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Under the Blue Moon

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Yukiro
  • Chapters: 115
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.1K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 58


Zach is a young adult werewolf who had lost almost his entire family when he was still a child, only he and his mother escaped the Hunters that had tracked them down and slaughtered them all. They managed to find a safe place to live with a large group of other supernatural beings but it was never the same as being part of a pack. According to his mother, somewhere out there is his destined mate and wanting to find a new pack to live with, Zach goes off in search of them. Rem is a young adult whose family's bloodline has always been Hunters. He is brash, stubborn, often gets himself into trouble and can generally rub people the wrong way with his smart- attitude. Very few people see his softer side. So what happens when your destined mate is the one meant to hunt you down and kill you? Well, Zach is about to find out! Part 2 of a trilogy, and can be read as a standalone book. Book 1: Under the Pale Moon Book 2: Under the Blue Moon Book 3: Under the Crimson Moon: A Dragon's Pride


My name is Zach and I was born to a small but healthy pack of werewolves in one of the rural towns of England. We mostly kept to ourselves but of course, there was always the stigma that followed our kind around.

My mother, though human, was the destined mate to my father, the alpha of the pack. They had their fair share of issues when it came to people accepting them being together but otherwise, they were happy.

That makes me half-blooded though my wolf side is as active as any pure-blood could ever be. Though, unlike the tales that claim we werewolves are savage beasts that only transform during a full moon, we're actually not like that at all. At least, I'm not like that so I assume that to be true for all of my kind.

Sadly, not everyone trusts or cares for werewolves and the same was true for my family. I was only a child when it all happened and I only have vague memories of it all truth be told. Well, one day a group of Hunters had found out that my pack was living in this town and decided they couldn't allow that.

My mother had managed to escape with me as I hadn't come into my powers yet due to only being half-werewolf and could pass as a human because of that. It wasn't as though she wanted to abandon the pack. My father had made her escape in order to save our lives. My pack hadn't hurt anyone but the Hunters hadn't seemed to care.

That all happened years ago now. I'm now eighteen and have finally come into my werewolf blood. My mother and I live in a large tall building with a mix of many other supernatural beings, some of them are werewolves but most of them are hired guards that belong to their own packs.

The boss of our new home is a rather beautiful but scary woman with silver hair and eyes, but I rarely see her at all. Apparently, she is like a mother to vampires or something, but I don't really pay much attention to any of that. It's not like I am ungrateful, but this isn't the same as having your own pack.

According to the other werewolves here, each of us has a destined mate that the Moon Goddess has picked out for us and we'll know them by their scent once we become adults. Unfortunately, my mate doesn't seem to be anywhere near where I live so my mother suggested I travel a bit to see if I can find them.

So that's where my tale begins. I've left the huge building complex full of various supernatural beings and began to travel the United Kingdom for my one true mate. I don't know who they are or where they are, and truth be told, they could be anywhere at all.

You are probably wondering why I'd be travelling alone since Hunters are a very real threat to me? Well, it's actually safer for me to travel alone than it would be in a small group. I can easily hide in the woods, or blend in easier in a large crowd.

You see, a lone werewolf isn't much of a threat to Hunters and they don't tend to look for them as much as they would a whole pack. A pack generally means they're living in the area which for the Hunters, is a huge red target.

That isn't to say I am completely safe from being tracked down and killed, but being half-human I'm usually able to blend in easier than most of my kind but very skilled Hunters will almost always know what I am no matter how hard I blend in or try and hide what I am.

Now that you understand my background a little better, we can jump into my story... about how the Moon Goddess has the worst sense of humour I have ever had the misfortune of blessing upon me. Or maybe it is the best blessing?

I guess we will find out one way or the other!

Busses are Nightmares

The bus was hot and extremely uncomfortable in the summer heat and I wondered why I had travelled during the day when the night would have been much cooler. I sighed out my nose heavily and then looked out the window. My reflection peered back at me, and my hazel eyes looked exhausted. The bags under my eyes were a clear tale of how long I had been travelling and for how long I had been awake.

I glanced at my phone to check the time; it was almost three in the afternoon. I would arrive at my next location soon. I had already visited several large cities in England, including the one closest to where we lived, and I still had found no one whose scent stuck out to me as being my promised soul mate.

I was wondering if I would ever find them. For all I knew, they could live all the way over in Australia and I’d never know it.

As the bus pulled up to its next stop, I glanced at the sign. Piccadilly Circus. I mulled over my options. I could get off now as the hotel I wan


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