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Chichi meliss

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*Emily* Five years. I wasted five years of my life in a d*mn cell! The reason? For a crime I didn't even commit! I will always remember that day, that day that changed my life forever. It was my wedding, I was so happy, but someone had to ruin this wonderful time in my life that only lasted a few minutes. The lifeless body of my sister-in-law, Paulina, will forever be etched in my memory. She was so sweet and kind. So why kill her? Why kill such an innocent girl? I was devastated after discovering her lifeless body in my room lying on the floor. There was blood everywhere. Everywhere. But what hurt me the most was that everyone I trusted didn't hesitate to point fingers and call me a murderer. I was devastated. My parents disowned me, my friends turned their backs on me, and my fiancé spat hurtful words in my face that I will never forget. Words that pierced my heart. Words that finished me off. I also remember the surprise I wanted to surprise him and my family and friends. However, I lost it after Leo hit me hard. A tear rolled down my cheek thinking back to that night. I had lost everything. All. I was so naive at the time that I didn't see it coming. But all that is over! Yes, it's over! I spent five years of my life surviving in the hell they call prison. I was beaten by many prisoners day and night. And thanks to that, I became stronger! Stronger than I've ever been! After begging for some money, I stop at a phone booth and call the only person who can help me. Mary, my grandmother. "Hello ? - It's me, Emily. -Oh my God ! Emily! How are you? -I'm fine granny but I have a little problem and I need your help. - What do you want my darling? -Actually, I just got out of jail and I have nowhere to go. Can you host me for a while? - Goal of course sweetie! You can come live with me all the time you want. -Is it true? - Yes. I'll even prepare your favorite little dish. - Yes, thank you very much Grandma! I love you! -You're welcome my dear." I hang up smiling. She was the only one who supported me and the only one who visited me when I was in prison. However, my smile disappears immediately when I notice that I no longer have any panties on me.

Book cover

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