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Luna Abigail's Second Chance

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"You can't be my mate. Why would the Moon Goddess pair me with the pack abomination? I, Daemon Fenrirson, future Alpha of Black Moon, reject you Abigail Stone-Goldmoon as my mate and Luna." When Abigail hears the crushing words of her mate, her heart shatters into a million pieces. The pain of being deemed unworthy is almost unbearable. Born as a hybrid, part wolf, part witch, Abigail is bullied and mistreated because of that. As she's rejected on her 18th birthday, she experiences the first taste of what her life is going to throw at her. Abigail knows her fate is going to be difficult, but the Goddesses have it in store for her. Fate hands Abigail a second chance mate and pack, she will be powerful, maybe even more so than anyone knew and she will have to be ready to fight for the freedom of the entire realm and all their people. But with danger lurking around every corner, will Abigail be able to rise to the challenge and fulfill her fate as a powerful Luna?

CHAPTER 1 An Abomination

Abigail's POV


My name is Abigail Stone-Goldmoon. I am the illegitimate child, but firstborn, of Beta Henrik Stone and his 'mistress' Mallory Goldmoon. 


I am 5,8 tall, lean build, but with curves in the right places. My eyes are purple, my hair is silver, going down to my lower back, and my skin with a golden glow to it. Mom told me it was because of my magic. My mom wasn't really my father's mistress, because when he found his mate, she was already pregnant with me. Let's just say that Druella (his mate, and my stepmom) was not at all happy about this. She hates me with a passion, as I do both her and her stupid son Simon- or Si, as he is called.


When I was a kid, I didn't understand why I couldn't play with the other children. Everyone kept telling me I was different and dangerous, but I didn't look or feel any different. My father told me stories about my birth mom, and when I turned 5, she appeared in the wildflower field, at the end of the pack lands. That would become my happy place.


We played, read stories, and had a good time. She would come by every day, but never cross the border into the pack lands. In the beginning, my dad would go with me, and make sure no one would try to mess with me there. After some time, he started to just take me there, and then come get me after a few hours. These hours with my mom, whom I could talk to, vent to and cry to, became what kept me going.


Everyone avoided me, and I was bullied in school, but I kept up with my grades. No one dared go against my 'brother' Si, the future beta and the future Alpha Daemon. Those two were the biggest tormentors of my every day. They were everywhere and only left me alone when my dad was present. He would not tolerate this behavior but could do nothing when he was not there. He also knew Druella mistreated me; but also only when my dad was not around. 


I learned from a small age to hide my feelings, and be polite to people I didn't like at all.


The bullying, Druella's mistreatment, and the fact that Alpha Fenrir prohibited me from going deep into the pack lands, was the reason I moved out of the pack house at age 18, and into the little cottage I inherited from my grandmother... She never liked Druella or Si very much, and would bring my birth mother up every chance she got or praise me for being a true leader. Let's just say; She and Druella had a strained relationship, but her ultimate defiance was to let me inherit everything from her. Among those things were a small fortune, the cottage and her Chevy.


My dad would not win the 'Father of the Year' award soon, but he has always been a good dad to me. And even now he still visits once every week. He comes with groceries and my weekly allowance, even though Druella tries her best to stop him. He is not here for long, before she will mind-link him to come home, but I treasure these small moments.


Now you will ask; why would your own dad approve of you moving away from the safety of the pack house? 


Well, that is actually really easy to answer - because the pack hates me. 


They all think I am an abomination because my mom was a witch. I am what is called a half-breed, and the pack highly looks down upon such an offspring here. You would think our Alpha would stop such nonsense, but he is actually the ringleader of this. His sister was reportedly killed by a dark witch and ever since that, he has had this hatred towards anything or anyone who is not a pure werewolf. Alpha Fenrir, of the Black Moon pack, was known as being insane, but also for his strength and ferocity. His son Daemon was just like his father, and for this reason, he was not at all happy when he found out I was his mate.




"Happy birthday, my darling daughter."


I was turning 18, which was a very important day for both a werewolf and a witch. I had gained my wolf Galaxy at midnight and we had shifted. To say she was beautiful was an understatement! She was beyond anything I had ever seen; pure silver with a purple hue. Her eyes swirled like my own between silver and purple, and all my wolf abilities are extra amplified; my hearing, sight, smell, speed, and strength. And it was not only in my wolf's form these abilities were amplified. I noticed everything was more clear and easy in human form as well; running, lifting, etc. And I could hear things I never heard before, seeing even the smallest details.


It was a brand new world, but Galaxy assures me I will get used to it.


"Thanks, mom. I have had a good day so far, but this is amazing!" I replied.


We sat on either side of the pack border, so no one could fault my mom for trespassing. We were having lunch, and teleported food back and forth. I was having such a good time! "So, my darling, did you practice from our last lesson?" My Mom asks. I rolled my eyes; even on my birthday, she would not let go of my training; even though I had gained my wolf, and I also had witch powers. My Mom has been training me since my magic first started showing - at five.


