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The Alpha's plus size urban human mate series

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What happens when an all business Alpha planning his choosen mating ceremony, smells the most wonderful fruity scent that belonged to his curvy mating ceremony planner. Confident plus size Ji'lahni, her two cousins, and friend owns a successful Wedding planning company along with a dance, and self defense workout studio, get hired by their new friend who is like a mother to them plan her sons wedding I mean mating ceremony? What will happen when the sassy plus size women step into the world of werewolves? Read to find out.

Chapter 1: Where the hell are we

Ji’lahni’s POV:

Mina! “Where the hell are we? We’re in the middle of nowhere.” I yelled. “We’re about to come up missing out here in these damn woods!” Shawna whined from the back seat. “Ji’lahni I swear I followed the directions on the GPS correctly.” Mina said, looking confused and a little scared. We have been driving since four A.M. this morning. Now almost seven P.M. and we still hadn’t made it to the Crystal Wolf Lake Reserve. I’m pretty sure that my legs are numb, and my ass died four hours ago. We were supposed to be performing for a mating anniversary party, also planning something they called a mating ceremony for our good friend Lateri Crystal.

She took our dance class to spruce up her love life six months ago. She was sixty years old, but she aged beautifully. She looked at least forty-five. She had long beautiful curly brown hair, hazel eyes that changed color whenever she was excited, or happy when she got a tough dance move, or a compliment when she remembered the choreography. She had beautiful tanned skin that looked like it had a golden glow. We became her instant daughters. She called us every Wednesday night at the same time, and we would talk for hours. She really has become important to us since we had no family left. It was just the three of us and Lynn. Our entire family died in an accidental fire during Christmas seven years ago. Mina was sixteen, me and Shawna were eighteen and we have been together ever since. It’s weird that they call it a mating ceremony instead of just saying a wedding, but oh well, with the money they’re paying us. They can call it whatever the hell they want.

Me and my cousins were the owners and operators of JMS Wedding planning and also owners of JMS dance studio for BBW women like us. We mostly dance to sexy sensual, hip-hop, r&b, and even some pop music. We each had our own specialty. Mina was hip hop r&b; Shawna was r&b and pop, and as for me, I do sensual and r&b. We also added self-defense classes with our best friend Lynn, who is a bad ass at everything crossbow, shooting, sword, and martial arts, and yes, she’s BBW as well. We met her in college, and we have been training with her for the past five years. Yes, we can do it all. We have to work twice as hard, and we have our limits, but we always said work smarter not harder. So, we had to learn how to use our skills differently.

We train every day and although we’re not as good as Lynn, but please UNDERSTAND we can for damn sure make her ass stumble. That’s saying a lot since she was black and Asian who has been training since she came out of the womb. She would have been here with us in this damn forest, but she had family stuff to deal with, so she won’t get here until tomorrow. But we do have her toys in the trunk just in case we have to fuck some shit up out here. We’re supposed to be staying here for the next three weeks until the wedding because we live too far away to make two trips. Again, they paid us so well that we would have stayed longer if they asked. We don’t know much about the bride that Lateri’s son is marrying. I really don’t think Lateri likes her all that well. Because while she was taking our class she would roll her eyes at the mention of her daughter-n-law, and I don’t ever think she told us her name until she asked us to do the mating ceremony. But she loved her son and talked about Makahi Crystal every single time we were on the phone with her.

She said it was time that he settled down and started a family, since him and the name we cannot mention have been dating for three years it was time they sealed the deal even if she doesn’t like her “uppity ass,” her words not mine. She was hoping that he would find his Luna. She called it. And don’t ask me what that means, because I don’t know, but given this is a mating ceremony, I just figured it must be a cultural thing. She seemed like an earthy type of person who walks barefoot outside and preferred sleeping outside on the ground and living off the land, so to speak.

