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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellMarch 27, 2024

The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf

The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf

Did somebody shout drama?! Oh, yes! Like they say, it’s always the quiet ones. The seemingly ordinary guy might just be hiding secrets worth billions of dollars. Or not. Want to find out what skeletons Goodluck Charlie has in his cupboard? Here’s a key to unlock it, and don’t say I didn’t warn you about the bumpy, yet exhilarating ride ahead.

They said he was a nobody. A joke. Charlie was married to the precious granddaughter of the Wilson family, and for three years, he’d taken their verbal assaults and occasionally, the physical. He’d never be good enough for Claire, or the Wilsons. But for his wife, he bore the humiliation. However, the Wilson family have the ground pulled out from under their feet when Charlie Wade takes his seat and inheritance as owner of Emgrand Group and his vengeance against everyone who ever insulted his wife burns scorching hot.

So, drama, revenge, secret identity and an undying love? Basically. Is Charlie hot? Definitely. Is he also loyal and crazy about his wife? Very, very. Do you want to read more books with strong, cunning, dominant, possessive and stinkingly rich male leads like Charlie Wade? Yes, you do. Check out the list below, compiled with love, only for you. Wink.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf – read online for free & pdf download

Entangled With The Billionaire by Symplyayisha

After getting betrayed by her long-term boyfriend who she had given everything up for, Mia decides the best way to have her revenge is by letting herself go for one night. She’d picked the hottest stranger at the party and though hesitant at first, he wasn’t entirely immune to Mia’s allure, and they soon find themselves entangled in the hottest one-night stand ever.

But Mia finds that she may have invited trouble upon herself when her billionaire stranger, Colton, refuses to let her go and establishes that he’ll have her. Eventually. All of her.

Substitute Bride Of The Crippled Billionaire by Moonlight Blue

To avoid getting married to a cripple, Elena’s sister and boyfriend plotted against her and drugged her. When Elena woke up the next morning, it was to her sister’s fiancé in her bed and her family barging in to condemn her. To save face, she is forced to marry the rich, handsome and arrogant billionaire, who seemed to raise her hackles faster than anyone.

However, a time passes by and the two draw closer to each other, Elena begins to suspect that her husband, Logan, might be keeping secrets about who he truly is and he is much, much different from the person he let the world think he is.

Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge by Tatienne Richard

After eight years of marriage, of fitting her life to meet her husband’s needs and neglecting her own desires, he awards her with infidelity, and Liesl is stunned to find that he’s impregnated his mistress. To get back at her husband, Liesl takes on a vengeful quest to take from him that which matters the most; his precious career.

Cutting a deal with her ex-husband’s business rival to ruin him, Liesl works hard with Isaias to see her plans to the end, but never for once did it occur to her that Isaias Machado might have an ulterior motive. Isaias will stop at nothing to take it all from McGrath, including Liesl, who is none the wiser about what the heat in Isaias’ eyes when he looks at her means.

Million Dollar Bride by Rancho Nguyen

When Ella’s father is involved in a ghastly accident that nearly takes his life and she must somehow provide a large sum to save him out of nothing, she gives in to the only option available—a hot billionaire with the wildest offer. All he required was a contracted marriage between then. He’d pay the bills and she’d be the perfect wife, for three whole years!

What begins as a contract graduates into something more, and soon, Ella and David Anthony find themselves battling against forces that push to drive a rift between them and ruin their slow but sure budding romance, and Ella is soon made to understand that there’s little to nothing David won’t do to keep her safe.

