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Nothing More Than A Bully

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A simple girl, Sofia Black didn't expect to collide with the biggest bully on the very first day of her school. She couldn't realize that her whole life was about to take a different turn. A turn that was both pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. Jack who has been hiding the deepest secrets inside him lost himself just on the first day he saw Sofia. He wanted to make her his but at the same time, he was afraid to make the same mistake again. He was hurting Sofia unintentionally because of the fear that was buried deep inside him and Sofia who was completely new to these situations was feeling helpless and vulnerable. Sofia didn't want to like him but she also couldn't ignore his effect on her. Sofia couldn't disagree that Jack was starting to get the place in her heart which was something a bully definitely shouldn't get. Both of them started falling for each other unknowingly but their own fears were refraining them from expressing their emotions to each other. What will happen when two people from completely different worlds will cross paths with each other? Would they be able to overcome the fears and the difficulties and be together or would the circumstances separate them from each other? Join the rollercoaster of their journey and see where fate takes them.

CHAPTER 1 First day.

Sofia's P.O.V : 

We just left our old town a week ago. I still miss my old town and my old friends. Especially my best friend Peter. What that fool is doing without me. He told me that he'll visit me sometimes and I'm Hella happy about that.

Today is the first day of my new school. I'm hoping that I can make some new friends. I'm just getting ready for my first day. I wore a mini pleated black skirt with black stockings and a simple white t-shirt and a black jacket. And most importantly my favourite high boots. Since I'm a short 5'2" girl I definitely want to look a little taller. I was almost ready when my dad started calling me for breakfast.

" 5min dad, I'm almost ready," I said.

"Come on sofi darling, you can't be late on the first day of your school," Dad said.

" Okay, just let me brush my hair," I said.

"Okay, darling" My dad said.

After brushing my waves, I just took a look in the mirror I was looking pretty good overall. My black eyes were shining and my waves looked more glossy. The boots lifted my height a little and the t-shirt and skirt hugged my curves nicely. With that, I headed downstairs.

The smell of pancakes hit my nose, my mouth watered. I rushed toward the kitchen and saw my dad making my favourite pancakes. 

" Pancakes !!" I chirmed.

" Yes sweetie," my dad laughed.

" I love you dad "I hugged my dad from behind.

"I love you too my baby " my dad turned to me and kissed me on my forehead.

Though my dad isn't rich but still dad always tries to give me everything. He had always loved me and cared for me. I've heard from my grandma that my mom died after I was born and from that time my dad has been taking care of me. I love my dad more than anything.

I sat on the counter and dad started feeding me pancakes.

"I can eat by myself dad, I'm old enough now " I protested.

" No matter how old you're, you'll always be my little baby to me " Dad said with a smile.

My dad was the sweetest person ever. I can not even remember if my dad had ever scolded me. He treats me like a princess. 

My eyes are like my dad and my hair is like my mom, completely dark brown. My mom was beautiful. Even In her pictures, she looked like an absolute angel. And my dad is very handsome, even after working all day long he still looked young. I wish my mom was alive, we could've been a perfect family. My dad still misses my mom a lot, that's why he never married another woman. 

After finishing breakfast, my dad took me to the bus stop and I hugged him and bade goodbye to him. I went inside the bus. And took a seat beside the window. After 10 min it stopped in front of the School. 

I got down and I was amazed it was way more bigger and beautiful than my previous school. 

It looked so luxurious and everything about the students screamed wealth. 

All dressed up in expensive clothes. So many expensive cars parked.

I started to get a little uncomfortable because of the atmosphere. 

Oh god! I'm missing my old school already.

I could see so many students walking and doing their own things. I saw some girls wearing expensive clothes walked inside the school totally ignoring me, one looked back at me and give me a disgusted expression. I was really getting nervous, I hope all students are not mean .

"Nothing bad will happen Sofia , calm down" I told myself. Taking a deep breath I started to walk inside the school ignoring all the stares I was getting. 

My dad already gave me my class schedules, one of his friends was a teacher here that's why he could give me schedules. Just as I entered the school a tall man called me, I looked at my side and saw a man walking toward me. He then said to me " Hey sweetie, I'm Rick, your dad's friend "

"Oh, hii" I replied with a smile.

