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Broken. That's one word that can be used to describe Adrienne Knight. For her, life has no meaning. Made to believe she was no more than a piece of worthless property, Adrienne developed a rather grim outlook on life, and rightly so. Happiness seemed to elude her at every turn. From a mate that turned bad, to being tortured within an inch of her life by the same person she thought would protect her. She trusts no one and sees everything as a threat. When Alpha Lucas finds his mate, she isn't what he'd expected. She was a shattered puzzle he had to put together, piece by tiny piece. Some pieces are lost and he has to make new ones, making his job that much harder. It tugs at his heart when she flinches when he touches her, or when she braces for a hit at every movement of his. He wants to kill every person responsible for the mess that was his mate. But slowly, he manages to pull her from her downward spiral and into the light. Their love is one borne from darkness and pain and not even the joined forces of heaven and hell can tear them apart.

Chapter 1 prologue

An eerie, high-pitched scream echoed in the dark space. It was a basement of sorts with three occupants - two men with different instruments of torture and a young woman kneeling before them, bound, bleeding, and completely bare.

She'd been screaming for quite some time now, slowly wearing herself out and inadvertently giving pleasure to the men.

She was dripping sweat, although it could as well be blood, it was so red. Her dark hair was tangled, and scars decorated her body in a bountiful littering.

She screamed again.

"Silence!", the big man thundered, raising a large fist. Her head jerked roughly to the right as the fist came down with such force, she felt a tooth loosen.

The ropes binding her were laced with pure silver, burning her skin with every twitch, every move she made. She fought. Tugged, pulled fiercely at her bounds, not caring that she'd lost count of how long she'd been down there.

It didn't matter. All that mattered was getting away from these monsters. As far away as was possible.

The man that hit her let out a heinous cackle, the silver dug into her bones, the flesh being long worn out.

Her wolf was long gone. Dormant. Suppressed by the countless amounts of wolfsbane she had been injected with.

Her captors' hot breath fanned her ear and the other man moved behind her, grinning maniacally.

She tugged harder on her wounds, writhing when certain parts of her body made contact with the salt-encrusted floor.

Her badly bruised chin was forced upwards and her breasts squeezed roughly. An agonized groan escaped her lips, evoking a low moan from one of the men.

His eyes ravished her bare body hungrily and behind her, she was grabbed by her bottom.

She heard shuffling from behind and knew what was about to happen. It has happened countless times.

"No!, please!", She begged, almost choking on her sobs.

A loud smack echoed through the entire room just as she began to kick and scream, tossing about fitfully.

"Shut it!"

Almost immediately, her screams subsided, leaving whimpers in its wake.

The man looked down at her, hate swirling in his eyes. She stared up at him and managed to plead through parched lips.

"P - please..."

A tear ran down her cheek.

Something flared in the man's dark eyes on seeing this and he jerked her roughly, pulling her limp body up to his, squeezing her against him, rubbing her already sore n*ppl*s on his rough chest. She whimpered.

Bending slowly, he took her ear lobe in his mouth and bit it. A grimy hand snaked it's way into her inner thigh and pushed at her chest. At almost the same moment, something hard and thick was forced into her back entrance.

Her knees buckled at the forceful penetration and the hand at her, though pushed inward vigorously. He bit at her nipple ferociously and her mouth instinctively opened up to let out another scream. Something thick was abruptly forced into her mouth.

Her wide eyes stared up at the man in fear and then slowly travelled down, only to widen again at the sight of his member in her mouth.

The thing in her backside began jabbing faster, and at the same time the fingers in hers. It pumped harder.

She tried pulling away as endless tears streamed down her cheeks, only to be slammed back into the thick length of his shaft by her assaulter.

Crying out loud was useless now. Not that she could. Even the smallest sob would leave her suffocating on the little oxygen available to her.

"Service me", the man in her front growled out.

She whimpered, barely registering the pain in her behind.

A loud smack rang across her cheek again and the man's low growl was evident.

"Do it".

She whimpered again but made no move to comply as the man began pounding relentlessly into her mouth and the one behind smacked her half senseless, simultaneously pounding.

Her throat constricted and she gagged as her vision blurred, spots dancing.

She vaguely felt a hand on her throat, cutting off her oxygen supply as she swam in and out of consciousness.

She heard the words that were always said as they tortured her before finally sinking into darkness.

"You're mine".

Chapter 2

She lay curled up on her side on the cold, grimy floor, naked, shaking and shivering occasionally. Her torturers were gone and she still quivered from the onslaught of their blows. Blood pulsed sluggishly through her veins and she felt the electric hum of dormant power beneath her fingertips.

Her torturers were getting careless. It'd been almost a week since her last shot of intravenous silver and she could feel the drowsy stirring of her sleeping wolf. She grimaced. Her jaw ached from being broken several times and healing far too slowly without the help of her wolf.

She took in a deep breath and perceived the sharp tang of residual silver on the torture instruments, the metallic scent of her blood, and the antiseptic smell of raw salt scattered all over every surface, the floor included. The salt served a dual purpose of burning fiendishly on her open wounds and leaving no room for infection.


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