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The Bully And His Broken Beloved

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Simran
  • Chapters: 67
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.8K
  • 8.9
  • 💬 149


Cara Anderson is an orphan whose parents died when she was five and then she was sent to foster home which was nothing but a living hell for her. When a family decided to adopt her she thought maybe now she can be happy not as much as it was with her own parents but at least bearable. But she was abandoned and again sent to orphanage where she grew up. She is a girl who is not as bubbly and carefree as the girls her age but it doesn’t mean she is always sad, dull or low spirited. She just wants to live a normal life where no one pities her and most importantly bullies her. Because there is one thing which she can’t tolerate or even witness and that is Violence. Chase Adams Violence is his second name. He is most feared bully not only in college but in town. He is cruel, cold and dangerous. Rumours says he has been to juvenile center but reason is unknown. He is called soulless delinquent, monster and much worse. But does he care about it? No he doesn’t. He doesn’t care what people think of him. Not many are capable of standing in front of him and saying a whole sentence without stuttering, and he likes it that way. He likes seeing fear in other’s eyes, he likes it when people try to stay as far away from him as possible. But everything changes when a new student crosses paths with him and messes with his heart, his feelings. He wants to stay away from her seeing the fear in her eyes she has for him, but he can’t fight the urge to touch her, hold her and be close to her. She urges him to think about changing his ways which he would never ever do for anyone. She is scared of him and his possessiveness but she is the only one who can break all the barriers and see right through his darkest soul and cruelest heart, which he doesn’t appreciate at all. Will she be able to tame the monster or is he going to ruin and break her even more than she already is?

