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Married to a Jinn

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A paranormal story about dark Jinns and mermaids, these creatures were enemies after the bloody wars of their forefathers. They are unknown to the human world, there were tales about mermaids but not about Jinns. Jinns are unknown and no living human knows about them. The fourth war led to the loss of lives of these creatures in their world, they had to migrate to the human world since they can be recognized as humans. Now, the Jinns are mermaids who are still in the human world but pretend to be commoners, magicians, businessmen, or women. Ava Lina, an orphan mermaid lives on the surface-human world with her brother Lucas Lina. Lucas gets sick which cannot be cured in the human world, but he can't go back to the ocean because mermaids are hunted or sacrificed to gain more power by the Jinns. Ava seeks help from a dark Jinn in disguise as a magician. What happens when the dark Jinn requests for her hand in marriage to his son, Donald Don who is waiting in the alter for his runaway bride? What happens when she spends a night with Dyrus, Donald Don's twin brother at her unexpected wedding? What happens when she finds her soon-to-be brother-in-law, Dyrus charming and irresistible? Will the dark Jinn sacrifice Ava for her innocence to become the supreme leader of the Jinns?

Chapter 1

Ava's POV

"Do you have any appointment with Mr. Donald?" The receptionist questioned as he continued to stare at the computer.

"I'm here to make a deal" I replied, the male receptionist's face brightened into a smile.

"Follow me," He said as he rode to a big door. In the big door, there are two smaller doors. He strode to the left and opened the inner door that has 'Dark Circles' written on it.

"Welcome Ava, you are welcome to dark circles, "A man with grey hair said seated on a wooden chair, he is maybe in his forties.

"A deal," I said. The old man claps and the room became dark with a dim light beside me, the old man disappeared and I was alone in the darkroom.

"Oh dark Jinn, come grant me a wish" I stretched my hand forward and flinched when I felt a presence behind me.

I turned back and saw a man under a black hoodie behind me. He brought his hand forward exposing his tan skin and a dark circle on it.

"A mermaid requesting a wish? Well, why did you disturb my sleep?"He scoffed.

"I wish Lucas Lina, the third child of the great elder in the ocean gets cured of his illness" I echoed.

"Your wish shall be granted but a pay awaits"I will surely pay for every wish you grant" I gulped and felt a burning pain on my right shoulder.

"Now you have the dark Jinn's mark, be ready for your pay" He echoed. A beam of light shone on my face, I shut my eyes and the light became dim.

I blinked and sighted Lucas and myself in my room.

"Lucas, is this you? How do you feel? What happened? I was on my way to the coffee shop...." I said and embraced him.

"Ava, is anything wrong? You were acting weird after you came back from the coffee shop. I prepared breakfast and asked you to assist me but you were muted and walked to your room. Did anyone yell at you? Are you hurt somewhere?" He disengaged from the hug and held my shoulder.

"Ouch!" I groaned in pain, he lowers his hands to my palm.

"Sister, what's wrong?" He gave me a confused look.

"I felt a sharp pain on my left shoulder," I said and rolled my sleeve upward. I sighted a dark mark like a small palm on my left shoulder and quickly rolled my sleeve downward remembering my deal with the Jinn.

"Sister, why are you having pains? Are you alright?"He questioned

"Lucas, stop asking questions. I'm so glad you can move your legs and you don't have a fever with blood running out of your nostrils" I cooed as I touched his forehead with the back of my palm, trying to avoid more questions.

I didn't want Lucas to know about my deal with the dark Jinn, he would get worried and I don't want to see him feverish anymore. I stood from the bed with Lucas's support, feeling extremely weak.

"Let's have breakfast," I said and walked to the dining room feeling a little energized as I didn't see Lucas's worried face.

Funny noises emerged from my pant pocket, I slid my phone from the pocket and sighted a message from Mr. Chris, my manager.

"Ma'am, I can't make it to the office today, my mum is sick and I need to stay with her at the hospital" I read out with a groan and sighted Lucas with a cup of coffee.

"Does that mean you won't spend time with me?" He pouted and I pecked his cheek.

"I will be back in the evening" I gulped the coffee he offered and grabbed my car keys. I ignited the car's engine and drove off to Ava's restaurant, my restaurant.

"Welcome Ma'am" The security man greeted, he ran to the other side of the car and opened the door. I threw the car keys to him that landed on his hand after an attempt to catch it.

