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Alpha Xander's human fated mate

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"I,Gina Stone,reject you Alexander Black as my mate and Alpha.” Alpha Prince Xander is the heir to the werewolf throne. He's a handsome and powerful Alpha,he grabs females' attention whenever he goes.but he's saving himself only for his fated mate. He wants a strong fit Luna to rule with, but to his disappointment, he got Gina the pack's nerd as his mate . ****** Gina is the human adoptive daughter of the royal Beta. She was mistreated and abused by her adoptive family and bullied by the pack members because she had no wolf and no rank. She dreams of finding her fated mate who will give her the love and care that she never received from her family and pack members. But her life takes another turn when the moon goddess mated her with the person she hates the most, "the Alpha prince."


Xander is the future king of the royal werewolf kingdom and the alpha of the Red Moon Pack, the largest pack in the werewolf realm.

He's very handsome, well built, muscular, and athletic; he's powerful and a very strong man; he's dynamic, s*xy, and hot; he's every she-wolf's dream man.

Whatever, he'd been saving himself for his fated mate; he wanted someone suitable for the role of the queen, a good luna, to rule with him, but to his surprise, the moon goddess paired him with Gina, the pack laughing stock and punching bag.

Gina is the human adoptive daughter of Royal Beta. She's pretty timid and shy; from a young age, she's been abused and bullied by her adoptive family and the pack members because she has no wolf; she's different and weak; omegas are stronger than her as they are considered the lowest rank.

She dreams of finding her fated mate, who will give her the love and care that she never gets from her family and pack numbers, but the moon goddess has another plan for her; she chooses to mate her with the person she hates the most, the prince."

"I, Gina Stone, reject you, Xander Black, as my mate and an alpha."

"I, Alpha Xander Black, King of the Werewolf Kingdom, and the Red Moon Pack reject your rejection, Gina Stone."

"Who the hell do you think you are? You dare to reject me first, your alpha king?"

• main characters description:

Alpha Xander Black, crown prince and future king:

• White skin, tall

• Dirty blonde hair

•Blue eyes

• Athletic and muscular body

•Strong alpha

• The red moon pack

Gina Stone, adoptive daughter of the royal beta


•Green eyes

• Curvy and small

•Beautiful/timid /shy

• The red moon pack

Mated to the prince


I can't believe that my mate is the prince!

the fucking future king!

My alpha!!!

He has just returned from the Alpha Training Academy after 4 years; he's a mature man now, very masculine, sexy, powerful, and intimidating. Every she-wolf is lusting over him, but definitely not me.

I remember my first encounter with him after four years—the day I found out that I was his mate, the day my life turned upside down.

A Flashback:

I am at the castle, helping the maids prepare for the prince's arrival after his departure from the kingdom.

The king, Alpha Jackson, his father, throws a big welcome party for his son to celebrate his return.

We received instructions for the party's specifics from the queen, Luna Arianna, who is in charge of the ceremony.

After 5 hours in the kitchen catering with the head chef, I felt drained and had zero energy, and all I wanted was a nice warm bath and clean clothes.


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