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Little wolf, for your mistakes. You are gonna work as my slave from now onwards, agreed?" His gruff voice questioned. I gulped and quickly nodded my head in response. Not that I have a say or can refuse him anyways. My name is Serena. A weak and clumsy she-wolf, my clumsiness landed me in trouble with the CEO of the company I work for and now I will have to pay for my sins. But if only I knew working as his slave will turn out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to me, I wouldn't have been so scared of him in the first place. If only I knew the moon goddess was just trying to change me through him, I couldn't have ran away one day to infuriate him. Mr. Zed Williams is a well-known billionaire werewolf CEO all over Los Angeles. His fashion company is literally the best. He is hot, I mean smoking hot, he doesn't give a sh*t about the opposite gender. He dislikes the opposite gender a lot, for reasons best known to him. He got p*ss*d off by the newest female employee in his empire and now he is going to make her regret ever stepping on his toes. But if only he knew making her his slave was the goddess's way to change him, would he or would he have not made her his slave?

Chapter 1: F-ed Up

Serena's POV

As I stood in front of one of the biggest and tallest skyscrapers in the city, I couldn't help but feel in awe at it. With the bright 8am sun shining brightly and reflecting against the Apex, it looked like a magical castle except with glass as it's walls. It was tall, huge and spoke of Wealth.

With the inscription 'WILLIAM ZEE FASHION INDUSTRY' just at the center of the building, a wave of pride flushed through me.

I was going to be working here!

The biggest fashion industry in the country, home to beautiful and recognized models. It was an empire on its own.

I couldn't stop the rush of excitement that rushed through me as I thankful appreciated my sister in my mind. She works here and had secured a job for me at the last minute.

"Hey!" A loud voice shouted from inside the building, and I recognized the older man from my interview a week ago.

"Why are you standing there? Aren't you one of the new interns? Get your f*ck*d *p *ss in!" He yelled And I hurriedly snapped out of my awe, rushing excitedly into the building.

"Go straight. Follow that line and you'll see a door. Your fellow interns are there, the president wants to meet each and every one of you." He pointed towards a direction just opposite what I figured was a lounge area.

I nodded my head in thanks, rushing through the corridors while admiring every office I passed through. The interior of the building was far more exquisite than the exterior.

With glass doors, sparkling chandeliers hanging from very high ceilings, and beautiful artworks hanging off sterile white walls. The whole place was gorgeous.

I found the door, took a deep breath and pulled it open. My gaze fell on four other guys in the room, they sat in single chairs as each of them eyes fixed solely on me.

I recognized them immediately from the interview and I realised I had been the only girl who must have been picked.

I had no doubt that my sister might have put in a good word for me so I got selected.

I ignored their glances, but mostly because I was shy and hurriedly went in, shutting the door slightly and taking the seat closest to me.

I hadn't sat down completely when the door opened again to reveal a young woman with bright red hair, a frown on her lips and blue eyes that glared daggers at everyone before stopping at me.

I shifted uncomfortably at the attention before she spoke in a fierce voice. "Number One rule. Never be late." She said, walking in and slamming the door shut loudly, I jerked in my seat.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, and I saw her nod before looking at the other guys. I almost sigh in relief.

"Yes, as I was saying. The CEO of our company, Mr Zed Williams will come to personally see you guys. I'll advise you to act normal but brave at the same time. Don't make any silly mistake when speaking when you aren't spoken to." She said, folding her arms in all seriousness.

"Mr Zed hates that." Her blue eyes turned to me once more.

Why is she staring at me that way? Did I do something wrong again? I wondered, taking my eyes to the floor this time, not wanting to feel her penetrating gaze.

"What is your name?" She pointed to me in question, unfolding her arms to watch me accusingly.

"Me?" I asked, pointing towards myself acting foolishly like I always do.

"Yes. You," she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"It's Serena ma'am." I answered, almost standing up in fear to respond to her.

"Serena what?" She asked again, louder this time and I couldn't help but rise abruptly to my feet. I could feel the other four pairs of eyes burning holes into me as anxiety filled my veins.

"Serena Williams."

