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The Bad Boy's Princess

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"You are mine, Princess. For the next two months, I own this body and you will not give it out to any other man. I own every f*ck*ng inch of this body." * Mireille had been a good girl all her life, sheltered by her protective brother until he goes on a three months travel. Mireille has to stay with his best friend whom she last saw in highschool. Mireille thinks she would finally be free from her brother's protectiveness but she turns out to be wrong as her brother's best friend is a worse version of her brother... Protective and possessive. Mireille wants to hate him but it seems to be impossible to hate a man as hot as Dante Romano. Hot, s*xy and a billionaire mafia boss, Dante wants to make Mireille nothing more than his best friend's sister but it seems impossible with the heat that runs through their bodies with their every contact. She is his innocent princess and she is supposed to remain so but when lust pulls her close, she becomes his woman, his possession, the Bad Boy's Princess. But there are many more secrets lurking around, secrets insistent on pulling Mireille out of her innocent lifestyle.

Chapter 1

Mireille looked away from her laptop at her ringing phone. She put away her glasses and picked the ringing phone.

A small smile appeared on her lips as she saw that it was her brother, James calling.

She picked the call, getting off the chair she had been seated on.

"Hello James, I think I am going to get a job soon. I have this feeling that I am going to get a great job very soon" she grinned over the phone without letting her brother speak.

"Mireille" her brother groaned and she stiffened, noticing that he seemed like he was in pains.

"What's wrong?" She questioned worriedly.

"You don't have to worry too much about me and I have told you several times not to worry about getting a job. I am rich enough to cater for you"

"You know I am not going to listen to you on the issue of not getting a job but what is wrong, James? Are you okay? You do not sound okay to me" she said.

"Listen to me, Mireille. I won't be able to come home in the next three months."

"What?? What's going on?" Mireille was even more worried now.

"I fell sick and I am currently in the hospital...." A sharp gasp followed and Mireille felt swears gathering on her forehead.

"Where are you right now? I will come over immediately"

"Don't worry about me, Mireille. I just wanted to inform you that I will not be around for the next three months while I receive my treatment. And also, Mireille, I can't let you stay home alone for three months...."

"Yes, so tell me where you are so I can come stay with you" Mireille cut him off.

"No. I will have my friend pick you up. You will stay with him for the next three months"

"Your friend? Which one of them? Do I know him?" Mireille questioned.

"Yes, you do and he should be on his way to pick you already. Pack up and be ready to leave with him"

"Which of your friends?" Mireille was adamant on knowing who exactly she was going to be staying with.


"Dante" Mireille mumbled the name. It sounded familiar yet she could not remember who it was exactly.

"I have to go now. Stay with him and take care of yourself"

"Are you sure you are okay?" Mireille asked again.

"I am fine and I will feel even better if you do as I say. Stay with Dante and don't trouble him"

"A-alright. Please take care of yourself, James"

The call was ended and Mireille sighed softly, dropping the phone to the bed in her room. She had lived most of her life being sheltered by her big brother and he seemed to forget the fact that she was not a baby or a teen, she was 24 already and could easily make her own decisions but he would never stop hovering around her and ensuring that he took care of her.

Sometimes, it felt good to know how much her brother cared about her and sometimes, she just felt choked up by his protectiveness.

He had not even allowed her to date until she was 20, claiming that all men are out there to break girls hearts.

Mireille shook her head, her dark, wavy hair flipping a little bit as she did so. Finding a job should have been easy for her but James did not want her to go through the stress of going to work too.

Mireille did not consider having a job stressful but James insisted that having a job would affect her way too much. Mireille needed no one to tell her that James was the reason she could not get a job after a year of job hunting.

She was sure that he had reached out to every single company he knew she would apply to and made sure none of them gave her a job.

Yes, James protectiveness choked her up and even though Mireille sometimes thought of doing something rebellious against James, something that would make him mad and make him eventually make him realise that she was an adult already, she still could not actually go through with any of her rebellions.

She was too much of a 'good girl'.

Brushing away the thoughts of her brother, Mireille decided to start packing in anticipation for her brother's friend, Dante.

She headed into her closet that was stacked up with all sorts of clothes and accessories for her use. A huge mirror was in the middle of the closet and Mireille looked into the mirror.

She could see the beautiful, pale skinned, 5'5 woman staring back at her. Her hazel green eyes stared back at her.

She looked away from the mirror and started packing a few clothings she would be needing.

It did not take her long to get done with packing up.

Mireille decided to take another shower and headed into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and let the water run down her skin lazily.

"Dante" the name had stuck to her mind as she still tried to remember who he was while under the shower.

Minutes passed but she was unable to recollect who he was. Mireille gave up on trying, assuring herself she would remember who he was after seeing him.

She walked out of the bathroom, a towel tied to her chest. She was just about to change into the blue dress on her bed when she heard the gates opening.

"Dante is here" she mumbled and quickly dressed up.

She ran her fingers through her wet hair and hurriedly picked up the dryer to dry it up. She was a minute into it when a knock came on her door.

"Yes? Come in" she replied and the door opened.

A maid walked in.

"You have a guest, ma'am"

"Tell him I would be with him very soon"

"Alright, Miss"

The maid left the room and Mireille resumed drying her hair. She absolutely hated keeping others waiting so she dropped the hair dryer and brushed her hair.

Mireille picked her luggage and hurried out of the room. She composed herself as she got to the stairs that led down into the living room.

Walking down the stairs elegantly, she was curious to see who Dante was.

She arrived in the living room and found a man with his back turned to her.

He was staring at an old picture of her and her brother. Mireille found herself staring at his back view for much longer than she expected.

He was wearing a tailored shirt and trousers and even though he was clothed, Mireille needed no one to tell her what hot body hid under that black shirt.

She gulped down and was about to speak but he beat her to it.

"You looked very cute, princess" his deep voice rang through her ears and instantly, Mireille's eyes widened.

"Dante?" The name finally registered.

"Yes, princess?" He turned to her and Mireille could swear that something strange happened to her body, something that usually never happened.

Yet, there was no way she would not recognise this face and the smirk on his lips and there was no way she would not recognise that sexily annoying voice of his that called her 'princess' all the time.

Dante Romano was her brother's best friend in highschool and Mireille had found him absolutely annoying. Yes, he was handsome, hot, sexy and all but he was still annoying. He called her princess all the time and would join hands with James to ensure that no guy came close to her.

No, that was not the only annoying thing about this hot man now standing in front of her but the most annoying part was that he caused more than half of the heartbreaks she witnessed in highschool.

He was a fuck boy, a playboy and he sure knew how to play his games well. All of that was easy with his looks and money anyways. He could get any girl he wanted in school. He never cared about the emotions of the girls he played with and would mercilessly break their hearts with his cold eyes staring right at them.

So yes, how could she not recognise this hot walking red flag of a man?

Chapter 2

Still standing transfixed at the spot, Mireille tried to recall if there were moments Dante Romano was warm to other girls but she could not remember because moments like that did not exist. The only time Dante ever smiled genuinely was when he was with her, annoying her with the 'princess' title. Those were the only times his eyes ever found warmth.

"You do not have to just stare at me and strip me with your eyes. You could strip me with your hands instead" he gave her a one sided smirk and Mireille quickly looked away from him, her face flushing up as she realised that she had really been staring at him for too long.

Dante picked up the picture he had been staring at and waved it in the air.

"You don't just look cute anymore. You now look... " his eyes travelled all over her. From her still slightly damp hair to her toe.


Damn! She sure had grown beautiful over the years and Dante was only saying


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