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HJ Lovelace

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Ashton Johnson is a formidable presence, a person who refuses to be controlled. With a strong will, unwavering resilience, and complete accountability, this twenty-two-year-old billionaire alpha male navigates his extraordinary life with ease. Every day brings a flurry of adoring fans, transforming a simple lunch into a chaotic spectacle. By afternoon, his face is plastered all over the internet, capturing the attention of millions. From the moment he was born, Ashton's life was destined for fame and recognition, thanks to his prominent family. He is the epitome of American royalty, carrying the weight of his lineage on his shoulders. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned a new bodyguard, someone who will be with him around the clock. This is when Ashton comes face-to-face with his worst fear: being paired with a tattooed, MMA-trained professional who is notorious for disregarding rules within the security team. As if that weren't complicated enough, this bodyguard also happens to fulfill one-third of Ashton's deepest sexual desires. Lennox Burke, twenty-seven years old, has a singular duty: to protect Ashton Johnson at all costs. Anything beyond the realm of strict professionalism, such as flirting, dating, or engaging in intimate encounters, is strictly forbidden and could lead to Lennox's termination. However, when unexpected emotions begin to surface, the task of safeguarding this stubbornly alluring celebrity becomes increasingly complex for Lennox. As their paths intertwine, the boundaries that separate them start to blur, and the consequences of their growing connection could be catastrophic for both of them. The risk of exposure looms large, threatening to upend their lives in unimaginable ways.

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When I entered our room, I immediately saw Marcus on our balcony smoking. He was wearing a white tank top and pajama bottoms. When I closed the door, he faced me, and I immediately saw the sharp look in his eyes. "M-Marcus, you came home early from work," I said to him with some nervousness. Already sensing what’s on his mind. I met Tristan earlier, and I didn't want Marcus to know. Even if my husband doesn't love me, he gets angry when other men approach me, and he doesn't want me near Tristan either. He put out the cigarette he was holding and threw it away. Slowly, he approached with a sharp gaze. I swallowed my saliva, feeling the strong beating of my heart. "M-Marcus!" I exclaimed. He grabbed me by the waist and pressed our bodies together. He brought his face close to my ear and licked and bit it. I clung to his shoulder and let out a soft moan. I also closed my eyes because I couldn't bear to look at him. "Where have you been, Evelyn Grace Halloway?" he whispered close to my ear. I swallowed my saliva, struggling to answer in our current position. I felt Marcus's touch on my thigh, making me even more restless. "Someone saw you earlier with Tristan Anderson. Can I ask if that's true, Mrs. Halloway?" Marcus asked me with his sweet voice. Instead of feeling delighted by how he said it, I became even more scared because I knew what would happen next. "Look at me!" I jumped in surprise at his shout and quickly opened my eyes, looking at him. My whole body trembled in fear of what he would do next. I saw his intimidating expression as he stared at me. He held my chin and brought my face close to his. I shivered as he licked the side of my lips and whispered to me again. "What did I tell you before, wife?" My lips trembled as I answered his question. "N-No meeting other... other men," I stammered. "Hmmm." He caressed my waist and kissed my cheek. "Can you explain what happened earlier?" "W-We're just friends, Marcus. I-I didn't do anything wrong—" "Liar!" he shouted. I couldn't hold back my tears. I screamed as Marcus lifted me and laid me on our bed. My eyes widened as he hovered over me. "No one else can come near you, claim you, and touch you because you're mine, Evelyn Grace Halloway! You can't escape from me because I won't allow you to be happy!" he shouted and laughed devilishly. I am Evelyn Grace Wilson-Halloway, and I married the Devil Billionaire named Lucien Marcus Halloway.

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Amelie Pearce, nacida en el seno de una de las principales familias del crimen de Chicago, es una princesa de la mafia famosa por su atractivo físico. Sin embargo, lo que muchos perciben como una bendición se convierte en su perdición cuando se ve obligada a casarse con Gio Locatelli, con el fin de establecer la paz entre dos dinastías mafiosas. Gio es el futuro jefe del cártel Locatelli dentro de la Famiglia de Nueva York, un hombre tristemente célebre por su naturaleza brutal y por haber estrangulado a su primo con sus propias manos. Millie está aterrorizada ante la perspectiva de casarse con semejante monstruo. A pesar de ser uno de los solteros más deseados de Nueva York por su atractivo, su riqueza y su carismático pero depredador comportamiento, Millie comprende que la personalidad de chico malo de Gio es algo más que una actuación. Detrás de los cautivadores ojos grises y la arrogante sonrisa de Gio se esconden el derramamiento de sangre y la muerte. En su mundo, un exterior atractivo suele ocultar un monstruo capaz de matar y besar con la misma facilidad. Sin embargo, escapar de una unión concertada, y mucho menos de un hombre como Gio, es imposible. La perseguiría hasta el fin del mundo. La única esperanza de Millie para sobrevivir en un matrimonio con Gio es ganarse su afecto y abrirse paso poco a poco en su corazón, a pesar de los rumores que sugieren que Gio no posee corazón alguno. Una bella princesa de la mafia entregada a un hombre monstruoso. Incluso los monstruos tienen corazón. Ella quiere encontrar su lugar en él.

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