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About me

I am passionate about writing and pour my heart and soul into every story, aiming to spread love and bring smiles to my readers' faces. Each story I create is like a cherished child to me, filled with affection and joy. I focus on writing romantic and erotic tales that explore the depths of human emotions and desires.


Loving My Brother’s Best Friend
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When he looked in through the window, he was astounded to see her topless and braless. She was standing with her back to him, eliciting wild desires in him. He took his handkerchief from his pocket and crept into her room. He blindfolded her with his hankie before dragging her towards the bed. Her heartbeat accelerated. She could feel that he was her man. She asked, "is it you, baby?" He pushed her onto the bed and gazed at her perfect slender body with profound desires in his eyes. He hovered her and tied her wrists with his tie to the headboard. *** She could never stop her heart from beating for him since the day she saw him despite knowing that he would never retaliate to her feelings as for him she was only his best friend's sister. She was so innocent and pure like holy water, and he was messed up and a monster whom anybody definitely wouldn't like to come across. She had never dated anyone in her entire life because, for her, the love of her life was everything. On the other hand, he never believed in all this. For him, "love" didn't exist; it was all about physical needs. His mere presence was enough to relieve her pain; he was like oxygen to her, while on the other hand, he didn't even acknowledge her presence. Her love was so pure and selfless that it could make anyone fall for it because it's not easy to love someone who is forbidden. But will he ever witness her love? Will he ever love her as purely as she loves him? Will her one-sided love ever be fulfilled? If you want to know, then follow the journey of a tempting biker and his secret admirer.

Domineering Billionaire’s Maid
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Warning: Dark and BDSM theme story which involves highly adult content in the beginning. A naive maid who worked for two domineering billionaire brothers was attempting to hide from them because she had heard that if their lustful eyes fell on any woman, they made her their slave and owned her mind, body, and soul. What if she one day came across them? Who would hire her to serve as his personal maid? Who would control her body? Whose heart would she rule? Who would she fall in love with? Who would she despise? *** “Please don’t punish me. I’ll be on time next time. It is just that-“ “If next time you speak without my permission, I’ll shut you up with my shaft.” My eyes enlarge, listening to his words. *** “You belong to me, Kitten.” He pounds into me hard and fast, going deeper into me with his every thrust. “I… be…long.. to you, Master…” I’m just moaning insanely, clenching my hands behind my back.

The Hot Professor
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Story Of a Mysterious Professor, a girl full of life and Mr Stranger. **** "Now you'll just follow my command." As he told me, I nodded my head meekly, sitting on the desk. "Professor wants his favourite student to stand up and come to him." As he commanded, I stood up and sauntered to him. My heartbeat is accelerating with every step which I'm taking toward him. "Now remove your top for your professor, my favourite student." As he ordered, I flushed, moving my eyelashes down. "Do it fast, Princess. I'm waiting." As he spoke, I moved my eyes up at him shyly. He pointed his finger at my top. I held the hem of my green top and pulled it over my head, gazing at his handsome face sheepishly. "Now give it to me." As he said, I instantly gave my top to him, and he inhaled my scent from the top, closing his eyes. "Your scent is exquisite, Princess." He whispered after opening his eyes. He kept my top on the table. "Now this." He pointed his finger at my bra, asking me take it off. I blushed hard before taking my hands behind and unlocking it. This is really increasing my excitement. As I removed it, he moved his eyes down at my twins and then up at me. "You're really beautiful, Princess." He complimented me, touching my heart. He pulled out his hand, and I gave my bra to him. Then like this, I pulled out my jeans and undies too and gave them to him. This is arousing my desires more. He is gazing at my body like he's gazing at the stars. "I like you like this. You are so beautiful, Princess. For me, your body is perfect from every corner." I smiled at him.

Fallen For Vampire
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As Jonathan leaned in to drink blood from my neck, a surge of both pleasure and tingling sensation coursed through my veins. I could feel the connection between us deepening with every drop he took. He paused momentarily, his lips still pressed against my neck, and looked up at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "You know, my love, there's something intoxicating about your blood. It carries a sweetness that sets my senses on fire." I chuckled softly; the sound laced with a mix of excitement and affection. "Oh, is that so? Well, I'm glad to know this. Consider it my gift to you, an elixir of love and devotion." He resumed his gentle feeding, his eyes never leaving mine as he savoured each drop. "It's more than just a gift, Mia. It's a reminder of our deep connection, an intimate bond that transcends the ordinary. Drinking your blood is an act of trust and surrender, a symbol of our eternal love." I sighed with utter contentment, my fingers caressing his cheek. "And with each sip you take, I feel a sense of unity, a merging of our souls. It's as if we're sharing a part of ourselves, intertwining our very essence in this moment." *** This is the story of a woman who fell in love with a mysterious man. He hurt her, insulted her, and did everything he could to keep her away from him because he was too dangerous for her, but he didn't know the strength of true love. He thought she was just an ordinary girl, but her hidden supernatural powers astounded him. Join Jonathan and Mia on their paranormal journey, which is full of secrets, true love, passion and suffering.

