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Substitute Bride Of The Crippled Billionaire

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Elena seemingly had it all - beauty, a loving father, and a wealthy fiancé. But her perfect world came crashing down when her fiancé and sister Emma betrayed her, and even drugged her and sent her to Logan’s bed. What could be worst than that? Logan Brown, the dream lover of every woman in H city, was rich, handsome and incredibly powerful and most of all, he was Emma's fiance. But because of an accident that happened two years ago which caused his disability, Emma refused to marry him and made Elena the scapegoat. After that one-night stand, Elena was forced to become the substitute bride and marry the crippled Logan Brown in exchange for work capital for her family. But just when she thought she was hopeless, she seemed to find Logan different from what rumors said.

Chapter 1

“Miss Elena, kindly sign this paper then you can take your order.” the delivery man said as he handed a paper and a pen to her.

With a smile on her face, Elena took the paper and signed it after which she took the product from the delivery man.

“Have a nice day Miss Elena.” The delivery man went back into his car and drove away.

Elena walked back into the house, opened the item she had ordered, and took a glance at it. It was a necklace and cardigan that she bought for Jeremy, her boyfriend of three years now.

It was during her freshman at the university that she met Jeremy and It was a love at first sight. Ever since her encounter with him, she had secretly loved him and wished she could be his girlfriend.

Jeremy was the most popular man at the university and the dream of all the girls, and Elena knew he would not just pick her as his girlfriend when there were other girls more beautiful than her. So she only focused on her studies while secretly admiring him.

However, it was during her best friend’s party that Jeremy walked up to her she told her his feelings and they began to date.

Fast forward to three years now, and it was still a miracle how Jeremy proposed to her and she gladly accepted to marry him.

After getting ready in a pink gown, Elena glanced at herself in the mirror and saw how beautiful she was looking.

What a stunner.

Her snow-white skin looked smooth and delicate under the shining light and her clear eyes were so enchanting that they could pull people at first glance. Her lips are so gorgeous that a man would love to kiss them.

Elena looked at her perfect appearance in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction.

Squeezing the room key in her hand, Elena took the gifts walked inside her car, and drove away. On her way, she tried calling Jeremy to tell him that she was coming to visit him, but there was no answer from him.

After dialing his number more than five times, Elena concluded that he could be busy which was why he did not pick up her call, so it was more like a surprise to him.

When she got to the hotel room, Elena used her key to open his hotel door after which she went inside.

The first thing Elena saw when she entered inside was that the room was covered with clothes from a man and woman, and Elena slowly opened the door.

Every step was painful as if she was walking on a blade!

Inside, a man and woman embraced passionately, naked and unaware of her arrival. That man caressed her body gently and left so many kisses on her breast. She couldn't help moaning and put her arms around his neck.

"Jeremy, I don't want to marry that cripple. I just want to be with you. There came the woman's charming voice.

"Don't be afraid, sweetie. I won't let you go!" Jeremy grinned evilly, "You are with me now. How can you think of another man?"

Their familiar voices made Elena furious because she could tell that man was her fiancé and the other was her sister.

"Jeremy! What are you doing?" She shouted, and her eyes were full of grief, "How can you do this to me?"

"Elena!" Emma screamed. Seeing Elena, she hurriedly pushed Jeremy away.

Jeremy was startled, picking up the clothes and covering Emma's body. Then, he put on his pants as if nothing serious happened.

"Emma, what are you doing? That's Jeremy! My fiancé. How can you.." She closed her eyes, unable to believe what she saw.

Emma put on her clothes. She got up, and took her hand with her eyes full of guilt, "Elena, I'm sorry, we truly love each other.

Elena threw off her hand and said, "If you truly love each other, what about me?"

"Elena, don't flatter yourself! You know I love Emma all through!" Jeremy tenderly embraced Emma. Thinking of the man whom Emma would marry, Jeremy turned around to look at Elena with hatred, "You're from the Bush family too. Why does Emma have to suffer instead of you!"