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Ella's father was in a car accident and needed a large sum of money for surgery. David Anthony - a young billionaire helped her pay for surgery on the condition that she become his wife within three years. Detailed outline: During those three years, the two pretended to be intimate but actually slept in two different places. It all started when Maria - David's childhood friend - returned from abroad to study. Her wish is to be David's wife. Hearing that David was married, she almost went crazy, trying to harm Ella. Besides, Raymon - who works in the same company as David - fell in love with Ella from the first meeting. Raymon openly pursues Ella even though she knows she is married. Raymon and Maria team up, separating David and Ella. Mrs. Emma - David's mother - did not like Ella from the very beginning. She wanted her son to marry Maria. So Maria has one more helper, Emma. David organized a picnic for the company's employees. Maria wanted to go with them. During that trip, Ella was also present because she is also an employee of the company. Maria lures Ella up the mountain and pushes her down the cliff. Fortunately, Ella's shirt got caught in a tree branch so she survived. At the end of the day, David couldn't find Ella in the hotel lobby, so he looked for her. David finds Ella but they are trapped. Because it was dark, they had to spend the night at a resident's house. Here, David gradually realizes that he really loves Ella. The next morning, they returned to the city. Maria's plan failed, followed by Raymon's plan. Raymon tricked Ella into the hotel and drugged her. Raymon tries to rape Ella but is saved by Rika - David's sister. Rika - is the only one who supports her brother's love. By chance, Maria finds David and Ella's contract in his room. She told all the members of Anthony's family. David's grandfather and parents are angry because David lied to the whole family. Emma tells David to immediately break up with Ella and marry Maria. Ella was kicked out of Anthony's house. She returned to her hometown to live with her father. David was looking for Ella everywhere. After meeting Ella, David stays at her house. They had a happy time together. Emma and Maria find Ella's house and force David back. He was very angry when Emma interfered so much in his life. David was driving home alone at night and had an accident. The doctor informed that David was in danger of living a vegetative life. Emma wants Maria to take care of David until he wakes up and then lets them get married. Maria reluctantly obeys Emma because of their family fortune of Anthony. Maria did not want to live with a disabled man, so she secretly had sex with Raymon. Emma discovers Maria sleeping with Raymon at Maria's house. She regrets trusting Maria and treating Ella badly. Hearing the news of David's accident, Ella moved from the countryside to the city to take care of David wholeheartedly. Not long after, his health recovered. He proposed to Ella. At this time, everyone in the family accepted this bride. Maria saw David and Ella happy, she got jealous and kidnapped Ella on the wedding day. David is once again looking for Ella. Rika alerted the police and the police arrived just as Maria was about to shoot Ella. Knowing Maria was arrested, Raymon took the money in the safe of David's company with the intention of fleeing, but was caught by the police at the airport.


Darling, Only I Can Be Your Man by Muffin_123

She could’ve turned away from the dark alley that night, but it wasn’t in Ariana’s nature to ignore a cry for help. It all began when Ariana found a stranger bleeding out and brought him back home with her, tending to his injuries, feeding him, offering him whatever warmth and comfort she could provide. Of course, it mightn’t have been much to her, but her stranger was taking notes. He watched her, and when he left the next day, it was with a promise to find and repay her.

Two years later, Ariana meets her new boss at the Fearon group, and she is shocked to find it to be Micheal, the man she saved, and he is hellbent on keeping his promise. Only, it is much different from what Ariana envisioned.

Flash Marriage: A Wife For A Stranger by Moonlight Blue

When Zoe’s boyfriend cheats on her with her sister, gets her pregnant, and threatens to ruin Zoe if she told, she is devastated. With no one else on her side, she is left with her intrusive thoughts that inevitably lead her to flirting with a random man. Perhaps, she should have found it odd that the stranger made her sign papers before agreeing to their little one-night stand, but Zoe’s pain overrode her senses.

The next morning, when the stranger hands her the documents she signed in her hazy state, it says she’d either have to marry him or pay thirty billion dollars for the breach of their contract. That, however, becomes the least of Zoe’s worries when she realizes who her husband-to-be is.

Lonely Bride by Shikha A

Growing up with the shadow of her father and servants who were changed nearly every day, Sarah barely had people to call hers. Loneliness was her only companion and once, she dared to dream of more. Once she got into the university, she would truly understand what it meant to live.

