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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellApril 17, 2024

A Gift from the Goddess by Dawn Rosewood

A Gift from the Goddess by Dawn Rosewood

This one begins with a trial and quite frankly, most readers did hope the Luna was guilty, because how does one bear her husband impregnating another woman and bringing her home with him to not only share the ‘joyful’ news but throw her supposed barrenness in her face? Ugh. Blood should have flown, in the opinion of many, but Sweet Ariadne can do no wrong, of course.

After six years of loving, caring, remaining faithful to her husband and trying different treatments to bear him a child, Aleric’s betrayal and mockery felt like a sword through her heart. Struggling to come to terms with what misery her life threw at her, she finds herself at the executioner’s block, wrongly accused of killing Alpha Aleric’s child, and it doesn’t matter how hard she tries to plead innocent.

The odds are against her as Sophie, the conniving woman who took Aleric from her, had everything planned so thoroughly and carefully that there was no way out for Ariadne.

After being killed by the man she had loved all her life, the last thing she expected was to be given another chance by the Goddess to rewrite her story and getting tossed several years back to when she was fourteen!

Imagine getting a chance to rewrite history with your past lives’ memories intact? Cool right? Want to read more books with kick ass Lunas who take their lives back and fight fiercely against oppositions, get only the hottest men to support and inadvertently fall in love with them? Check out the books below!

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Alpha King's Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper

Being wolfless rendered Cassandra an outcast in the pack and after a heartbreak made it awfully clear that would never be accepted or seen as more than her ‘inabilities’, she picked the pieces of her heart, headed to a smaller pack and started over as a healer.

When the Alpha King’s son is bitten by a poisonous snake, Cassandra is summoned to the palace to tend to him. However, when she arrives, she discovers that the husband who abandoned her five years ago is the Alpha King and he now has a family. A son. What Alpha King Asher doesn’t know is that when he left Cassandra years ago, she was pregnant with his son.

Luna Lola — The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

Since Lola was ten, she was blamed for the death of her parents, even if she knew nothing about what she was being accused of. Her life became a struggle between surviving the ruthless punishments of the pack and abuse, all of which she hoped would come to an end when she found a mate.

But Lola realizes she is in over her head when she turns eighteen and gets mated to Alpha Grayson, who rejects her immediately, deeming her worthless. Running from Alpha Grayson and the death waiting if she remained in the pack, she stumbles upon another pack, who initially mistake her for a rogue. Only, when she meets Alpha Adrian, a new bond snaps taut between them; a second chance mate.

The Rogue Lycan Princess by Gia Hunter

Shadow barely escaped from the savages who murdered her father’s entire pack alive. Keeping her head down and living among humans was the best way she knew to stay hidden, safe. That is, until her wolf sniffs out something irresistible and follows, ignoring all of Shadow’s warnings, and she runs into Califf, a drop-dead gorgeous Alpha who kidnaps her on their first meeting.

Turns out that Califf believes her to be a rogue working against his pack and he tries questioning her to bring out answers, but when he discovers Shadow is innocent, he’s too far gone down the road of physical and emotional attachment to let her go. He grasps at whatever leverage he can to keep Shadow, his mate, in his life, and when her life is in danger, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her.

The Outcast Hybrid Luna by Hawtsaus

Scarlet always got the shorter end of the stick—from one version of hell to the next. From fleeing from a torturous Alpha who doesn’t only deem her an unworthy slave but steals her innocence roughly as punishment to getting caught by the borders of a new territory and captured as a rogue.

Alpha Jaxon was known to be a ruthless, unforgiving killer when it came to handling suspected trespassers or rogues and Scarlet was no different. Torture after torture, she bore it all, pleading innocent, until her body couldn’t take it anymore. For the first time, her wolf surfaces and she discovers that Jaxon is her mate.

A resentful Jaxon, while refusing to acknowledge a rogue as his mate and also detesting the idea of letting her go, decides to make her his breeder. But everything comes to a terrifying stop when the pack doctor declares Scarlet already pregnant with her previous Alpha’s child.

Book cover
  • Author: Hawtsaus
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 21K
  • 8.8

CONTENT WARNING! This book may contain depictions of sexual assault, suicide, explicit intimacy, and dark content! 'You smell so good, divine. ' He drawled out the words, dipping his nose on the side of my neck. The warmth of his breath fanned the skin, raising goosebumps along the area. My back ached when he latched his warm mouth on my skin, sucking hungrily. I lifted my hips up, attempting to add more friction between us. The rest of the people faded, mind body and soul focusing on our man. 'Please don't stop. ' I pitifully begged when he kneeled down, putting a distance between us. 'Ssssshhh love, soon baby. ' He purred, guiding two fingers in my eagerly waiting mouth. *************** Scarlet Baranov has lived all her life without a wolf as an outcast and a slave under the leadership of one cruel Alpha, until one night, his abuse goes beyond the bounds. Determined to preserve the tiny bit of her dignity left, Scarlett flees, only to wander into the territory of the most notorious alpha in the were community, whose hatred for rogues runs deep in his tainted veins, Alpha Jaxon. Having turned rogue after her escape, scarlet faces a torturous death in the arms of Jaxon, who is scared by his painful past. She suddenly shifts into her wolf, only to find out that she is mated to the very man who swore to kill her. Rejected and accused of conspiring with her former alpha to finish Jax off, Scarlett finds out that the events that led to her escape had borne a bitter fruit of unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. Everything is different from what it seems, submerged in twisted turns, secrets and past sins that Jax and Scarlett must uncover. Will Jax be able to look past his hunger for blood, the pregnancy, give into the powerful bond and accept his fated mate? Or will he punish her for something she knows nothing of and live miserably for the rest of his life?