Desire To Control Her
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He was the strictest Dom, loves to control women and she was a free bird, didn't like to be controlled by anybody. He was into the BDSM and she hates it. He was finding a challenging submissive for himself and she was a perfect match for him but she wasn't ready to accept his offer because she lived her life without any rules and regulations. She wanted to fly high like a free bird without any limitations. He has a burning desire to control her because she was his perfect choice but she was a hard nut to crack. He was crazy to make her his submissive and control her mind, soul and body. What will be the spark between them? Will it end with Dom dropping the whip or the bird getting into the cage? To know these answers join the cute and intense journey of the hot and strictest Master and his cute little butterfly. *** "I flared up by looking at the person like you." "What do you mean by this?" "I mean you're a Dominant who controls people life and I hate it." "You don't know anything, butterfly. At least experience it, then hate it." "It will be better if I throw you out of the cafe by kicking your ass." His eyes widened a bit in shock. "This will also be a new experience for me." I grinned. "Butterfly, you will regret if you ever do this to me or even say this to me again." His tone became stern suddenly. "Oh, I'm so scared." I scoffed. "Fuck you and get the hell out of my cafe if you don't want me to kick your ass." He frowned and dragged me to the backside of the cafe by seizing my wrist. Then he pushed me into the party hall and hurriedly locked the door. "What the fuck do you think of yourself? You," "Shut up." He roared, cutting my words. He again grasped my wrist and dragged me to the sofa. He sat down and with a swift motion, he yanked me down and bent me over his lap. He pinned me against the sofa by pressing his hand on my back and locked my legs between his legs. What he is doing? Fear rushed down my spine.

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Él era el Dom más estricto, le encanta controlar a las mujeres y ella era un pájaro libre, no le gustaba ser controlada por nadie. A él le gustaba el BDSM y ella lo odiaba. Él estaba buscando una sumisa desafiante y ella era perfecta para él, pero ella no estaba dispuesta a aceptar su oferta, pues vivía su vida sin reglas ni normas. Quería volar alto como un pájaro libre sin limitaciones. Él tenía un deseo ardiente de controlarla porque era su elección perfecta, pero ella era un hueso duro de roer. Estaba loco por convertirla en su sumisa y controlar su mente, su alma y su cuerpo. ¿Cuál será la chispa entre ellos? ¿Terminará Dom soltando el látigo o el pájaro metiéndose en la jaula? Para conocer estas respuestas únete al bonito e intenso viaje del amo más caliente y estricto con su linda mariposita. —Me hierve la sangre al solo hecho de mirarte. — ¿Qué quieres decir con esto? —Quiero decir que eres un Dominante que controla la vida de la gente y lo odio. —No sabes nada, mariposa. Al menos experiméntalo, y luego ódialo. —Será mejor si te echo del café dándote una patada en el culo. Sus ojos se abrieron un poco en shock. —También será una experiencia nueva para mí —.Sonreí. —Mariposa, te arrepentirás si vuelves a hacerme esto o incluso a decirme esto—. Su tono se volvió severo de repente. —Qué miedo—. Me burlé. —Vete a la mierda y lárgate de mi cafetería si no quieres que te patee el culo. Frunció el ceño y me arrastró hasta la parte trasera del café agarrándome de la muñeca. Luego me empujó a la sala de fiestas y cerró la puerta a toda prisa. —¿Qué coño te crees? Tú… —Cállate—. Rugió, cortando mis palabras. Volvió a agarrarme de la muñeca y me arrastró hasta el sofá. Se sentó y, con un rápido movimiento, me tiró al suelo y me inclinó sobre su regazo. Me inmovilizó contra el sofá presionando su mano en mi espalda y encerró mis piernas entre las suyas. ¿Qué estaba haciendo? El miedo me recorrió la espalda.


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