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Anna Kendra

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  • 7.1
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About me

Hey guys, I’m Anna Kendra and I’m a professional author. I love to read and write and cook and I have a bad habit of living in my own imaginary world with vampires and werewolves and demons and dragons. I love writing about the unreal and the extraordinary, because ordinary is totally overrated. Right? Most of my stories are feel-good romances with a happily ever after and in case there isn’t a happily ever after in one book, then it’s probably part of a series.


Teacher's Pet
  • 👁 2.1K
  • 6.7

Akira Sanders is an erotic romance author. Pen named Miss. OG, her writings are famous among the high school kids, but little do her fans know that she herself is a high school student and...a virgin. Her biggest inspirations are porn videos and washroom gossips. Ethan Whitmore is the high school 'it' boy with God like looks and an ego as huge as Mt. Olympus. An arrogant jerk but the biggest fan of Miss. OG's erotic novellas. Oh! And did I mention that he's the chemistry teacher? So what happens when Ethan comes to know that his favourite author is actually a high school girl, moreover, his student? Join them in their journey through senior year as Ethan tries to teach our Erotic Superstar, a thing or two about chemical reactions...of a very different kind.

The Bad Boy's First Love
  • 👁 6.8K
  • 7.3

Lydia McKenzie used to be just like any other normal, seventeen year old high school girl, fretting over what to wear for school, struggling to get good grades and dealing with boy trouble, until one day, a dangerous incident at school and a severe brain injury, made her turn off her emotions completely. Three years later, she’s a complete robot who works with utmost efficiency without showing any emotions. But things start to change when she arrives at Rosewater University for higher studies. David Lyric Donovan is the quintessential bad boy of Rosewater. Be it getting into useless fights, getting arrested for beating someone to an inch of their life or any other crimes around campus, and not to mention going through girls like a person goes through their clothes, he’s done it all. He’s also a professional street fighter. Girls want to ‘fix’ him and guys want to be him. But nothing bothers him as much as the presence of the new girl, Lydia. She’s upfront and outspoken and she does not have the patience to deal with his shit, and moreover, she gets under his skin without even a slight change in her expression. Who is she and what’s in her past? He’s just as fascinated with her as he is annoyed. Can romance bloom between such a mismatched pair? And will Lydia ever let herself feel again, after what she’d endured?

  • 👁 2.1K
  • 7.5

When Alpha Silas Whitlock, the strongest Alpha of the Thunder Stone pack, had expected to settle down with his mate in a peaceful life, he is betrayed by his Beta and half-brother, Ezra, who frames him for a murder he didn’t commit. Now, he has no option but to run from the people who he once considered family. However, what he hadn't expected was to run into his real mate. The only problem is that she’s a weak human with no idea of the existence of the supernatural world and Silas needs a strong warrior by his side if he has to get back his pack and defeat his brother. Zoya had once had the perfect life and the perfect job at New York City Hospital. However, one wrong move with her perverted boss ends her transferred to a clinic in the middle of nowhere. To top it off, her ‘arranged’ fiancé decides to cheat on her with her cousin! Just as she is about to say ‘fuck you’ to her past and start a new life in the mountains, she ends up finding a very naked man inside her cabin in the middle of the woods. What on earth is going on? Things couldn’t get any worse, could they? If only she had the slightest clue… Will Silas be able to look past Zoya’s humanity and accept her as his mate? Or will Zoya have to watch the man she has come to love be claimed by another, breaking her heart forever? Or will fate give her a second chance at love with a man just as broken as her?

The Kingpin's Possession (BL)
  • 👁 1.2K
  • 6.3

Kimhan, Kim, needs to produce an heir in order to rule over the empire that his father built from scratch, but since he can’t change what’s in his heart, he will need to change ways to produce an heir. So the only option left is to ask his best friend, Kanya, to become his surrogate. She’s the only one who had always understood him and accepted him for who he was. However, when Kanya’s younger brother Kit decides to follow her to the mafia household for her protection, Kim is instantly drawn to the boy at first sight. From the moment both of them laid eyes on each other, it’s the beginning of their endgame. But being a part of the criminal world is full of dangers. Is Kim willing to let Kit enter his world despite the fear that he could lose his life at any moment? Or will he let go of the only ray of light he has left in his dark, dark world.

