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Bebo Elnadi

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About me

A survivalist of this wretched world ♥ A believer that one day I will make it ♥ A human, just barley ♥ Aspiring writer ♥


The Doctor's Convict
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  • 4.6

What is an obsession? An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind. And this is what my brother thinks I have and feel toward Lola. He always asks me to be patient and wait till he figures out how to get her back to me, but I can't sit like an obedient dog and wait. I can't live my life as if nothing had happened and my soul wasn't just ripped out of my body. Lola isn't just an obsession to me, she is my life and soul, she is my beating heart. I watched her grow under my care, I waited for her to mature, I fucking protected her even from myself. From that mindless animal that I am, and when I finally could get what I have always wanted, it was taken away from me. My brother is wrong, I'm not obsessed I am possessed and I will fucking take everyone down to get my little flower back. *The doctor's convict is book 2 in women of mafia series, you need to read book 1 (Cerberus) first.

Cerberus (Women of mafia book 1)
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  • 9.3

His life is full of violence, blood and death. His name is Cerberus, that's what they call him because he's vicious, cruel, and ruthless. To be The Mafia leader you have to be, fearless, heartless and shameless, to have what you want, to get what you want and to own what you want. Gabriel 30 years, the leader of the black cross mafia or family as he calls it. He's well known everywhere due to his cruel and vicious acts no one dares to disobey him, and no one dares to challenge him. Ariel a sweet 18 years, high school girl innocent, shy, kind and pure. The girl who always sees the good in people even though they can't see it themselves. She's a believer that everyone matters and everyone must have a chance. These two people will meet, their worlds will collide, their life won't be the same. Is the gangster going to be changed by the angel or the pure soul of the angel going to be tainted.

Cassius the supreme alpha king (Beasts of the night book1)
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  • 5.0

Sarah Yaroslav is a Prima ballerina of the most prestigious company in the world, Bolshoi. Her life since she was four was about dancing and building her career. Her best friend Lina invites her to her birthday. And for the first time, Sarah will sneak a peek at her friend's mysterious life. But before the night of The Sanguis Lunae, a beast attacks her and whispers one word that changes her life forever. “Mine.” Cassius, the supreme alpha king, was restless and on edge because of the blood moon. His Lycan was relentless and fighting him over control. He wanted out to play. He has been watching the human girl closely and his obsession with her grew. And one night he declared her his. Sarah and Cassius will struggle with their feelings and attraction. It will be a war between mind and heart. But among this chaos, they will face a big threat. Evil lurked in the shadows and was hell-bent on revenge. What will they do? Are they going to surrender to the moon's madness? Or will they fight the bond forming between them? And what is this entity and why is it trying to kill them all?

Healing the billionaire's heart
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  • 7.5

They say a single moment can change your entire life. A decision taken in the heat of the moment might cause you pain, sadness, or even make you fall in love. In conclusion, you must be careful with your impulsive actions. And this is what happened to Willow and how her story began. Willow is an orphan girl who works as a cook in a restaurant; one day on her way to work she saved a little girl who keeps calling her mama. Elijah watched the scene scared as the demons of the past choked him reminding him of the time when his wife died right in front of him but then his world shook when his daughter spoke for the first time in three years. He decided to take the woman who saved his daughter back home with him but then his life changed entirely. Love, fear, self loathing and pain were the real MCs of this story where Willow and Elijah had to fight their feelings and their demons in order not to lose themselves to the pain.

Birth of a lioness (Wrath of a goddess book 1)
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  • 7.5

"With blood, fire, and magic I claim you Urmah son of Abdi_ili and Anunit, the descendant of royals, blessed by the two gods of the sun..." ... "I am Tiye daughter of pharaohs, I am Sekhmet daughter of the great god Ra, we claim you, body and soul to the rest of your days in this world and the after to be our lord and guardian, to be our love and spirit, here we bound you to us. May we never be set free forever and ever." Princess Tiye was meant to be a goddess queen, she would sit on Egypt's throne and rule with Sekhmet's blessing, but before her eighteenth name day she was betrayed by her uncle and cousin, and she became a fugitive, a murderer. on her journey for safety, she meets prince Urmah, The forsaken son of the Akkadian king. He promises to help her to take back what is rightfully hers and get her revenge after his visit with his father. But their plan fails when her troubles follow them to Akkad, and that's when the goddess makes her presence known to the world. Who would prince Urmah choose, the woman he renounced his God for, or his father's approval and acceptance? And what would Tiye do when she is forced to witness the murder of her loved ones for the second time? Are her throne and revenge worth the sacrifice?


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