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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellDecember 13, 2023

Best 10 Young Adult Romance novels

Best 10 Young Adult Romance novels

Welcome to the world of Young Adult Romances where the sweet intensity of relationships and the rush of young love come together to create such beautiful stories! From first love to high school sweethearts, bully-turned-lover to forbidden bonds, these YA romance/ teen books promise to make you giggle, swoon, and perhaps shed a tear or two! Get cozy with our list of only the best YA romance novels on AlphaNovel to read online that are sure to make your stomach flutter and your fingers flipping through each page!

The Bad Boy and the TomBoy by K.K.S

For as long as Allison could remember, Eric had been a pain in her neck. From his infuriating attempts at making her life miserable at school, to the sexual innuendos he so unabashedly tossed in her face and his pretense when it came to facing her parents, Allison couldn’t decide which made her want to throttle him. One day, an opportunity to make Eric pay for all he’d done to her presented itself and Allison jumped at it. A wager that either meant she would have Eric licking her boots in the end, or he would have her in his bed. All Eric had to do was beat the best female biker in the race who is popularly known as The TomBoy. Little does Eric know that said biker is Allison in disguise and when she loses the wager, she is at the mercy of Eric’s torment of her heart and body. Inarguably one of the best teen novels on AlphaNovel and a fan favorite!

The Player Next Door by Tyna Williams

After a heartbreak from her childhood sweetheart, Rylie Myers swore off love altogether, and when the sinfully gorgeous Blake Weston, who goes through women faster than he does his underwear, moves in next to her, Rylie is certain all men are cut from the same cloth. Rylie is unable to hide her disgust for the playboy, and Blake in turn hates Rylie's guts. With each clash between them, the tension hiked to new heights, and when Blake suddenly kisses Rylie for the first time, the growing animosity shatters to bits. Desperate to bury the incident, Rylie and Blake get entangled in a charade that forces them to act like they feel nothing for each other, but embers have already been ignited and they have no way of resisting each other. However, having been burned once, Rylie is more than hesitant to head into another relationship out of fear that it just might cost her whatever is left of her already broken heart.

Sweet Demon by JBlake

Rescued from her abusive father by her nextdoor neighbor, Lucy feels indebted to him and swears to pay him back. Running too many odd jobs and earning too little to even pay her tuition fees, Lucy puts together enough, only to have it rejected by the emerald-eyed man whose aura is dark and scarier than anyone she had encountered. Agitated by Adam's kindness, Lucy mistakes it for an insult and flips him over, only to have him saving her again a few minutes later. Adam and Lucy's paths cross more times than she would have preferred and they fall into a comfortable zone where Adam always comes running whenever she's in distress. It isn't long before Lucy finds herself falling hard and fast for a man she barely knows, and when the truth of who he really is starts to come to light, Lucy is still unable to rip herself from him and his utterly terrifying secrets. How could she? He was a heart-stealing demon and he'd stolen hers too. #3 in the top young adult novels, Sweet Demon explores the harsh realities of life and the sacrifices of true love.

Stuck Between Two Bad Boys by Bebeeizrael

Ever since Emily moved in with her stepfather's family, she was subjected to Xavier, her stepbrother's cruelty. It didn't help that his particular specialty extended to school as well. However, Xavier's attitude takes a drastic turn when Emily catches the eye of the hottest guy at school, Devin, who also happened to be as much of a bully as her stepbrother was. Devin softens up when he gets to know Emily, and makes his intentions known--he wants to date her. Xavier isn't having this. A jealousy he doesn't understand consumes him and the need to claim his stepsister as his overwhelms him, causing him to stake his ownership and kiss in front of everyone! An exciting top teen romance novel with swoon-worthy moments to keep you invested!

Pregnant For My Bully by Joy Apens

Every day is a grueling routine for Amelia Forbes. Wake up. Get to school. Get Bullied. Return home with bruises. Hide them. Restart. She couldn't remember when or why Jason had begun to hate her, and at some point, she stopped caring altogether about his harsh treatments, wearing the pain like armor. Sticks, stones and words. They no longer hurt so much because of Jason. She'd seen more than enough to stop feeling. When Amelia is assigned to a school project with Jason, everything takes a dark turn, leaving her violated and overwhelmed with shame. She took ill not too long after the incident and soon finds that she is pregnant with Jason's child. Utterly helpless, Amelia turns to the only person who's ever cared for her. Adrian, Jason's best friend. What she doesn't expect is an outburst of entitled jealousy coming from Jason.

Spin The Bottle by Ebby Greene

Stephanie Valentine is a nerd whose only interest is getting the perfect grades for college. One day, out of her normal, she decides to follow a friend to a in-house party and finds herself in the middle of a spin-the-bottle game where she is dared to kiss the hottest guy in school--who looks right about normal to her. Christopher Hayes noticed Stephanie at school for the first time, his curiosity piqued by her absolute lack of interest in him, as opposed to the other girls in school. She was most definitely not his type and it annoyed him to no end when he was dared to kiss her. "It was just one kiss. How bad could it be?" He'd thought to himself. Very bad, it would seem, because a taste of Stephanie was barely enough to sate him and with terror, he discovered he wanted...needed more. #4 of the top young adult romance books on AlphaNovel.

