morrison pack, intrudes upon the Comptons' masquerade ball celebrating the return of their heir, Jasper Compton. What begins as a seduction intended to steal Compton secrets from Jasper becomes so much more as two alpha werewolves, who by destiny and a history of pack conflict should never have fallen in love, are drawn irresistibly together by fate. Their relationship has the potential to unite their people or start a war that has been simmering, barely contained for generations. With family and pack loyalty conflicting with the True-Mate bond, can these star-crossed lovers find happily ever after, or will their romance end in tragedy?

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The Pack's Hybrids is Book Four in the Havermouth Pack Series - "The Pack's Secret Keeper", "The Pack's Triquetra" and "The Pack's Vampire". ** Trigger Warnings - this is a DARK werewolf/vampire bullyboy romance book, featuring non-con/dub-con, gaslighting, violence, and a range of very kinky group sex bxg and bxb, sounding, masochism, bondage, BDSM, Daddy-Dom, and more ** Havermouth is under the control of Van Helsings on a mission to expose the supernatural world to humans, starting with the Havermouth werewolf pack. The Van Helsings’ torturer, Sparrow, is a man of many secrets. Infected with lycanism by an incomplete spell gone wrong, he is holding Talen’s vampire-child Meguitte, a powerful witch, prisoner and enthralled by their mate bond, and has taken her gift of a magical cuff capable of controlling his monster-self and turned it into a weapon to use against all supernatural creatures. After Sparrow tortures Heath to the point of death, in order to save Heath’s life, Talen must attempt to turn his werewolf mate vampire and create a hybrid of the two species. Cuffed and trapped in the high school gym by the Van Helsings, Cameron must try to save the pack imprisoned with him whilst Rhett, weakened by a zombie bite, smuggles the pack’s young to safety. With the town in the grip of the water-illness, and face-eating zombies wandering the streets, can Aislen and her mates save Havermouth and the world from the Van Helsing zealots?

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Some secrets tie you together, others break you apart. Havermouth is a town of secrets and telepath Aislen Carter knows them all. In a town of werewolves and vampires, being the one who knows their secrets can be powerful and dangerous. New to Havermouth, eighteen-year-old Aislen Carter attracts the attention of the Triquetra, a trio of alpha werewolves, and their relationship is a tangled mess of secrets, shame, sex, and misery until Aislen is awarded a scholarship that offers her a future free of Havermouth and the pack. Five years later, after the death of her father, Aislen Carter returns to Havermouth to settle his estate. Renewing her relationship with the Triquetra is not on Aislen’s “to do” list, nor is a sexy Daddy Dom vampire, however fate has other plans. Will the secrets they all keep save them, or destroy them?


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