Chapter 1

Author’s POV Cara Anderson is now standing in front of the main gate of her college. She is happy to be accepted in her dream college which is really difficult to get into. She lifted her feet to step forward but instantly put it down to steady herself. Her legs are shivering and it is going to be hard to move forward until the trembling in her legs stops or at least subsides, she knows. She won’t be able to balance her whole weight on single leg if she tried lifting her feet to walk. She inhaled a sharp breath and released it through her lips to calm her nerves down. Closing her eyes shut she repeated the action, breathing in and out. She took her pills a while ago but she hasn’t calmed down yet. It is going to take a little more time before the medicine starts showing it’s effect. No, she is not nervous because this is her first day here. She is not a kind of girl who gets anxious over going to new places and meeting new people. Yes she does get nervous like a normal person but what she is feeling right now is not normal. The scene she saw on the way to college is still playing in her mind even after every attempts of her to push the thought away. That is what making her anxious and panic. The memories of yesterday’s incident with those three boys were already messing with her mind the whole night which didn’t let her sleep properly, and now those bloody knuckles….those screams…. ‘No… don’t think about it Cara, you are okay’ she whispered to herself. Clenching her eyes shut for a moment she again took a deep breath. Opening them again she gathered all the courage to move forward and started walking with her wobbly legs. By the time she came out of the main office after completing the remaining paperwork and getting her schedule and locker details, the medicine had already started it’s work and she was feeling a bit better than earlier. Going through papers in her hand she made her way to the locker room as there is still some time left before the first class starts. Cara Anderson is an orphan. She wasn’t one since the birth but after her parents died in an accident, of which she doesn’t have much memories except the dark room and screams, she didn’t have any relative who would take care of her. So she was sent to foster home when she was five years old, which was nothing but a hell for her. After that she was adopted once and then was abandoned, resulting in her being sent to another orphanage, which was the place where she grew up. Since childhood she has been a good student with top scores in almost every subject, not because she loves studying but because at first she was scared that if she didn’t study then she is going to get scolded by care takers in orphanage, like in the first orphanage she was in. Later the fear was replaced by the worry. Worry of getting scholarships for getting accepted into good school without having to pay much. As you know only the students with great academic scores and perfect student records are eligible for scholarships. That is why she has always put her everything in studying and that is the reason why she was able to get into this elite and prestigious college, which is known to be a place for rich people and for them only. But you can’t deny the fact that she is a smart girl with more than an average IQ. She moved to this town just three days ago. Once in the town she moved in to the dorms of the college which is at a fifteen minutes walking distance from the main campus. This room is part of her scholarship. It relieved one of her worries of a proper place to stay in this new town where she doesn’t know anyone. Now the next task was to find a part time job which will help her in taking care of her regular expenses. And she quickly found one because of her previous experiences. It was in one of the café which is a little far from college but it was nice place and they were offering good pay so she decided to start working there. The café where she met those boys yesterday on her second day at work. And the images of those gray eyes which belonged to one of the boys, are still flashing in front of her eyes. Shaking her head to remove the thoughts of those gray eyes, Cara decided to focus on the present. She reached the locker room which was filled with many students. She didn’t have any intention of doing it but she managed to grab the attention of many people, who were looking at her with curious eyes making her a bit uncomfortable but she was used to this kind of situation. She ignored their curious gazes and took the books which she will need for the first two classes thinking, ‘They might just be gazing at you because you are new here’. And it was true too. Because most of the students in this college come from Victoria high school which comes under the same foundation called Victorian Empire, and this college Victoria University is also a part of the same foundation. Almost everyone in this school knows each other since childhood. As all the educational institutions under Victorian Empire is for the kids whose parents are loaded. Not many or almost no new students get admission in this school. So it was understandable if they were curious to see a new face in the campus. But it was not only curiosity which was causing people’s attention to divert in her direction. There was something else too. And Cara thought that it might be because of her simple clothes, as many of them were wearing branded ones with current trends. It's not like her clothes were like oversized hoodie or anything like that but they were not expensive as others.But she understood what was the other reason when a boy who had looks of a model stood in front of her with a smile on his face, giving her once over. “Hey beautiful, you new here? I am Lawrence, you can call me Law” he said stretching his hand for a handshake. She glanced between his hand and his face for a moment before placing her delicate hand into his even though she was not getting a good vibe from the person. “Cara” she muttered with a small smile trying to not be rude before retreating her hand back but before she could do it, Law tightened his grip on her hand. “It’s a really beautiful name just as your face. And believe me when I tell you that you are….” He leaned back a little to roam his eyes over her body from top to bottom and then again settling his eyes on her face, “S*xy” he completed bringing her hand up to his mouth to place a kisson it.But she pulled her hand away from his hold muttering, “Thank you… but I am getting late”. “What’s the rush baby girl? I am trying to give all of my attention to you and yet you are being mean” he said faking the sadness. And she panicked a little internally at his words.'I was not being mean' she thought hopefully praying he also did not think that way.