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About me

Hi, I'm Jody. I love reading and writing so I'm here to showcase my work, I've been writing for a while now and hoping that I can get readers to read my story and give me some feedbacks. Looking forward to your comments.


Alpha Gabriel and his human mate
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I didn't want the title of Alpha, so I left. With my parents constantly meddling in my life, I tried my best to steer clear of them. But, Dad is a persistent asshole and with his threat of taking away my club, I had no other choice but to do as he says. I thought that I would be unhappy, but I was wrong. I just didn't know that things were about to change when I met my mate, the last thing I expected was to become this possessive asshole and damn, do I like it.   The moment I walked in on something that I shouldn't see, I ran. I know that I acted cowardly and should have stayed to confront my ex, but I couldn't be in the same house with him let alone the same neighborhood. I wasn't thinking clearly, God knows it happened to me all the time. With secrets now in the open and an obsessive asshole on my tail, I couldn't help but think maybe I'd made the wrong choice by coming here, but it's too late to turn back now. Find out more about their journey… All rights reserved…. Written By: princessjody.

Taming the cold billionaire
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Rachael. Working for Xander King has been one of my biggest challenges so far. He's always trying to boss me around, but it never worked out in his favor because I wasn't one to back down. But, despite our bickering, I couldn't help but feel like there was something between us. I should be focusing on my son, but now my mind is constantly on Xander King and I don't know what to do about it. Xander I wanted to make my father proud, he left me in charge of his company so I was going to do everything I can to make it successful. What I didn't like was the fact that Rachael Hale was constantly getting on my nerves. She doesn't follow my rules and is always challenging me. But, despite that I couldn't help but feel drawn to her and I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. find out more on their journey... all rights reserved... written by: princessjody

The lonely wolf (bxb)
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Elias Emerson's life took a drastic turn after he shifted into his wolf. Not knowing what to do, he ran after he was banished from his pack. How will Elias survive from now on and what's going to happen to him? Ryker green is the alpha of one of the strongest and most feared pack in the US. His reputation of killing anyone who dares to challenge him was known worldwide, making everyone afraid of him. He doesn't have a mate, but that's the least of his problems because he didn't want one. Find out more on their journey.... All rights reserved.... Written by: princessjody.... Follow me for more chapters on the way....

Arlo (bxb)
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Arlo is an omega from the red forest pack. He has six overprotective older brothers who spoil him rotten, as well as his parents. The red forest pack tends to welcome anyone, no matter who they are. What happens when Arlo finds his mate? Will he be able to escape his overprotective family, or will it affect his relationship with his mate? Jacob valentine is the alpha king of the blue sky pack located in Norway, Europe. They lived among the humans, who welcomed them with open arms, but Jacob was still wary of them since he didn't trust them. Being the alpha king comes with a lot of work, one he was ready to take on no matter what. Jacob was on a search to find his mate, but what happens when he goes to the red forest pack? Will his mate be there, or will he have to continue to wait? Find out more on their journey. All rights reserved, Written by princess Jody.


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