I watched as she took out a file that she had dropped on the table upon walking in. She furrowed her eyebrows as she scanned through it before sighing, dropping it and facing me, softly this time.

"Okay Serena, I'll personally advise you to sit at the back and be firm. Don't behave the way you did earlier or you might get yourself thrown out." She advised, and I nodded vigorously before taking my seat, breathing loudly in relief.

"Ok now. I'll leave you guys, stay here until the boss comes, you can't leave this place." Her stern voice boomed, and from the corner of my eyes I saw the guys nod.

"I'll leave now." She added, snatching her file before exiting the room, slamming the door shut once more.

I flipped my head on the table, feeling lighter as she left. I wiped my sweaty palms against my gown, before putting my hand above my chest to calm my beating heart.

This was supposed to be the time my wolf in me would try to calm me, but all that was left was just my own mind constantly reminding how clumsy and weak I was. And how I was so undeserving of anything good.

And not only did I think so. No. My sister was a constant reminder of everything I wasn't. She had the beauty, brains, perfect figure, dashing smile, smooth skin.

And though I could accept she was far better than me, what I couldn't come to accept was the constant reminder that I was the one who killed my mother.

While I hadn't taken a knife or gun at my mother, she had died giving birth to me. And my sister, joined by the same mother but not the same father, drilled that into my head every time she got.

I remember I used to get mad at her when she accused me of it, but after some time, seeing how far she had gone in modelling and securing a bright future for herself, I came to realise that maybe I was the one with issues.

The clumsy she-wolf, like everyone called me. The one who got rejected in every company I applied to. The one who didn't go to college. The ugly one.

And after giving in to her, she finally announced to me that she had secured a job for me at the same company she worked at. While it wasn't my dream job, it was still something I was grateful to her for.

"Serena." I heard a male voice call me. I lifted my head up to stare at the guy sitting in front of me. His blonde hair swept back from his face to reveal bright green eyes. He had a dimple in his cheeks as he smiled at me. He was handsome. I couldn't deny that.

"Hey." I heard him snap his fingers at me to draw my attention back to him.

"Yes." I shook my head, snapping out of my gaze. I hadn't realized I had been admiring his eyes as a blush tainted my cheeks.

He chuckled as the other guys and I wanted to sink into the ground.

"Your phone is ringing." he shook his head in amusement and I realised my phone was ringing loudly in my bag.

I immediately took it out to see it was my sister calling. I picked it and placed it over my left ear.

"Serena, are you here already?" Her voice sounded, impatiently.

"I'm at the company but-" I started to say but as usual, she never let me speak.

"Ask around for the dressing room. Come there now." She ordered before ending the call abruptly.

My mind flashed at the warning the red haired woman had said, concerning not leaving until the CEO arrived. I already angered her once and I couldn't disobey this time.

I sighed deeply, taking my phone to dial my sister but it went straight to voicemail. I groaned and confusion welled through me.

What should I do?

Should I quickly go and tell her I wasn't supposed to leave?

Hopefully the CEO wouldn't have arrived by then.

I looked at the time and it read, 8:17am. By 8:30 I should be back here. No harm done. And as quick as a fox.

I rose to my feet, flinging my bag on my shoulders as I made my way towards the door, when a voice called out to me.

"Are you going somewhere?" I turned to see the blonde guy who had spoken to me earlier, his eyes laced with worry.

"I will be back." I replied to him tiredly before walking out.

I rushed to a worker dressed in a corporate suit. He stops to glare at me, glancing through my oversized gown and worn out shoes.

"What is it?" He asked, his voice tainted with a little bit of disgust.

"Please, where is the dressing room?" I ask, sounding as polite as I could, ignoring the stare he gave me once more.

Seems like everyone had an attitude problem in the company. I said nothing though before he spoke again.

"Fifth floor." He walked away not waiting for me to utter a thank you. I rushed towards the elevator, narrowly missing a lady who was walking with a husky.

I got to the dressing room completely awe by the numerous clothes hanging off different racks, everyone seemed to be busy as they went about the large room.

My eyes settled on one of the models already dressed. She was in a long silver gown, with her blonde hair styled perfectly and felt in waves over her shoulders. She stood in a pose with a camera shutter in front of her.

