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CEO in love with his secretary

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A divorced CEO who has been betrayed by his wife decides to never trust women again and never to fall in love again. But as we are not in control of our feelings, a young girl called carla who life has not been easy at all came into his life and will shake everything up and lead him to love again. they started a hidden relationship because a romantic relationship is not allowed in the company. But despite this barrier and this impossible love that may have arisen between the CEO and his secretary, they were able to have the courage to beat the winds and tides in order to live their love story .

Chapter 1

👩‍💼'' Hello friends, I'm going to tell you my little story. My name is Fidèle Noah, yes it's ugly I know. I don't understand why my parents gave me this first name, it's so old-fashioned and not very suitable for a girl like me. Luckily I have two, Carla is my middle name, it's the one I use always and everywhere, it looks more like me and reflects me. I am the eldest in my family, I am 30 years old, yes I am already a big girl still single and without children. You will understand why I don't have children, it's voluntary. I come from a modest family, former rich now poor because I am practically the only one who brings food home. I live with my little sister, Lydie who is still at school and my father François Noah who fights as best he can to help me with household chores. It's not always easy because he's always sick, he's diabetic and hypertensive, so he's often rested. We are staying in an apartment, luckily my uncle left it to us when he left for Europe with his family, I don't know what we would have done if we had rented with the high cost of living in the capital economic, it is not obvious. My mother pffff I don't like talking about her she annoys me. I very often listen to people speak well of their mother, say that they are their god and everything, it pains me so much I would have liked my mother to be like other people's mothers but too bad, she was is preferred to us. A few years ago my father lost his job, a job that put us out of need, I still remember that time well we were so happy an almost perfect family, my father took good care of us and of his wife, we lacked nothing. One evening my father came home from work all dejected and looked desperate, the worst had happened, he had lost his job following a serious problem in his company they were forced to dismiss employees and him at the same time. The world collapsed before our eyes, my father didn't have a plan B at all and my mother, housewife also counted on him. The way of life started to regress little by little the time for him to find another job. It looked like bad luck was on his side because he couldn't find anything, nothing to do despite his skills, nothing, not even a sub-job. That year was the hardest, my mother couldn't bear the extreme mess we got into, one fine morning we woke up that she had deserted without leaving a trace or a word. I was 22, I could already take care of mine like a woman. So I took over, I wiped away my father's tears, I took care of him like a baby; he had lost his self-confidence, lost the love of his life and thought he was losing our respect at the same time. That was not the case. My little sister and I had given her all the love children could give their daddy. Little by little, he got up and did odd jobs thanks to that I was able to get my license and I stopped school. It was time for me to take my responsibilities as a big sister. I started looking for work, I also did any kind of work as long as it brought me something, with what I earned and what my father brought back we could manage ourselves and continue to pay for the studies of Lydia. Until the day my father fell, it was a second shock for us he had stopped working and I was the only one to bring back money, how much? For how many people ? not to mention his medication, his care and medical visits, with all this we could no longer manage the rent and had accepted the proposal of his big brother, our uncle to live with him. We are there so far. You understand that after everything I've been through so far I haven't had my head rested to think about having a child, not even by accident, I've always taken my precautions, for me my family comes first and despite what we're going through I wouldn't want to, it would be irresponsible for me to bring another charge and even my little sister I tell her that all the time. She is a beautiful little girl of 20 very intelligent she has just started college and is studying finance, I know that one day she will take over she will become a great lady. Our mother's departure affected her a lot, she cried sometimes over her absence, I couldn't do anything, I didn't know where she was until the day her sister, my aunt, let us know that she was living with a white, eh ah a white of anything. My mother is a bad woman, I hate her, you'll think I'm harsh, too bad, that's how I feel, I don't want to see her today or tomorrow... She got in touch with my little sister. I'm never going to prevent him from seeing his mother, but I'll let her cross his path. I'm never going to look like her, abandon my children because I saw a white man who has more money, a kid, that Stuippp woman. I hope she is happy where she is.

Chapter 2

Now let's go into my little life, as you will learn more about me. I'm 1m70 for 60 kilos, yes I'm a model, or it's starvation or it's really my weight ohh I don't know lol. But I like it, I feel good about myself. I have a black complexion, very black that I assume, I am not ashamed like some who will spoil their skin because they want to shine after they become ugly, I have confidence in myself and I feel beautiful , it is the complexion of glory. I don't have girlfriends unless you call friends and acquaintances girlfriends. I don't like to be burdened with people who don't bring me anything more in my life, I hate wasting my time with interested hypocritical girlfriends and all, my sister and my father are enough if I want to confide I talk to them that's all. People say that I feel, it amuses me, they didn't understand my vision of things, I don't blame them, others say that I'm insolent, impulsive and I h


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