Her hope, is however shattered when her grandfather dies and his will has two instructions for Sarah. When she turned eighteen, she would marry a man she’d never met before, else, she would lose her inheritance. At that point, she might have chosen to lose it over marrying the angry billionaire, Sean Hudson, who was just as spiteful and helpless as she was, but her father made it clear she had no choice.

The Billionaire And The Banker by Tatienne Richard

Self-made billionaire by twenty-six, Magda is a sensation in the business world. Though, she’d long dreamt of becoming independent to break away from her overbearing parents, she wasn’t quite prepared for the attention the fame came with. The press, news channels, family suddenly clinging to her to share in a success they had no hand in, and of course the charms of hot billionaire, Ares Winter, a renowned playboy whose rakish reputation preceded him.

Ares was used to getting whatever he wanted, whoever, but Magda was a puzzle he was yet to figure out. She was a lot more difficult and different from his norm and he knew having her would be as grand as winning an award for Business Man of The Year. Multiplying his efforts, he set out to chase her, but Magda seems more irritated by him than charmed.

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Money doesn't always drive the world; sometimes, it brings everything to a halt. Magda Onassis and her two friends create a groundbreaking app that sends the banking world into a frenzy, making her a billionaire by twenty-six. Since her family cut her off financially at eighteen, she has longed for financial independence and to defy her haughty parents. During a presentation to the company that tested their app, Magda encounters Ares Winter, the CEO of Winter Financials International. Sparks fly between them. A notorious playboy, Ares pursues Magda with the intent of making her his next lover. He is captivated by her like no one else and will do whatever it takes to win her. Magda is torn between wondering if Ares is using her attraction as a negotiation tactic or if he genuinely reciprocates her feelings. No stranger to challenges, Magda's unsupportive family and unfortunate dating experiences make her highly suspicious of Ares' intentions. With her friends' encouragement, she prepares to face the man of her dreams head-on. As soon as Magda becomes a billionaire, her life turns chaotic. Tabloid reporters, angry family members, and a persistent suitor invade her once peaceful life of beaches and surfing. Additionally, Ares' past comes back to haunt them, putting Magda's life in danger when their relationship is exposed by the press. Time is running out when Magda mysteriously disappears. It's unclear if she left by choice or if the person Ares has kept locked away for fifteen years is involved. Urgency becomes paramount as Ares risks losing his first chance at true love. He will learn the hard way that not everything in life can be bought, regardless of wealth.


My Heartless Husband by Nila

Their love story was a stormy one. Gloria had been in love with David since they were teenagers, and when they came of age and David suddenly proposed to her, she was overjoyed. But somehow, in their three long years of marriage, Gloria often found herself wondering why David ever proposed to her if he had no plans to even treat her like his wife.

She loved him, but she came to the painful realization pretty soon that sometimes, love was not enough to keep a marriage, and that was when she asked for a divorce.

Five years later, Gloria is doing much better, the pain of her broken marriage dulled, and her four-year old son her greatest joy. When David finds her again, with their son, he mourns what he’s lost, the time, his beautiful wife, and he begins to fight to get her back.

Lost In Your Curves by Nieves G

All her boyfriends always seemed to leave her for younger and thinner women. She was either too chubby, or she looked too old because of her curves, and after her most recent break up, Ava is done with men rejecting her and breaking her heart for the silliest reason. She swears off men, but that same day, like the heavens heard her vow, they sent her a blue-eyed jock with the most beautiful smile she’d ever seen at a party.

Their one-night stand is a steamy encounter Ava absolutely loved, but she knew it was only a matter of time before he ran from her like the rest. Only, she was so wrong about that because Alex Grand is sweet and serious about her, and he absolutely loves those curves too.

What do you think? Want to read more books like these? Feel free to browse through the Billionaire novels section with the sweetest tropes like complicated, arranged or contract marriages, strong female leads, rags to riches, domineering alpha males, revenge, forbidden love and one-night stands. The Romance novels section promises even double of that with a hint of fantasy as well. We do hope you enjoy these awesome reads!