His Wild Desire by J.G.Dawn

After Eva's father died of cancer, she was plunged into a dark depression that slowly consumed her, leaving her unfeeling with a bleak outlook on life. Still, Eva had to be there for her mother, be strong for her, lest she falls apart. When it became clear that the only thing that could actually help her mother move on from her father's death was finding another romantic partner, Eva urges her mother to go on blind dates. Ella, her mother, heeds her daughter's advice, and she soon meets Mark Nelson, a man who seemed perfect in every way, and he didn't mind that she was widowed or that she had a daughter. Their relationship is easy and fast, and in little to no time, Mark is eager to meet Ella's daughter. Ella excitedly arranges for their meeting, but little did she know that she was about to become a third wheel in her relationship. When Eva met Mark, she was stunned by how handsome he looked, but that wasn't what drew her to him. It's the fact that for the first time since her father's death, someone truly saw her. All it took was one scalding hot glance from Mark and a forbidden desire began to stem from within, and not even her love and loyalty for Ella could keep her away from her mother's boyfriend. Betrayal, forbidden lust and desires dance intricately in this brilliant novel, placing it at #1 of the best young adult books on AlphaNovel.

Book cover
  • Author: J.G.DAWN
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 4.3K
  • 8.5

WARNING: Mature Content / R-18 Eva Green is an 18 years old college girl who loves to live her life on her terms. She lived with her mom alone while her dad died due to cancer when she was only 16. After her dad was gone, she helped her mother Ella emotionally and mentally. She also told her to start dating. Ella finally understood her daughter's words and started dating. After dating a few men she meets Mark Nelson who is just perfect in every aspect. Mark Nelson was a playboy in his college time but with time and age now he wanted to settle and start his own family. He is nine years younger than Ella but he didn't mind. Mark found Ella and felt she had great potential to become a good wife. Just like he wants but when Ella invites him to her home for lunch. Things suddenly changed. He met Ella's daughter Eva for the first time and got attracted to her sexually. She was a complete beauty with a hot body and a bold attitude. What would happen? When Mark began to attract his girlfriend's daughter Eva and started to have an unavoidable desire. What would happen? When he comes to know, Eva feels the same desire for him but tries to hide it. Will he be able to still restrain himself from the sexual thirst for her? What would happen? When Eva found herself getting sexually attracted to her mom's boyfriend. What does she do? What would the future hold for them? When their attraction turned into lust and they would cross their all boundaries just to be together behind Ella's back even it was just for one month.


The Bad Boy Neighbor by Siena Faye

Madison O'Brien was the girl everyone wanted to either be or date, until a sudden humiliation pulled her down to rock bottom, leaving her in shambles. She had caught her boyfriend and her best friend in bed together, and to turn the tables, they humiliated her with lies, ruining her image completely. Maddy dreaded going to school, because it meant she had to face it and bear the humiliation all over again. She couldn't wait for the year to be over fast enough. Well, that was until Mr. Ridiculously Hot moved in next door and started at her school. Maddy took one look at Lucas Elordi and knew he was trouble. She had an eye for these things. Avoiding him is harder than expected when he is everywhere. In her school. On her front porch. In her house. In her bedroom. In her thoughts. In her dreams.

Dear Stepbrother, I Want You by Lovie X

Ryder Saint was cruel enough for Genevieve to believe that he must have bargained with the devil to bring her a very large portion of hell every single day of her life. She learned to ignore and avoid him, but her little reprieve from him came to an end when their parents got married, dooming her to living with the person she hated the most. His taunting grew worse with each passing day and just when Genevieve decided that she'd had enough, something unexpected happened, leaving her in a messy tangle of emotions. The thin line between hate and lust is toed, and Genevieve is unable to decide if she wants or hates Ryder. One of the best teen romance books on AlphaNovel, this piece tends evoke that sensation of falling in love for the first time.

Book cover
  • Author: Lovie_x
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 7.5K
  • 7.9

"Genie" His voice was barely a whisper, his breath warm against the shell of my ear. "This is so wrong, we can't be doing this." His lips find their way back to mine, trailing the bottom lip with his tongue. "So so wrong" He pulled my lower lips in, biting on them. I stifled a moan. "I know," I managed to say. I could feel the warm slickness ache between my legs. "We shouldn't be doing this. You're my step brother." My body doesn't agree with what my mouth is saying. I snuggled closer into his chest wanting to feel the heat of his bare body against mine. I want his mouth against mine, ravaging me like he had done before. We have gone too far to back out now. "Take me, Ryder" Those were the words he needed. Only those three words. Suddenly, he grips the back of my thighs and lifts me up, forcing my legs to wrap around him. Planting me against the wall, he peers up and look straight into my eyes "You're mine" Then his lips came down on mine. I'm yours. I whispered back in the back of my head. ******** Ryder Saint, for years, has bullied me. Reasons? None. It was like he signed a contract from heaven to make my life hell. From the moment he set his eyes on me, he added my name to his list. Don't be fooled by his last name. It's a charade, he's not anything like it. Everything about Ryder Saint smells evil. His heart, dark. His soul, dark. His aura, dark. Except his face. I should have neglected him like I always have, but I couldn't when our parents decided to tie the knots and he became my stepbrother. He and I, under the same roof. Now, he'll be doing more than tormenting my life


Broken: A Bully Romance by Moesha King

One would think having one bully was already bad enough. Athena got gifted three of them, all hell-bent on tormenting and ruining her. It didn't matter where she ran or hid. They would always find her. Reporting them only earned her more patches on her skin and insults. No one could caution or stop them. Their parents, after all, owned the town. Having gotten used to their treatment without anyone ever interfering, the last thing Athena expected was a stunning savior in the person of Leonard Smith, the new student, who had scars of his own and demons to fight. Both broken and damaged, they find a semblance of peace in each other's arms, and perhaps, healing too. Grab a tissue, because this work of heart will definitely tug at your heart strings! #2 of the top teen books on AlphaNovel.

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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellDecember 13, 2023