"Take it to the car wash, I want it perfectly clean" I ordered and walked in as the smell of cinnamon hit my nose. I love the aroma of cinnamon in my kitchen and I'm sure the customers love it too.

My left shoulder became heavy immediately after I took a step inside. I sat on a chair next to the door and looked around for a waiter or a security man to help me, then I sighted an old man with tanned skin with a group of people at a table.

His tan skin with dark circles reminds me of the dark Jinn. Jinns aren't human, they are like gods, half-monster, they possess dark powers and can be recognized as human. I wanted to take a better look since I've always wished to see their face. I walked to their table to have a better view then my eyes met a green eye with broad shoulders and a muscular body.

What made him gorgeous was his pair of green eyes, they are so beautiful I almost got lost in them, he looked handsome. I flinched when I sensed water was about to spill on me, I turned back and sighted a broken cup shattered on the floor. I moved away from my position but slipped.

I didn't fall on my butts, a mighty arm was around my waist, and I could see broad shoulders exposed after the arm. The handsome man at the other table arms was encircled around my waist,and he was also shirtless. I ripped his shirt while trying to save myself from falling.

I admired his muscular arms and mole on his collarbone for a little time before he saw me staring.

"I'm sorry ma"The waitress apologized. I turned to walk away but felt an arm grab my arm. I glanced at his handsome face and then his arm.

"I'm Ava" I stammered and he stared at me puzzled.

"Ava.."I stretched my hand forward for a handshake and he ignores it.

"You ripped my shirt yet you want to leave" He rasped. I thought he wanted me to introduce myself but unexpectedly he is blabbering about his so-called shirt.

I got irritated by his words and didn't see anyone at his table. I forgot to take a look at the old man, I looked at the table and there was no one, they were long gone.

"Is the old man the dark Jinn? If he is, why is he at my restaurant?" I muttered as I walked away. I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder and rubbed it but the pain increased and I groaned in pain.

"Need some help? Are you alright?"I turned to see who wanted to help and sighted the man that helped me from falling. He looked different and cool not arrogant like earlier, and his clothing was completely changed. He had a smile plastered on his face, his eye color was brown.

He stretched his hand forward as he moved his pink lips" I'm Don"

" Ava," I said amused at his change of tone.

"Nice to meet you. Are you alright?" He questioned caringly

."I'm fine," I said and he walks away in his perfectly fitted suit. He was a complete version of the green eye man and I didn't feel pain after he requested to help.

I strode to the car park and sighted my blue car neatly packed. I ignited the car's engine and drove to a seafood store. I was pretty hungry and I am very sure Lucas is, he doesn't love eating at a restaurant.

He prefers my homemade food. "Dinner on the way" I muttered as I drove to my apartment. I pressed the doorbell and someone yelled.

"The door is opened!"The masculine voice wasn't Lucas and I was determined to know who was in my apartment.

I twisted the doorknob but to my surprise everywhere was decorated with love balloons.

"Happy anniversary baby," Zach said as he threw a love balloon at me that landed on the tiled floor.

"How did you get here?" I asked, he ignores me and took another balloon.

"I'm back for you baby," He said walking towards me. I dropped the bag of seafood and grabbed Lucas's hockey stick behind the door. I was ready to hit him and he moved backward.

"Come on baby, we don't need to live in the past. We need to plan for our future" He gestured and I slowly lowered the stick. He is my ex-lover and I hate myself for dating him even after what he did to me in the past, I don't want to hate him.

"Forget the past and let's start afresh. I promised you that I will always love you and I do" He cooed.

Chapter 2

Ava's POV

"You liar!I was just some sort of toy to you that you can control. I was so stupid to call you my lover. I realized how worthless you are and I won't go back to my vomit" I said and he coughs."I wasn't in my right sense at that time. It was all Lisa's doing, she drugged me"


The limousine halted to a stop, the chauffeur opened the door and I ran to the door excitedly. I turned the key into the latch and barged into the house.

Red and white balloons are decorated everywhere, it was Valentine's day and I was so excited to celebrate it with him. We would play video games, cook together, and dance to romantic music as we do every Valentine.

But this year Valentine was different and a little too cold for a romantic day. My Romeo was not in the room or the library so I decided to check in the kitchen. There were few murmurs in the kitchen. I decided to eavesdrop when I saw my best friend on his


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