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Cassa Beer

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About me

Welcome to my world of nail-biting mystery and intrigue. I am authoress Cassandra Beer and I am here with a gorgeous army of beastly, domineering, powerful men of otherworldly beauty and s€x appeal to infiltrate and conquer your mind. If my warriors do not consume your mind, my kickass, badass, fiesty and devilishly sweet ensemble of strong- willed, deliciously manipulative women will. I have already won, Welcome to my world, take a look around, it's a fantasy 😎 but beware, nothing is ever as it seems. Do not step in unarmed, you might want to put a few walls up, because my men and women are gunning for your heart and once they have it; they will not let it go, they will keep you wanting them in the oddest hours of the night. Your hours of productivity are in danger, my army is insatiable keep those eyes glued to your phone or you might just know how jealous they can get. Did I mention they also have a taste for your skin? So don't be surprised when they get under it. You have been warned, ignorance would be criminal. Now that I have your attention, here are a few details about me. She or queen, nineteen years old and dreading the twenties, I come from a far away land where the sun kisses the horizon and night is longer than day, am a creature of the night in human skin, on a mission to get you addicted to your phone. I am on Facebook @Author Cassa Beer, looking for more souls to feed to my army. I'm obsessed with fantasy- romance and steamy, unconventional love stories with enough spice to entice. That'll be all angels, now I command you to read my books, fall victim to my enchantment.


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With a shaky breath, she spread her thighs widely apart and showed him exactly where she needed him. "Please... please daddy..." He roughly cupped her wetness and she moaned softly, "Since my princess asked so nicely, I won't deny her-" -●- ---- -•- Acacia could not wait to spend the summer holidays with her estranged step-father, she saw the three week long visit as an opportunity to unwind and bond with the most important man in her life- but nothing will ever be the same between them after he catches her with her fingers lodged deep inside her, moaning his name as she climaxes…. Hunter had not seen his step- daughter in almost four years and now nineteen years old, he didn't expect his little "poppy" to rock up on his front door a full- grown woman; beautiful and s*xy in every way imaginable. Hunter knows he shouldn't desire the very human being he raised from infancy- he was practically her father for fucksake, the only father she has ever known for fucksake. It was illegal, unholy for him to think of her youthful body and luscious lips in the ways he did, it made him downright depraved, but a mere look from her doe- like eyes had his cck raging. Acacia knows she wants anything but for his interest in her to be fatherly, though she has convinced herself that the hottest man she knows will never be interested in an inexperienced, innocent as innocent can be prude like her. Sexual tension rises, boundaries are blurred and try they might, they will not resist the forbidden fruit, because the forbidden fruit, always tastes sweetest.


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