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Missy Melody

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Alpha Xander's human fated mate
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Xander is the crown prince and the heir to the werewolf throne, He's a strong, powerful Alpha with a handsome face and great physique. He's sexy and hot—he's the man that every girl dreams about. but he's been saving himself for his mate, only to find on his 18th birthday that his fated mate is the pack's nerd, Gina. Gina is the human adoptive daughter of the royal Beta; she has a pretty face but is timid; from a young age, she's been abused and bullied by her adoptive family; and she packs numbers because she has no wolf and no rank. She dreams of finding her fated mate who will love and care for her—the love that she didn't get from her family and pack numbers—but the moon goddess must hate her to mate her with the person she hates the most, "the prince." "I, Gina Stone, reject Xander Black as my mate and an Alpha."


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