First as games, fun assignments, and minor puzzles. Later, she intensified my training, and today I have perfect control. "Yes, of course, I've practiced. I kind of knew you wouldn't let me have today off." I answered in a huff. My mom laughed at that. "Sweetheart, you are a true witch princess. It is absolutely important for you to have perfect control of your powers, wolf, and emotions." I nodded. I knew she was right. "I know, mom. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful!" Her face fell a bit, "That right there is your awful stepmother talking! You could not sound ungrateful, even if you tried, sweetheart." I blushed. "Awe, thanks, mom." She smiled, and we eat a while in silence. Suddenly, Galaxy became restless in my mind. "Galaxy, what is it?" I asked her. 'Something is wrong.' She answered, but she didn't say what was wrong.


Suddenly, pack warriors surrounded us. Alpha Fenrir stepped out with an evil glint in his eyes. "Well, well, well. Mallory, it's been far too long now." My mom rolled her eyes. "not even close to long enough Fenrir." He snarled, "that's Alpha Fenrir to you, witch. " The last part was spat out. "What is going on, Alpha?" I asked as politely as I could. He was pissing me off, and I wasn't the only one. Galaxy didn't like him either; she was growling in my mind.


Alpha Fenrir gave me an evil smile. "Oh Abigail, I was made aware that you are turning 18 today, so I have made a little surprise for you." His voice was sickly sweet, and it gave me a bad feeling. The men grabbed both my mom and me and then dragged us to the pack house. The pack was gathered, and the energy was tense. "Black Moon pack. Today Beta Henrik's daughter turns 18. This means she has her full witch powers, but she still lacks her wolf." Huh? I didn't lack my wolf. She was right here.


'I am blocking my aura for now, doll,' Galaxy told me, and I knew it was important to keep my mouth shut for the time being.


"This can only mean one thing." Alpha Fenrir continued, "She is a danger to us all. As is her mother, who invaded our pack lands and forcibly mated with our beloved Beta. For this, she must pay." At his words, my mother was dragged in front of everyone. A pack warrior kept his hands on my head and made sure my eyes were open at all times. Alpha Fenrir clearly didn't want me to miss a thing. "Mallory Goldmoon, you are sentenced to death by execution. Let this be a warning to all enemies of the werewolves! We will tolerate no one who tries to come and taint our blood, and we will not tolerate their offspring, either. I am sparing your daughter only because I respect my Beta, and he has promised me she is of no threat. She will be excluded from the pack, living in a small cottage on the border of the pack lands, and is prohibited from going too far inside our lands ever again. Whether or not, this will remain forever is up to my son Daemon; when he becomes Alpha in a few years' time, he will decide her future fate."


My mother was forced to the ground, but before they could kill her, she spoke to me in my mind; "Darling girl. Remember what I told you about the darkness? Never let it take over your heart! This pack is so ignorant, it will be their demise one day. But you, my daughter, are a light to the world. Follow Galaxy and she will guide you. Keep your heart pure, and love will someday find you! You are the next Witch Queen; the girl of the prophecy. I am so proud of you, but my time is done. I foresaw this long before this day, and I chose to come, anyway. This is not your fault, and I will not let you blame yourself! Keep loving those who show you hate and ignorance. Love will always prevail."


She looked me in the eye, "I love you my darling, to the moon and back!" She said out loud, and then Alpha Fenrir killed her...


I didn't utter a word or a tear. But I felt like my insides were on fire, and then someone just switched off my emotions. Galaxy had been pacing ever since we arrived at the pack house, and suddenly she yipped.


'Mate, mate, mate.' That couldn't be! I couldn't have a mate from this pack, or would someone really go against the Alpha? My heart clenched when I saw Daemon stride towards me with disgust all over his face.


"You can't be my mate? Why would the Moon Goddess pair me with the pack abomination? You disgust me!" His words hurt, but I was numb from the execution of my mom.


"I, Daemon Fenrirson, future Alpha of Black Moon, reject you Abigail Stone-Goldmoon as my mate and Luna."


Galaxy whimpered in my mind from the lash of the rejection, but I would not let any of them see my hurt! I stood up straight and looked into Daemon's hateful eyes.


"And I, Abigail Stone-Goldmoon, hereby accept your rejection and withstand from ever being the Luna of this pack." I kept my face straight through the acceptance, turned, and walked away. I could hear Daemon fall to the ground from the impact of our bond fully breaking, but I kept walking.

CHAPTER 2 Hybrid

Abigail's POV

The memories of that fateful day were still all too clear in my mind.

But I had kept my silent promise to my mom. I had never let the darkness take me, and I had grown even closer to Galaxy as time went on. We would go on daily runs together, practice our magic, and do our daily chores. Every day, I became stronger, and I noticed Galaxy was definitely bigger and stronger than any other wolf I'd ever seen. She is an old soul, but it suits me very well. We kept to ourselves and were content with our own company.

Every day, we went to the wildflower field where my Mom and I would meet, and where we had that fateful lunch together. In the middle, I had built a memorial for her; just a small token to remember her by - but something the pack would never recognize. It was really important for me to not forget her and make sure she was always near. Even though it has been three years since she was killed, I still miss her every day.

-So this is me; the


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