" I know it's your first day here , but don't worry and don't get nervous. If you have any problems just come to me . I'll be in the teacher's room "

"Thank you so much " I replied. Somehow his words put me at ease .

"Welcome , and yes here's the locker keys . The locker is on the second floor you'll get your books in that , I kept them there." He said smiling warmly .

" Thank you so much , you really didn't have to do all that for me , I really appreciate it " I replied with a smile.

" You're just like my daughter Sofia, and I'm happy that I could do all these for you " he gave me a side hug and then went away saying goodbye to me .

I went to the second floor and saw some boys taking , in front of the other side of the lockers . I didn't bother to look at them . Plus they looked extremely troublesome by the way they were talking. 

Just when I was heading toward my locker, my body was slammed against the locker.

I flinched because of the sudden impact.

I was beyond shocked and also amazed by the face which was just a few inches away from mine. His eyes were beautiful brown, his nose was pointed, his hair was nicely styled and some was falling on his face making his face more handsome, his lip was tempting as well and I could see some muscles even though he was wearing a loose shirt. I was so busy watching those beautiful brown eyes I didn't realize when his hands came to my waist. 

I came back to my senses when he said, " Well, Isn't this the new chick ."

I tried to push him away but he held me tight in my place and he looked down at my upper area and said " I must say you got some nice ti*s baby" and smirked.

His friends were laughing.

Wtf is going on!

Tears began to form in my eyes, I was never humiliated like this before. How can someone even say something like that? 

I tried to push him away again with my whole strength but he held me tighter and now his huge body was completely pressing against mine. 

I didn't realize that suddenly there formed a little crowd with boys and a few girls.

No one came forward. 

None of them bothered to help me.

His face was way too close to mine. He held me in place with one hand and with the other hand removed my tears and said.

" Awww, why are you crying baby? "

And he grabbed my *ss and gave it a squeeze.

How can someone do things like this it's such a disgusting act.

I tried to push him away again but again he kept me in place. I was getting extremely scared of him right now.

Then he was about to do something I've never thought , his face was moving closer to mine and he was looking at my lips. 

He was about to kiss me. And it was enough for me, I slapped him right across his face.

I heard some gasps.

He backed away holding his cheek and from his expression, I could tell he was shocked. His friends were also shocked and some looked angry. I heard some whispering 

" Did she just slapped jack?"

"She's so done"

" She doesn't know what's waiting for her now"

Somehow their comments made me afraid but I didn't let it show on my face.

Maybe this *ssh*l* never got slapped before.

Everyone was looking at me like I'm some Wonderwoman or something. 

Then the *ssh*l* looked at me, his eyes were red. He was angry, and I didn't care about his anger at that moment.

He was glaring at me and his breathing was heavy like he was holding something inside him. 

I just needed to go away from them. I needed to be away from this scene. 

I just ran away from there crying, but before that, I give him a disgusted looked and told him with my voice full of disgust, "You are disgusting ". 

I could feel his burning gaze on me when I was walking away but I just kept walking.

Well, you can say almost running.

CHAPTER 2 Consequences.

Jack's P.O.V :

I and my friends were talking about the blonde whom I fu*cked yesterday. She was the principal's daughter and also a whore.

"Was she good on bed, bro ?" James asked

"She was amazing, dude, I could tell she has some good experience ." I said with a chuckle.

"So,are you gonna date her?" Charles asked laughing.  

"Nope, maybe take her to bed sometimes and then it's over." I said smirking .

"Well, we all know jack doesn't date whores." James said laughing. 

"But isn't jack a manwhore ?" Charles said laughing . All of them started to laugh . 

I glared at them , and asked Charles " Do you wanna get beaten?"

" Who said jack is a manwhore? Who ?" Charles said in a threatening tone , looking everywhere to find none. 

We all laughed and I told Charles "you're saved this time ." And patted his shoulder with a sly smile. 

Suddenly James said pointing to the locker's side "Bro look at that , who's t


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