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Her Tormentor Alpha

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Starting from being best friends to slowly departing as strangers and developing into the relationship of victim and bully, Aria's connection with Hunter didn't have any other specks to grow but when fate puts them under the spell of its own-The unexpected occurs, and on Aria's eighteenth birthday which she expected to be the best day of her life, becomes her worst nightmare. It turned out that her mate is none other than Hunter Rodriguez. On one hand, there was Hunter's realization of his mistake and his attempts to earn his mate's forgiveness and on the other hand, there was Aria's fight to resist the mate bond and her feelings for Hunter that grew without any boundaries. And once the sudden mysterious rouge attacks began to take over putting everyone's lives in danger



He'll not notice me!

The small affirmation on my side helped me to keep myself together, I kept my hood pulled to hide my face. I walked with my head low to avoid the possibility of any of his friends noticing me and telling him about it so that he could torment me again.

One whole month--Yes, one month I had kept myself hidden inside my room, neither came to school nor let myself be seen by anyone in the packhouse; All of these only for the sake of myself, to be away from Hunter. My once best friend in whose eyes now I could see nothing other hatred for me.

The fear I felt within me was visible even though this was like a regular event.

I got my books out of the locker and stuffed them inside my bag, my hands were shaky due to nervousness. But my momentary relief didn't last long.

"Hunter, Look who we have here." I heard Simon's voice and a second later I felt him grabbing my wrist and shoving me to the side where a very familiar hand slipped around my waist.

I immediately recognized the touch and my body shivered in terror.

"You thought you could escape my eyes, didn't you? Kitten?"

His low whisper closer to my ear left my body trembling in fear, his tone gave away the omen of the upcoming storm.

"Hunter, l-l..."

"It's Alpha to you, you don't get to call me by my name. Did you forget that?" He growled and my body flinched in fear before I quickly nodded biting my lips to stop the sob.

"I-I....."He cut me off again.

"Don't you dare to give any fake excuses." He enunciated each word and my entire body was shaking in fear.

Hunter had no limits when it came to tormenting me and I was aware of it, the realization of what was coming for me next left my eyes watery with unshed tears.

"Please don't.." A whimper left my mouth.

Hunter chuckled in amusement and his grip on me tightened to the point where his nails were digging into my waist, "Let's show you around, School. You must've forgotten a lot of things in."

A few waves of laughter from his friends came into my hearing but it faded when Hunter dragged me with me. My palms got sweaty.

"Please...don't hurt me," I begged.

"Hurting you? That would be an understatement of what I'm going to do to you today." His mouth twitched upwards and this time all the air in my lung left my body.

"Alpha...please spare me. I will never disobey you. Please!" I cried, the tears ran down my cheeks freely. My body started giving up but he kept his hold on me.

"Too late to say, kitten. I've already made my decision."

He dragged me and pushed me inside the Lift then he got inside.

I attempted to get out but he grabbed my wrist and slammed my body hard against the elevator wall, a stinging pain went down my spine and a sob escaped my mouth.

I felt helpless and pathetic. The fear was no less, Hunter's cold demeanor scared me more than anything else and I didn't know what was going to be his next move.

The elevator door closed declaring that all my ways for the escape were no longer there. I could only cry in misery.

Hunter's unnerving stare landed on me.

He stepped closer closing all the gap between and raised my head to look into my eyes. His eyes were cold, cold to leave broken into pieces at the remembrance that once they used to show adoration for me.

Hunter and my relation hadn't been like this for always, we didn't have the bully and victim relation between us, we used to be best friends but since the first year of high school, everything started to fall off. The one insisting on sleepover turned to be the reason for my sleepless night.

He'd gradually changed into someone I didn't even know. He started hating me and I didn't know the reason what I had done!

And now all I could see in him was a heartless monster who hated me from his core and will reach any level to hurt me.

"The habit of leaving people is still present in you, I see.." His voice broke the chain of my thoughts.

"It's you who leaves people, not me.." I managed to muster and looked away to hide myself from his glazing stare.

"Say that again, I dare you to say that again." He leaned in and the low growl he emitted made his chest vibrate against my body.

"Look....l-l won't come back again to the school, please leave me. I beg you." I sobbed and looked at him, trying to find any sort of mercy that could be left into him but the green eyes had nothing but emptiness,

The tears ran freely from my eyes and his eyes softened for a second but the next moment they were back to the stone-cold ones.

"Don't cry, Aria. I haven't even started yet." He gently wiped my tears.

The sadistic demeanor of Hunter was just surfacing.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I cried.

"You know the f*ck*ng answer." He slammed his hand on the wall leaving me shivering in fear.