Rejecting the Mating Bond (Curse of Selene Book 1)
  • 👁 1.7K
  • 7.1

Flora Argentine is ReedStone pack’s little loner and glad to be so. Everyone ignores her existence but not because she’s some glasses bearing, baggy clothes wearing nerd, but because her elder brother is the beta of the pack and no one wants to be involved with her. But Flora is perfectly fine with everyone avoiding her as she makes her way towards her last year at the university and leads a simple life without any complications or hardships...or does she? Clay Scotsman is the most popular guy in town and the ladies love him, which isn’t a problem since he loves them right back. The future Alpha of the pack, he has the looks of a Greek God and is a smooth talking charmer who always gets what he wants...except for Flora Argentine. He’s been obsessed with Flora for a very long time, but he dismisses it as simple physical attraction until one day he decides to hell with it and comes after Flora with all the charm he can master. But once he’s had a taste of her, he finds it nearly impossible to let her go. But Clay and Flora both know that they’re not mates and are dreading the day of Clay’s 28th birthday when he ultimately finds his mate. Is he going to leave her forever for a bond decided upon by the Gods? Or is he going to reject his mate to be with the girl he loves more than life itself? And what will happen when Clay’s mate claims him as hers?

Healing the Rogue Alpha (Curse of Selene Book 2)
  • 👁 3.8K
  • 7.5

No one can escape the Moon Goddesses wrath…and Clay and Flora had been no exception. Torn apart and their memories completely erased, Clay and Flora are now living separate lives, completely unaware of each other. But things have changed drastically. Clay is no longer the Alpha apparent to the ReedStone pack, but a Rogue Alpha, while Flora is at Lindersay, working as a healer and a worshipper of the Moon Goddess. But even though fate isn’t on their side, destiny has tied them together forever as they meet once again, but this time as enemies. Will Clay and Flora be able to go back to the way they were and fall in love all over again? Or will the power of the Moon Goddess prevail over their undying love?

Yes Boss!
  • 👁 207
  • 7.5

Savannah Tresscot is loud, sarcastic and not afraid to voice what she thinks about anyone. Not to mention that she can beat any sailor at a cussing competition. Plain on the outside but some serious secrets to hide, she’s totally not PA material. Yet, she gets miraculously hired by Synclair Group of Companies by a stroke of luck. Nathan Synclair is cold, collected and a hardcore businessman. Hot as hell on the outside but a complete mess in terms of organizing his life, he is the top industrialist in the desperate need of a PA. His only option is the one who does not throw herself at him during the interview. And what better than a person he already knows, the creepy-nerd-turned-hot-graduate from his high school that he hadn't seen in years. So what happens when two completely opposite personalities meet and face their match? Will they be as aloof as they were back in school or will love give them a second chance? And can Savannah trust him with her deepest, darkest secrets, even though they might cost her everything she has worked so hard to achieve?

The Female Alpha
  • 👁 2.3K
  • 6.3

In the world of shifters, males dominate every plane of the hierarchy. Be it wolves, jaguars, cats or any other species, a male is always the Alpha. Rhys Valkyer is the Alpha of the strongest pack in all of Asia, the WildRain pack. Faster and stronger than almost every other wolf in the country, he has never known defeat. But when Rhys gets news of a potentially violent pack of wolves located in the Middle Himalayas, most possibly lead by a rare white wolf, he cannot help but get involved, especially when eight highly trained trackers are killed by said wolf. But nothing could prepare Rhys for what he is about to discover when he finally comes face to face with the white wolf. Mikalya 'Mink' Carnell is the only Female Alpha in the history of time. Defying the natural order of things, she is the first woman to start a pack of female dominated wolfs. Fearless and stronger than even an Alpha male, she is ready to defend her pack from any threat that comes their way. But when the two most powerful Alphas of the world come face to face, will it begin a new war for dominance or will they give in to the fierce attraction powering the greatest desire and passion both of them has ever experienced?