“You should consider yourself lucky you have caught the eyes of the most popular boy in this college” a boy who is Law’s friend spoke. “Many girls die to be with me, you know?” Law said with a smug expressions on his face. Before Cara could say anything a girl who has blonde shoulder length hair made her way there and stood beside Cara who was feeling really uncomfortable under Law’s intense gaze. “Stop it Law, let her at least take a breath. She is new here and doesn’t know anything about your playboy a**” the blonde girl said. “I know she is new here Sapphire but look at her she is so beautiful and... s*xy, I can’t take a chance by waiting. What if someone else sees her and tries to steal her?” Law paused and averted his gaze back to the girl standing there clutching her books tightly in her fists. Cara is used to these kinds of remarks from people since she was in middle school because of her beautiful face and perfect body, which every man desires. She is not that naive to not know what those stares mean and what intentions they hold behind these comments.But the way Law was looking at her or talking about her was very bold, and she is not familiar with such boldness nor she is fan of it. Law took a step closer to her and she fought the urge to take a step back and stood glued to her place. ‘You can’t show your weaknesses or fears to anyone Cara' she told herself. “I don’t want to lose someone this beautiful and let someone else have their ways with her. I wanted to let everyone know that she is off limits” Law said in a low husky voice staring right into her eyes. Cara wanted to snap at him and tell him that he is one cocky b*st*rd who is telling all this sh*t to a girl who he has met for the first time. And that she isn’t a girl who likes hanging around with playboys for one night stands. But she restrained herself not wanting to get on anyone’s bad side. Fearing that she might put herself into difficult position around these powerful people.But when Law tried to touch her face she instantly shoved his hand away in most gentle way saying in firm but not rude voice, “Please don’t. And I am really getting late for class and I don’t want to be late on my first day, I hope you understand”. If it was anyone else Law would have lost his temper but the girl in front of him was different. The way she refused his advances made Law even more interested in her. He smiled at her nodding his head, “I understand. Okay then, see you around”. Cara just gave him a small smile which didn’t reach her eyes and started walking in the direction where she suppose the class is. Soon Sapphire followed her with a smile on her face, “Hey I am Sapphire and you?” “I am Cara” she replied.She smiled and asked, “So are you new in the town because I have never seen you before and if you are studying in this school that means we should have known each other through our parents”. Cara understood what she meant and stopped in her tracks turning around to face Sapphire, “I think you are mistaken. I am not some millionaire’s daughter. I am here on scholarship”. Sapphire stood there unmoving, frozen to her place and Cara thought now Sapphire will run as far away from her as possible because to her Sapphire seemed like she came from a rich family. And she was right. Sapphire is daughter of one of the billionaires in the country who own many companies. But instead of running away an even bigger smile broke onto her lips as her brown eyes shined when she said, “It’s even more great. I don’t like these rich b***hes anyways, who always try to show off. My father is billionaire too but it doesn’t mean that I should act like a spoiled b**ch all the time, right?” She interlinked her arm with Cara and asked, “Would you like to be my friend and I can assure you that I am better than many of them out there”. Cara also smiled at other girl’s excitement and nodded her head saying, “I would love to. And also thank you for helping me out there”. “It’s nothing Cara. Actually Law is a very well known playboy in the campus and he is really blunt with his thoughts. You might have turned him on there that is why he seemed like he wanted to have you there and then” Sapphire teased. “It’s not like that” Cara tried to deny her words but Sapphire continued, “I am telling you the truth babe… look at you. You are not even wearing any revealing clothes but this face and body of yours is enough to drive any man crazy”. Cara was a beautiful girl. From her waist length dark auburn brown hair to her beautiful ocean blue eyes she was mesmerizing. Her body in a perfect shape as if she was sculpted by a professional sculptor. She was wearing a black denim jeans with a white full sleeve t-shirt. Simple but nice and presentable. They reached the class. After two classes she shared with Sapphire they had to part ways for the third one. Trying to find the way to her next class Cara made her way to a comparatively less crowded hallway. Thinking if she is going in the wrong direction, she decided to ask someone for the direction but the hallway was now completely empty. ‘Am I late for the class?’ she wondered looking at her wrist watch, right at that moment a soul piercing scream echoed in the empty hallway grabbing her attention. Her heart thumped against her ribcage before starting to throb in her chest. It triggered her past memories and she decided to run out of there but she heard same scream again but this time a little louder and her heart didn’t allow her to run away, telling her that someone might need her help. With her shivering legs she started walking in the direction from where the sound was coming. Sweat buds were forming on her forehead and her mind was screaming in her head to run away. But it was her heart that she was listening to at the moment. She took a right turn in the hallway and her body froze. Not able to move forward. If she was shivering earlier then right now her body was trembling terribly like a lifeless leaf, her eyes glued to the back of the person who was mercilessly crushing on another person’s face with his boot, who was laying on the floor completely beaten up. The guy was groaning in pain begging to the guy whose back was facing Cara to let go. But instead of letting go he Snickered dangerously and said, “You should have thought thousands of times before messing with me”. The voice was familiar to Cara but before she could think much of it the guy in front of her lifted his leg and swung it around with a great force, connecting it to the beaten up guy’s face. It was a painful kick. And this time two screams echoed, one from the guy laying on floor and other was Cara’s. Then there was complete silence when he turned around to look at her and her scared eyes widened when they met with his gray ones. The undoubtedly familiar gray eyes.

Chapter 2

Author’s POV

Cara just wanted to turn around and go away but those gray eyes had pinned her on her place. She was so shocked that she didn’t even notice the other two guys who were with him.

A small but evil smirk appeared on his lips and it was enough to break in whatever spell she was, pulling her out of it.

She didn’t wait for a second and ran out of there. Her heartbeat increasing due to fear, her whole body shivering but she didn’t stop, she needed to run as far away as possible.

The panic attack threatening to take over her weak self but she didn’t give in.

‘Not right now’ she told herself.

But she couldn’t go far enough when a hand grabbed her arm in a tight grip and pulled her back causing her to collide into a hard chest before pushing her back to the wall and caging her between wall and a hard masculine body.

Cara was so shocked to notice an arm wrapped around her waist and a palm pressed against the


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