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Allison King

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About me

Probably a werewolf in another life. Instagram: author.allisonking


Property Of The Alpha
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Alexandra: I watched my pack get overthrown and my parents die painfully right before my eyes as a child. The same man who saved me, also turned out to be the same man who was planning on keeping me to himself as nothing more but his personal sex slave when I turned eighteen. So, I ran away and went rogue. Until he found me... Alpha Liam: The moment I laid my eyes on her, my wolf screamed "MATE!" My cock throbbed at the mere sight of her. She was newly rogue and not even eighteen years old yet. Little did she know, I wouldn't take no for an answer. She was mine.

Surrendering To The Alpha
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Kelsey: I was hopelessly in love with my year long boyfriend, Blake, the heir of the Crimson Pack. On my eighteenth birthday, fate confirmed that we were destined mates. Sounds great, right? Wrong. When he rejected me on the night of my eighteenth birthday - I run as fast and as far as I can get. Now, I have no choice but to return to my pack and face him again. Alpha Blake: She was the kind of girl that you would lay awake late at night thinking about and I knew that she had to be my destined mate. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, I had no choice but to reject her. My fate had already been sealed to the Alpha's daughter of a rival pack. When she returns back to my pack, I can't seem to keep away from her. But how?


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