The Vampire's Bride (Dark Council Series Book 1)
  • 👁 2.5K
  • 7.2

“You seem to have forgotten that you’re not marrying a commoner, Alina. You’re marrying the prince of all vampires, so look alive and get me some coffee.” Alina Deluca lives a normal life up in the Californian north. At least that’s what she makes the world believe. Locked within her hypnotizing emerald eyes are horrors she could never speak of, even if it killed her. Erick Stayton, the vampire prince, is her nightmare. To her, he was no more than a cold, savage predator that lusted for her blood and took away everything she had during that one traumatizing night four years ago. Problem is, she is bound to be his bride. Mustering every strength to set things right in her awry life, she gets embroiled in an ages-old feud and a struggle for power of mind-boggling proportions. Strangely enough, she finds herself connecting with Erick in ways she never knew she could. Suddenly, everything is not what it seems. Is Erick the heartless monster Alina makes him out to be? Will a vampire law made eons ago be the undoing of the whole vampire race? Will heated passion bloom in these bloodiest of times?

The Incubus's Secretary (Dark Council Series Book2)
  • 👁 1.8K
  • 8.1

When Sanaya Johnson joined ReefWood Inc. as the CEO, Lancelin Eustein’s Personal Secretary, little did she know that her life was about to change forever. As a Scribt, a human with knowledge of the immortal world, she had to constantly balance her two worlds while keeping the immortal world a secret from her near and dear ones. But trouble arises when Lancelin himself takes an interest in Sanaya, a liking that threatens to shatter her hold on reality. Lancelin has lived for centuries amongst humans but no one has ever tempted him as his little Secretary does without even trying. He is determined to win her over at any cost, just to get a taste of the forbidden fruit. But Sanaya has had her heart broken once and she finds it near impossible to trust another man, especially an Incubus who is to be the future Incubus King. But just when the two of them start to fall for each other, the past comes to haunt them in the most unexpected of ways. And with Lancelin’s coronation on the way, will he be able to keep Sanaya by his side when the entire world wants to tear them apart?

Pregnant With My Enemies Baby
  • 👁 896
  • 6.8

When Elena Thunder finds the most perfect man to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve, she thinks its fate. But little does she know that Knight Blaze isn’t as simple as he seems and that the only reason he spends the night with her is because he has something entirely different on his mind. Come morning, Knight leaves Elena feeling hurt and betrayed and with something she’d have never anticipated from a one-night stand with a stranger, a baby conceived on New Year’s Eve. But Elena isn’t weak and she doesn’t let heartbreak bring her down. She decides to raise her child without a father. But fate has other plans for her as she accidentally bumps into Blaze once more during a fashion show and this time, he’s determined to make her stay.

The Bad Boy's Dirty Little Secret (BL)
  • 👁 3.4K
  • 6.9

Kai Hunter is H University’s biggest player and heartbreaker. Known for his good looks and for being one of the brightest students on campus, he is one of the most eligible bachelors that everyone wants to ‘tame’. However, everything changes when freshman Night Winters becomes his new dorm mate. Kai is instantly attracted to the hot, young freshman who he had caught having a one-night stand at a bar and hasn’t been able to get out of his mind ever since. Night is openly gay, but Kai has been into girls his whole life…or so he thought. Can he let go of his pride and accept Night for who he is? Or will Night forever be forced to be just his dirty little secret, under the sheets, inside the closed doors to their dorm? However, Night is hiding secrets that can break the fragile foundation of their relationship at any time, and if Kai waits any longer…he just might end up losing the only person precious to him.


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