Far different from our southern asses. Don’t get me wrong, we’re country and definitely know how to farm, cook, garden, and build things to survive. We learned that from our grandparents and parents, but that was a different time for them and even though we lived that way, we also evolved as well, so we not doing none of that survival shit unless we have to, like an apocalypse or some shit. But about three months ago, Lateri called me and asked that we do her son’s wedding, sorry mating and performed for her anniversary. We essentially declined, due to the fact that she was halfway across the country, and we would be losing money if we tried to plan that at our own rate. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer and offered us damn near what we would make in a year.

So here we are. We flew as far as we could and rented a car to travel the rest of the way, which is where we are at the present time, lost as hell. “Look pull over so we can get Lynn’s guns out the trunk, because it’s getting dark and although I’ll be scared as hell even with a gun, hopefully fear will make me pull the trigger and not freeze and be mauled by a bear or a damn mountain lion. That would be some fucked up shit for three Black women to be killed in a damn forest. You know damn well black folks don’t do no forests at night. Hell, not even in daylight if we think big ass animals are in them.” Mina pulled over and I hopped out to get Lynn’s bags. “Get the knives too, so we gonna be tomb raiders out here.” Shawna said. Mina looked at Shawna through the rear-view mirror, frowning. “What the hell you gonna do with them knives? Yeah, you know how to use them, but you know damn well you hate violence of any kind.” Mina teased.

Shawna hated conflict. She was quiet, reserved, avoided arguing, and hated drama. Mina, on the other hand, was smart-mouthed and could back it up. As for me, I observe and speak only when spoken to. You get the same energy you give me. I don’t like to fight, but I will if you cross the line, and we always protect each other no matter what. Getting back in the car, handing Shawna the bag of goodies, I said. “Here I just got the whole bag, I’m not standing out there for a long time trying to find that stuff. “Damn, that shit is heavy, Lynn’s planning on working our asses to death. I thought we would catch a short break for three weeks, but she damn near brought everything she has in her studio.” Shawna sighed heavily. “You already know, Lynn’s not giving us no damn break, you do remember what happened last year when we took a week off to vacation in the Bahamas.

We damn near died when we got back in the studio, especially because we did our classes, and then we thought we could train with her after that.” I shuddered at the remembered pain in every part of my body, fingernails included. We literally had to crawl into our apartment every day for two weeks straight. I feel like at least two of those nights we just slept at the front door until after two am. I thought to myself. After another half hour, I had dozed off because I was exhausted. We had literally been up for three days straight prepping, planning, and organizing for this trip. Mina hit me saying, “Hey look, I think I see something that looks like some kind of guard shack.” Hopping up on full alert, praying that we had finally made it.

“Thank God I hope we’re in the right place or they can tell us where to go. Shawna zipped the weapons back up halfway just in case you need to move quickly if they try and kidnap us.” I said half seriously, because you never know in these damn woods, but here we fucking go. I don't know why, but I feel like this is about to be some weird shit we’re not used to.

I hope we’re not walking into some type of hippy weird stuff, where folk walk around with their asses, titties, and dicks out and having sex with any and everyone. I may be open-minded and respect people’s culture, but don’t think I’m joining in none of that shit, even though Mina and Shawna would definitely consider it, because they were some damn horny Bitches. But anyway, here goes nothing.

Chapter 2 The humans are coming!

Makahi: POV

“KAHI! Are you even listening?!” My mother yelled so loudly that even my Beta Montego flinched. Sighing, “Yes mom I heard you, but I told you I have a call with the other alphas in this region because of the recent rogue attacks. We’re trying to figure out if they are growing in numbers and are planning an even bigger attack. I asked you to postpone the ceremony until we have this thing sorted out.” I growled into the phone, not happy at all that I couldn’t get her to change her mind about inviting human women to our pack lands because they are far too weak to protect themselves and I will have to command all unmated males to not touch them. As well as make sure the children don’t turn in front of them. God forbid if they saw one of us turn into a wolf, it would be a nightmare to clean up. Some humans know about our kind, but it’s mostly those who do business with us or had a run in with a random rogue. But for the most part, humans don’t know abou

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