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Gabriella Adams is a normal teenager living her life, but obviously there has to be someone who is always in her way, irritating the hell out of her. Hayden King  Her mortal enemy But all that is about to change in ways she didn’t expect. ****** "I hate you". He said. "Definitely not as much as I hate you," I countered back with a scoff, p*ss*d. Who the hell does he think he is? "good ". He responded, causing my head to snap back towards him, and before I could put him in his place, I felt the softness of his lips against mine, knocking my breath away.


Bree's Pov.

I groan as bright lights slip into the room. I pushed my face down into my pillow, going back to sleep just to be woken up again by the sound of my mom's voice.

"Bree, it's Monday. Wake up or you will be late for school!" my mom shouted from down the stairs.

Maybe if I don’t respond, she'll let me skip school, and I can go back to my beautiful dream. I was this close to making out with Damon Salvatore; I just need to go back and continue where we left off.

"Gabriella Marie Adams, you better be up and ready for school; o voy a subir y golpear tu trasero" Who was I kidding, because she won't let me stay home?

Bye for now, Damon; may we meet again.

I groggily stood up from the bed, dragging my legs toward the bathroom for a quick shower.

After freshening up, I walked to my closet to take out a blue lace bra with matching pants along with my outfit for the day, which consisted of a black mid-tthigh jumpsuit with a bow by the side. I paired it with a white sneaker, a silver pendent, and earrings I got as a birthday gift from my dad last year.

Ugh, do I hate Monday? Who the hell invented school? Ugh…

I took my backpack along with my phone and walked out of my room down the stairs to the smell of pancakes.

"Good morning, mom." I walked over to where she was and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Good morning, sweetie," my mom said. She placed a plate of pancakes with strawberry topping and orange juice. "Eat before you leave for school."

"Hi Bree, you got up late again". My younger brother Asher said as he ate his pancakes:

"Hey big guy. I know, I was having the best dream". I ruffled his hair, smiling down at him. I scarfed down my food fast when I heard the sound of a horn from outside, announcing the arrival of my best friend Maddie.

I rushed outside to where she had parked, getting into the passenger's seat. "Hey Maddie".

"Hey Bree, how did your weekend go? Sorry, I was able to hang out with you". Maddie asked, driving out of the driveway and heading towards our school.

"It's okay. Besides, I had an eventful week."

She snorted out "By eventful, you mean staying up in your room doing absolutely nothing as you binge watch the vampire diary. Right."

d*mn. She knows me well. I let out a sheepish smile "You know how much I love that series ".

"Yeah, tell me something I don’t know". Maddie replied, pulling up into the parking space, and I tried to hold down my breakfast. East High Academy was built to torture poor innocent, sweet young souls all in the name of knowledge.

I stepped out of the car along with Maddie, my backpack strapped around my shoulder safely. I trailed behind Maddie, walking in the direction of the school entrance, when a car drove past me so fast, knocking me off my feet, and I fell flat, my buttocks landing on the ground.

"Oh my God, Bree, are you okay?" The concern in Maddie's voice could be heard. She linked her hands to mine, lifting me up from the ground.

It’s a good thing I wore a black outfit. I thought to myself.

I turn to look at the culprit of my dilemma, and lo and behold, guess who stepped out of the car.

It was none other than my arch enemy, someone who does everything to irritate me to the point of murder.

Hayden KING.

With his curly black hair and light green eyes. Tall, broad. handsome, and every girl's dream. Not.

He was nothing more than a troll.

He had a victorious smirk on his face as he stood beside his car, clearly enjoining my distress. I flipped him off with a promise to have my revenge.

Muah……..muah…… I'm going to get him good, and that’s a promise.


The second the bell sounded, the hall was filled with students rushing towards their last class of the day. I pushed and shoved students out of the way, especially the ones standing there like they owned the school.

Like, come on, get your *ss out of the way; I've got places to be.

I finally got to my locker, grabbing the things I needed. I was not planning on making a second trip back to my locker amidst the crowd of students. That would be so stressful.

I make it to my last class for the day. It is my last year in high school, and I have five more months to go before I'm out of this prison called school. Don’t get me wrong; I do well in all my subjects, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy coming here.

I went directly to the back of the room and noticed Sofie already sitting at our table. She's more of a reserved type of person, and you can tell by her dark appearance.

Her soft black hair clashes with her pale skin, her dark eye shadows, and her dark lipstick, which screams back off. Making her less approachable.

"Hey Bree, hey Sofie," Maddie greeted, taking a seat right beside me. "I hate math; how is it any of my business what the relationship is between x and y".

"I have no idea, but it seems important if they are willing to teach us." Sofie shrugged her shoulders, siding with Maddie.

"How do you do it, Bree?" Maddie asked.

"It's not like I have any other choice; I need a good grade to get into Harvard; you know how my dad is." I sighed, thinking about my dad. My dad is very strict and really takes good grades seriously, unlike my mom. He had gone on a business trip and will be back in two weeks.

"Well, it's true. I don’t know what I would do if any of my parents were that strict on grades". Maddie said.

Our chatter was cut short when Mr. Anderson, the math teacher, came in. He stood at the head of the classroom and said, "Sit down, guys, I need to take the attendance." Following his order, the class went quiet.

Twenty minutes into the period, the door swung open, and just like that, every girl in the room became alert. Checking to make sure their hair and makeup were still intact.

I rolled my eyes at this, not because of the girls primping themselves. But because of the person standing at the edge of the door.

And in walked the three Musketeers: Daniel Parker, Dylan Reeves, and last but not least, Hayden King.

The three Greek gods of the school, with Hayden being the hottest—not that I will ever admit that to him.

The teacher cleared his throat. "Nice of you three to join us".

They strolled in like they had no care for the world, walking down the hall to sit in their very own seat, which happens to be the back of ours.

"Hey, babe," Dylan whispered, placing a quick peck on Maddie's cheek.

"Hey, where have you guys been". Maddie asked.

"We skipped the fourth period and just got back". Dylan replied.

It was silent for some time; we were all focused on the board, jotting down what was being taught, until someone thought it was a wise decision to kick my seat constantly to the point of frustration.

"What...?" I whisper out.

"I must say, princess, that was one hell of an iconic fall this morning." A smug smile graces his face.

I scowled at him and said, "I bet your brain feels good as new, seeing as you never use it."

"It must be difficult for you to exhaust your entire vocabulary in one sentence," he replied cockily.

The sound of the bell indicated the end of lecture for the day, and I slowly turned back to face Hayden with a sickly sweet smile on my face. "Believe me, I would really love to insult you, but I'm afraid I won't do as well as nature did".

I took my things and stood up, walking out of the class with Maddie and Sofie.

"You two just never change," Sofie says with a shake of her head.


"Honey, I'm home!". I called out to my mom, and she came rushing into the living room, having a very sweet smile on her face, with my brother trailing behind her.

"Bree... " Asher called out, running towards me, and I lifted him, spinning him around, and he let out a series of giggles.

I dropped him on the ground, still holding onto him so he wouldn't fall until he was stable. He ran back to the couch, watching his favorite SpongeBob cartoon.

I walked to where my mom stood, smiling at our sibling bond. I bent, pecking her cheek.

"How was school today". She asked.

"as it has always been, school." I answered, one of my eyebrows raised, trying to make a statement.

"Still the same then; nothing fun happened."

"No, nothing fun happened, mom."

"Well, if you say so, why don't you go freshen up while I prepare dinner? I still can't decide on what to cook yet.&

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