The moment her gaze found mine, I blushed and went around in search of my sister. Maybe I wasn't supposed to be looking. I wasn't sure, but I didn't stick around to find out.

I found my sister at the extreme end of the room, in a perfect red gown that clinged to her like a second skin. Her curves stood out as she admired herself in the mirror, her hair tied up exposing pale smooth skin. Her hazel eyes found mine immediately and she turned to me. A frown working itself upon her bright red lips.

"You are late." She walked time folding her hand in front of her chest, pushing her breast up a little.

"I'm sorry Kate. But I came to tell you that we were asked to stay back and wait for the CEO because he is gonna be seeing us before we start anything," I said to her, glancing briefly at a model who passed me, a make up artist hot on her heels.

"The CEO isn't coming to work today." Kate rolled her eyes, ignoring me as she grabbed my hand leading me to a heap of clothes on a large sofa.

"I need you to sort out these dresses for me. Colour by colour, texture by texture." She orders and I open my mouth to speak but she beats me to it.

"You are nothing but an assistant here. This is your work. You are here to assist us in getting dressed. And that includes sorting out our clothes. Today is your first day, you should work without complaining, come on. Go to work," she snapped her fingers at me before walking off to talk to another model who just walked in.

I sigh before getting down to work. She said that the CEO wasn't coming to work today after all, I might as well just do it and return after that.

"Kate, don't tell me that 'thing' is your sister?" I heard a voice ask and I turned to see the model I had been gawking at earlier, eyeing me while talking to my sister.

"Sadly, my mom adopted her out of pity before she died." I heard Kate yawn as if bored.

"What a relief. You're so pretty while she looks like a lizard." I heard her chuckle.

"Come on Betty. Why refer to her as a lizard in her presence? You should have just said it behind her back." I heard my sister feign sadness before laughing.

"Oh please. What can she do to me? She is an intern, I can easily get her fired," Betty said, joining Kate in laughter.

But I didn't turn to look at them as I continued sorting out the dresses, my sight getting blurry as I felt tears gathering around them.

"It's alright Serena. You are not a lizard. You are many things but not a lizard, just ignore them, ignore them." A voice whispered in my head.

Many times I was sad or depressed, there was that tiny voice, encouraging me. And sadly, I knew it wasn't my wolf.

After finishing sorting the dress, I looked around to see my sister and her model friend and left, probably for a shoot. Leaving the dresses, inside what to do next, I left the room, not rushing out since my sister had said the CEO wouldn't be coming.

I passed by a coffee maker, and decided to get one. The hot cup in my hand calmed me a little, and I started to make my way back to the office where I was asked to wait.

I opened the door and immediately bumped into a huge figure in front of me, the coffee slipping out of my hands and splashing against black ironed suit as I lost my balance, smacking my butt on the floor.

A strong, dangerous and powerful aura overwhelmed me, forcing me to submit as the figure turned to me slowly. I raised my eyes to see a tall man with black hair and cold grey eyes, my heart sank as fear ran through my veins as I recognized the man I had bumped into.

The Werewolf King. The Alpha King, and above all, The CEO of William Zee Fashion Industry.

Mr Zed Williams. Oh, I'm so f*ck*d *p.

Chapter 2: His office

Serena's POV

As I sat on the floor, frightened, my lungs welled up with fear, my veins burned with nervousness as I started to shake, my eyes leaving the alpha as they fixed on the ground in submission.

I forced my mouth to open but my fear was too great and I couldn't force my voice out, instead I looked from the corner of my eyes, noticing a crowd of people forming a small circle around us.

Another man came to stand beside the Alpha, Mr Zed and I heard hushed whisperings before Mr Zed started to move towards me.

His aura had me shuffling backwards, still not looking up, I tried to move away from him, but with each step he took closer to me, my heart thumped loudly in my chest, threatening to jump out.

Then the weirdest thing happened, he passed me!

I looked up to see his coffee stained back to me, as he continued walking down the hallway, the other workers' mouths opened in awe before bowing in respect.

He paid them no mind as he sp

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