The Alpha Chasing His Ex Luna Again by Bosy Elselhdar

For three years, Bella was married to Alpha Xavier and she couldn’t seem to bear his child. Walking around being called a barren Luna was already difficult enough and when she woke up ill one day, the doctor finally gave her the goodness. She wasn’t so barren after all.

Her excitement and happiness was snatched when she discovered her husband had not only been cheating on her with her half-sister, but he had impregnated her as well. As if it wasn’t enough, without prior warning, she received divorce papers from her husband and when she decided it was all too much to bear, she signed them and broke their mating bond, leaving without telling him about her pregnancy.

Three years later, the trio meet again and when Xavier uncovers what Bella hid from him years ago, it sets off a chain of events that makes him realize just how much of a fool he was for letting her go in the first place.

A Queen Among Alphas by ADB_Stories

Amelia had her life figured out. She was the only child born to her parents and when she came of age, her father would pass down his seat to her and name her the next Alpha. Amelia understood what waited in her future, her duties and she had come to terms with it. It was, however, startlingly clear that she wasn’t accepted by all. A woman being an Alpha in a pack filled with domineering men was like rubbing salt to injury.

Oppositions rise from all angles and Amelia finds that being Alpha is easier said than done. She has to be ruthless when need be, never giving in so much to the compassion that comes with being a woman. One moment of weakness will cost her life. But, how can Amelia remain strong when she meets her mate and he seems appalled by the fact that she’s an Alpha?

The Orphaned Queen by Brandi Ray

Rain was abandoned at the border of Blue River Pack when she was little. To repay the debt incurred by being raised by the Alpha and Luna, she is prepared to serve them all her life as their slave when she turns seventeen. A few weeks to her birthday, her best friend, Jessica, overhears the Alpha’s plan to execute Rain on her birthday out of fear that she might turn on the pack when her powers as a witch manifest.

After getting rejected by Ian, the Alpha’s son, Rain’s urge to flee is solidified and when she leaves with Jessica and another orphan, whose life was in as much danger as hers, they run into a different pack, where Rain meets her mate. He’s none other than the Alpha King.

Mystery of Fate: Luna Della's Second Chance Mate by Idealnk Six Cats

Della’s life takes an unexpected turn when her husband, Kylian, finds his mate and brings Flora home. It hadn’t exactly been roses before that, as Kylian’s family detested Della and made sure to ensure everyday of her marriage was filled with torture. Trying to accommodate the new addition to the relationship she tried so hard to keep together didn’t work in her favor as her husband outrightly kicked her to the curb.

Having nowhere else to go, she returns home to her father and assumes her position as the Lycan King’s daughter. When Kylian discovers his wife’s true identity and what he has lost, he sets on a chase to win Della back, but he is met with an obstacle more difficult than the princess’s now cold heart—her fated mate, who on the contrary, does everything in his power to treasure Della like she truly deserves.

Luna’s Secret: Pregnant With Alpha's Son by Misha K

Violet Clark meets her mate at an unexpected time and place and sparks fly between them, leading to a steamy night that forever stays with Violet. Only, her moment of bliss ends just as soon as it started when Alpha Dane gets engaged the next day to his childhood friend, Emily, who seemed like the perfect choice.

Devastated, Violet demands an explanation from Dane, who offers her only one option. She remained his mistress, hidden from the world, forever. Naturally, she ran from Dane, even if it killed her to. She deserved better after years of suffering and she would have better.

Five years later, Dane runs into Violet at his fiancée’s photoshoot and he is shocked to find how stunning of a woman she has grown into, and when she flees from him again this time, he follows. But what he finds rocks his world from under his feet—a son, whose resemblance to him was clear as day.

To Become His Luna by Greg Musyoka

Grace learns that her mate is Alpha Logan on the night he announces he has chosen someone else to be his Luna. Grace keeps the knowledge to herself, hiding entirely from Logan and content with her life. That is, until Logan finds out and gets mad that she hid something so important from him. He tries to take Grace with him but she refuses to be the other woman, a second option. She asks Logan to choose between her and his fiancée, and when his response is, “Josephine is pregnant with my pups,” Grace knows what comes next.

Grace is still healing from Logan’s rejection when Samuel Jackson, Logan’s rival, offers her a deal. To rid of the pain eating away at her, he offers that she becomes his mate, and in return, he can use her to get back at Lorcan for stealing his mate as well.

Wait! This isn’t the end of the list. Flick through more pages in the Werewolf and Romance novels section to find more strong female leads, powerful Luna novels and second chance mate tropes to make your day. Happy reading!