"You were my best friend..." The whisper automatically left my mouth.

His body stilled and his grip on me loosened. Hesitation swirling into those orbs left me flabbergasted for a second but the unexpected tightening of his grip made me flinch.

His hand settled on my lower back as he pulled me closer to his body, my chest heavily raise and fell because of the sudden closeness. His hot breath fanned my cheek when he moved his mouth closer to my ear, the goosebumps appeared but for another reason, I couldn't understand.

"Don't play this game with me, I'm not getting fooled by you." He whispered and his head dipped lower.

Hunter moved to pull the string of my crop top off my shoulder by taking it between his teeth.

"W-what are y-you doing..?" My stammer was cut off with a gasp from my own mouth when he nipped at the skin on my shoulder before kissing it gently.

Hunter had never touched me like that...never.

He pushed his other hand inside my top and his fingers drew small circles on my bare stomach leaving me to shudder.

My body shivered under his touch, I couldn't deny the sparks that ran through my body--It was strange.

Hunter placed small kisses on my shoulder to neck, he tilted my head for better access and started sucking on certain spots of my neck taking his time as he did so.

"Alpha...please Stop." I breathed out, my hands settled on his chest trying to push him away but he didn't budge.

The sensations traveling throughout my body weren't something I should enjoy, especially when it was from Hunter. But I was falling, neither I could fight his strength due to the strength he got as a fully transformed wolf not I could gain control over my body because of my own stupid feelings.

"Do you really want me to stop?Aria?" He huskily whispered.

He had spoken my name after so long...It had been years since he last called me by my name.

"Yes... I want you to.." My words were cut short when his fingers brushed

On my hardened nipple over my t-shirt.

I brazenly gasped at the new sensation that exploded inside my abdomen.

"Are you getting wet for me? Do you want me to Calm you down?"

I shook my head and tried to get his hands off of my body but it only resulted in him squeezing my breast, pain shot through my body and went down my moistened bottom.

Nobody had ever touched me like that, besides it was supposed to be my mate whom I had been saving myself for.

"Alpha... Please leave me. Nobody has ever touched like this.." I was ashamed to accept but somewhere I really didn't want him to stop, all these words leaving my mouth were just for the sake of my dignity.

"I know, Baby. I know and nobody will ever touch you like this except for me, I'll kill everyone who will land an eye on you." He landed small kisses on my jaw, his hand molded my breast squeezing it hard.

My eyes closed and a low moan slipped past my lips.

I was going to hate myself for enjoying his hands on me, the same hands that moved to clap every time any of his girlfriends would insult me.

"Look at me," Hunter spoke.

I shook my head, embarrassed. It was supposed to be my mate to touch me in this way, not him! But why couldn't I resist his touch?

Why did I shamelessly enjoy it?

"I said look at me." He commanded.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him. His eyes weren't cold anymore but the emotions in them were something I couldn't comprehend.

"You belong to me and if you ever disappear again or go anything without telling me, I'll make sure to show you hell." He spoke dangerously close to my lips and before I could respond his lips smashed against mines.

The hunger-filled kisses left me breathless within a second, his tongue thrust inside my mouth and traveled every corner of my mouth as if he was savoring every inch it offered.

His hands traveled to my thigh attempting to pick me up but then the sound of the elevator opening was heard and it gave me enough strength to push him away, my heartbeat like a drum. There was a time I wanted Hunter to be my first kiss but now it was different.

I knew the next day he could be seen with other she-wolves and I could afford to be the one he hated but not the one he used.

I wasn't going to let myself be his sidekick, let myself betray my mate whom I hadn't even found yet. Even though my feelings for Hunter were head over hills still I wasn't going to let him ruin me more than he already did.

I ran out of the elevator forcing all my tears to stop.

"This isn't over yet, Aria. Keep that in your mind." I heard his shout but didn't look back.


I didn't wait for school to end, I just ran back home.

My mom called after me when I ran into my room but I wasn't in a state to respond. It was hurting me that Hunter had been showing hate to me all these years and now he was touching me that way....the way his lips touched my skin was still creating a tingling sensation in those certain places.

My heart ached to remember how we used to be so close to each other and I gradually lost my best friend without even knowing where I had gone wrong.

My life seemed like a mess to me.

I cried and cried and cried, burying my face in the pillow.

Hunter will always have a place in my heart, no matter how much he hurt me but the thing was...he was slowly shattering me into pieces.

I just hope he won't shatter me so much that I can't even be myself again.

Soon my eyes felt heavy and I fell into a deep slumber.


Unlike yesterday, today I had really managed to escape Hunter's eyes or maybe


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