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The Alpha King’s Mate is A Hunter

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: faithuba
  • Chapters: 37
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3K
  • 7.9
  • 💬 39


Alpha Adonis finally found his mate after waiting for seven years. Alpha Adonis is beyond happy except there are two problems; His mate Alex is the son of the Hunter lord terrorizing Alpha Adonis’ pack. Secondly; An Alpha with a human Mate is seen as weak and unacceptable. As much as Alpha Adonis wish to reject Alex as his mate, he can’t because he promised his mother on her dying bed that he will only be mated to his destined mate. Alpha Adonis have no choice than to fight the hunters and also convince the werewolf council to accept Alex as his mate. Will Alpha Adonis be able to accomplish all this or will it be the cause of his downfall? Find out more as you read…

Chapter 1 prologue

“Alpha the people are worried about you being mateless!.” My beta Jason nervously told me.

“How am I being mateless in their business?.” I snapped at him.

“Well, you are now twenty five and you have been thinking about your mate since seven years ago. The pack wants a Luna. Don't you think it is time you stop waiting for your mate and just get Luna?.” Jason asked.

We are now in a modern era where werewolves can choose their mate by themselves. Only a few of them actually mate with their destined soulmates. Most Alphas choose their mate because of political gains and power. Infact some Alphas have already suggested marriage proposals between their children and I but I turned them down.

I sighed in defeat; “ you know very well that I can’t do that!”. Right before my mom died, she made me promise her that I will wait for my destined mate. Mom and dad were destined mates and I witnessed the love and bond they shared with each other. I want to experience that too.

“I know. It’s just that the elders have been talking and you that will lead to no good!”. Jason explained. Those stupid problematic elders. I just banish all of them from my pack. They are one of my major problems. When my parents were killed, I was only sixteen years old. I had no choice but to become the Alpha at such a young age. The elders thought they could take advantage of me since I am young but I never gave them an opportunity to do so and that made them hate me. Whenever I need advice, I will go to the Shaman. The Shaman is the spiritual guardian of the pack. The Shaman sees visions of what is to happen in the near future and also conveys the messages of the moon goddess.

“Maybe I should go and see the shaman. He should know what to do!”. I thought out loud.

“That will be a good idea!”. Jason said.

After I was done with all my paperwork of the day, I entered my car and drove off to the forest. Gideon the pack’s shaman leaves in the middle of the forest. I just hope he is at home. He does not use any technology devices so there is no way to inform him about my coming.

I packed my car in front of the forest and started to trek in. This part of the forest is very thick and so cars cannot drive in it.

After walking for about thirty five minutes, I arrived in front of the cottage. It was purely made of wood. From the roof to the floor.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to open it. After knocking for about fifteen minutes, the door opened and there stood Gideon with a frown on his face. When he saw that it was me, the expression on his face changed to a happy one now.

“Alpha Adonis! I wasn’t expecting you!”. He exclaimed as he opened the door wider for me to enter.

“Am sorry for disturbing you!.” I apologized.

“It’s fine! How can I help you?.” He asked me.

“Well it’s about my mate. I am supposed to have found my mate seven years ago but until now. The pack members are worried and are asking for Luna.” I explained to him.

“By pack members do you mean the elders? Don’t let their word get to you. They are just a bunch of old people greedy for more power. And about your mate, I will see what I can do!”. Gideon explained.

He led us out of the house to a cave behind it. It is his spiritual cave where he sees his vision and speaks to the moon goddess.

We removed our shoes and entered the cave. The whole cave is made of white sand.

Gideon took a bowl from the stand and started to pour purple sprinkles on the round in a circle form. When he was done he beacon on me and we both sat in the circle facing each other. He took my hand in his and after he opened it again, his eyes turned silver. He started to say some incarnation and the purple sparkles started to rise up until it reached the top of the cave. After a while, Gideon's eyes turned normal and the purple sparkles disappeared.

Gideon led me and him back to his house in silence. I am feeling anxious about why he kept quiet.

Maybe my mate is dead or something like that! I thought to myself.

“The goddess forbid!”. Kane my wolf shouted inside of my head. It’s good to hear his voice. Kane has been depressed lately because he is getting tired of waiting for our mate.

“The good news is that you are about to find your mate very soon!”. Gideon said.

“See I told you to be positive!”. Kane happily exclaimed. I am very happy with the news but I feel like there is more to his sentence.

“But there is a problem, your mate is a human!” Gideon exclaimed.

“What?” I screamed. A human really? That is so bad. Why is the world against me? Having a human mate as an Alpha is unacceptable.

“I know what you are thinking! You don’t have to worry, you are going to have a happy ending with him. So no matter what troubles you will face, make sure you stand your ground and fight for your destiny!.” Gideon advised me.

“Thank you Gideon! I will take my leave now!.” I excused myself from his presence and left his house. I honestly don’t know how to feel about the whole revelation! I already feel a storm coming. I just hope I can survive it.

I transformed into my wolf form and ran out of the forest.

Chapter 2 I

Alpha Adonis POV~

I was in my office doing some paperwork when my beta mind linked me.

“Alpha you need to see this!.” Jason said.

“What is it?.” I asked him.

“I can’t say it, you need to come and see it for yourself!.” Jason exclaimed!

“Okay! Where are you?” I asked him.

“At the pack’s broader. Towards the northern side!.”

“Okay, i will be there in five!.” I got up and left the office. I entered my car and drove to the northern border of the pack. Once I reached, I went out of the car and found Jason and some of the warriors surrounding something. As I got closer, they parted ways for me to see what it was.

My hand clenched into a fist when I saw what it was. It is the dead body of one of our pack members. It looks as if he was stabbed with a knife. This looks like the job of those hunters! Those hunters are on it again! If they want trouble, I will give them trouble.

“How did this happen?”. I glare at the warrior


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