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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellFebruary 28, 2024

Married at first sight novel read online free

Married at first sight novel read online free

It’s another beautiful day to swoon after our main leads, and no. Unlike the others, this article will not be containing spoilers of the married at first sight ending, but…I promise, there’s something even better after this.

The book begins when her brother-in-law begins to breathe down on her neck, complaining about everything she does, and Serenity Hunter immediately decides it’s about time she left her sister’s home, before the fights between her sister, Liberty, and her husband, Hank, became even worse.

Having nowhere else to go, she is proposed with an offer from Grandma May, a good friend of hers, who seems to be offering Serenity her grandson on a golden platter. A quick marriage. A roof over head. Comfort. A family to call hers. All of that comes with a catch. There would be no romance, no strings attached. She would offer nothing to her husband and he would expect nothing from her. The perfect arranged marriage. The kind Serenity needed.

Serenity doesn’t hesitate before agreeing to this marriage, but what will she do when she meets Grandma May’s grandson, Zachary, for the first time, and he is not only far from everything she’d envisioned, but so much more?! Read the novel online to find out what happens next and what is the Married at first sight ending!

Need more like the Married At First Sight book? Don’t go too far. We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled some of our best reads below, just for you!

Entangled With The Billionaire by Symplyayisha

Colton had his friends and family breathing down his neck on the subject of love and marriage, but the term had always been far-fetched for him. He didn’t think it existed and even if it did, he wasn’t searching. Hanging out with his friends has him attending a huge party of elites, only to find out that he was being stalked by the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he is stunned out of his mind when she demands so brazenly that he spend a night with her.

Mia’s solution to her aching heart was simple. Find the nearest hottest man and have the night of her life. She succeeded, only to find herself knee-deep in trouble when said man refuses to let it stay a one-night stand.

Bound By Her Bump by Symplyayisha

She was done with men, Anne Davis decided. Year after year of kissing frogs and never finding one prince made her decide that. No relationships, no marriages, no sex. But children? Yes, she would have children. Anne decides to get an artificial insemination, and her plan seems to be going just fine until she is contacted by the hospital and informed of a grave error.

Anne was inseminated with the wrong sperm, and there was no erasing the hospital’s mistake because the baby was on the way. Her frustration is only heightened when the baby’s father, Eric, a hot billionaire, refuses to let her be, claiming that he wishes to be included in her’s and his child’s life.

Falling For Her Billionaire Baby Daddy by Ebony Pete

A coward, that’s what Rachel tagged her baby’s father as in the same moment she damned him to hell and wished she never laid eyes on him again. It had been her twenty-eighth birthday and she had too much to drink after partying with her friends. There, she met Derek Fraser, and nothing in the world could have kept them apart. Shy touches evolved into kisses, and kisses became something more. Something dangerous.

It had been a fling, but Rachel could hardly forget it, and when she discovers that she is pregnant, she sets out to find Derek.

Only, when she does, Derek denies her and her child. Rachel left, resolving to raise her kid alone, but a year later, the devil returns, staking his claim, seemingly ready to accept her and his son, but Rachel isn’t having any of it.

The Contract by Mari Villarreal

Finding her best friend and her boyfriend making out at a bar was more than enough heartbreak for Layla, and learning that everyone else but her knew the truth sent her to the edges of hysteria. Getting drunk to dull the pain was no new trick, but waking up in the bed of her father’s business partner, and the cold-hearted man she’d lost her heart and virginity to when she was younger did make it seem like the universe was playing tricks on her. And that isn’t the only crazy thing she did that night.

She signed a contract to be Daniel Halloway’s wife, giving him a right to her and her body whenever he so pleased to have both.

The Substitute Bride: Married To A Domineering Billionaire by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

After her family is unable to repay their debt to Dylan Blackwood, the dangerous billionaire chooses to take Amelia’s younger sister as his wife, but Jenner’s heart belonged to someone else and a few hours to the wedding, they eloped, leaving Amelia behind to clean up after her.

Amelia, scared out of her mind, is forced to marry Dylan, who does nothing to hide his displeasure and distaste of her when he discovers the truth.

Spoiled My CEO Husband After Rebirth by J. Eleven

In her previous life, she had been betrayed, and right after, she had watched a man die from a fire. Being reborn in the same place the fire took place years ago, she took it upon herself to save the billionaire from his sure death.

Mr. Petit is grateful to Gwenda for saving his life, and when he asks her for a way to repay his debt, she demands that he marries her, having seen that it would be the best possible way to avert the ill circumstances that had claimed her life before.

Darling, Only I Can Be Your Man by Muffin_123

Ariana found a wounded man in the alley on her way home, and she brought him back home with her to tend his wounds. The stranger was, however, gone in the morning, leaving nothing but his name and a promise to repay her kindness behind.

Two years later, Ariana applies for a job in Matthew’s group against her father’s wishes and is surprised when she gets a job to be the boss’s secretary instead. She hadn’t put much thought into what it might feel like to meet Micheal again, but nothing could have prepared her for him. And to make matters more intense, he stakes a claim on her, more than willing to make his petite savior his woman.

Mr. President's Wild Obsession by Lucia Love

After their wild one-night stand of unforgettable passion and earth-shattering pleasure, Nathan Legend transformed into something Mercedez didn’t understand. He was cruel and the words that tumbled off his lips were foul; insulting.

But Mercedez wasn’t a woman who stood down in the face of humiliation—one she didn’t deserve. She threw him a 1-dollar bill and blatantly lied about their night together being nothing but disappointing.

However, when she resumes to her new job two days later and walks into the conference room, she discovers that the man she has insulted is her new boss, and judging from his hostile response, he hadn’t forgotten her insult, as well as her bill. Nathan Legend held a grudge.

The Billionaire's Regret by Belle Scarlet

Ivy Morgan and Wyatt had been married for years, but she was more a daughter-in-law than she was a wife. Putting up with years of maltreatment from her in-laws was nothing to Ivy because she loved Wyatt too much to care. It didn’t matter that he never showed his feelings for her. It didn’t matter that he never came home. She would stay and wait for him.

One fateful day, Ivy’s feet are pulled from under her and she decides she is done waiting for Wyatt. She files for a divorce and only when she’s gone from his life does Wyatt realize that he loves Ivy. He begins to open up, show her how much he loves her, but it might be too late to win her back.

Tame Me, My Brother-In-Law by Sweet Sakura

It was the worst kind of deceit. She slept with her sister’s fiancée and said sister was perfectly content with it. Celine wasn’t though, not when it meant deceiving Sebastian.

Celine and Brylee were twins separated as children. Brylee was to marry the richest man in the city, but the male’s condition had been quite simple. Brylee had to be untouched; a virgin, and he would confirm that on their first night together.

Only, Brylee was far from untouched and only one person could successfully take her place in Sebastian’s bed—Celine.

Celine agreed to the arrangement, only because she needed the money to tend to their sick mother, but none of them had counted on the possibility that Sebastian wasn’t stupid, and he’d notice the nuances. After spending a night with Celine and meeting Brylee the next day, Sebastian knew they couldn’t be the same person, though he had no way of proving that the kind, pure and beautiful soul who had stolen his heart was a far cry from his fiancée.

So, Sebastian did what any man in his situation would. He began to seek answers.

Haven’t gotten enough of these steamy reads and you need more like the Married At First Sight Novel with more complexities and unmatched superiority, go ahead and look through our Werewolf Novels. And if you wish for dragons, vampires, lycans and the famous Fae, our Paranormal Books section exists for you. Happy reading!

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellFebruary 28, 2024