"So what?" Tears already blurred Elena's eyes. She spoke slowly with a last shred of hope, "Jeremy, have you ever loved me?" Even if a little...

"Do you think you can compare with Emma? How can you ever compare with her?" Jeremy, who was always gentle, showed a brutal look.

Elena's nails were dug deep in her palms, very painful, but not as painful as the bleeding wound on her betrayed heart!

"Elena, please help me. That man is next door. As long as you marry him, Jeremy and I can be happy!" Emma said urgently as if her request was proper.

Elena finally understood her intention. She could no longer control her anger, raised her hand, and slapped her, "Do you want me to help you be together with each other? You must be daydreaming! I will never sacrifice for your love!"

Jeremy's eyes were full of hatred. He grabbed her hand and said, "Elena, you don't have a choice. If you don't marry, then Emma has to. I can't see her being with somebody else and I can't let her suffer!"

"What.." Elena turned around, and before she could move, the pungent smell ran to her nose at once. Her head was hurting with confusion. And her body lost strength, collapsing to the floor.

As she passed out, she vaguely heard Jeremy's voice, "Elena, don't blame us. You'll have to blame your fate."

The ruthless and decisive words made the last hope in her heart shatter into smoke...

Her headache was so hard that she almost felt her head was going to explode.

Elena rubbed her head and woke up. The first thing she could see was darkness, and she felt the soft mattress beneath her, making her wonder where she was.

It seemed that someone was on the other side of the bed, moving slowly to her and pressing her on the bed. She could vaguely see a pair of bright obsidian eyes.

"Who are you!" Elena shouted, only to be interrupted by the man.

He said in a low voice, "Isn't this what you want in the first place? Why can't I?"

She remembered this voice! It was Logan Brown, the man whom Emma was going to marry!

"Wait, I'm not..." She tried to explain and the man pressed on her again...

Logan tore off the bath towel around his waist and pressed against Elena with his torso. "Little kitty, let's have some fun."

His thin lips found its way on Elena’s neck and as his lips repeatedly brushed against her neck, his sensuous breath around her ear aroused her at the same time.

Elena then lifted her chin and her hand on Logan’s chest suddenly tightened. The stiffness in her breath was spicing up the sensuality between them both.

Logan’s lips were glued to Elena’s's alcohol-tasting ones; his demeanor was dominant and rough.

One followed by another, the kiss became more intense and passionate.

His sweet tongue pried open her pearly teeth before it swept in as if he wanted to take in all of her womanly fragrance.

Logan then undressed Elena with unhurried gestures which made an already-weak Elena even more lost in herself.

The delicate dance between the two filled the room with a lingering redolence.

"You're such a temptress!"

Elena was on the verge of succumbing to the teasing. Coupled with Logan’s relentless assault on her sanity, she felt as if there was a fire inside of her threatening to consume her!

Her hand slowly slid off Logan's back as she flipped on top to sit on him. Her tender lips widened and closed seductively as she gasped for breath.

"I'm sorry, I can't take it anymore..."

Logan narrowed his eyes as he could no longer hold back.

Simply said, at that moment, Logan needed the woman in front of him.

It became even harder for Elena to resist herself after Logan's tease. With that, she knitted her brows tightly as she moved her body to be even more in sync with him, helping him in his pursuit without any hesitation.

He held onto Elena's tiny waist lightly with one hand to guide her.

Before Elena could understand what had transpired, a certain secret garden that yearned to be furnished was instantly filled in the next moment.

The tilled soil in the garden was filled with seeds of exquisite flora before it was covered with more soils, filling it to the brim which gave people a sense of satisfaction.

After a chaotic battle— Elena collapsed powerlessly on his torso before she was flipped around under him.

"Woman, do you think I'm finished? After you picked this fight?"

Logan ignored Elena’s savage struggle as he continued his onslaught without stopping himself.

Due to the pain, Elena immediately regained consciousness from her weak state. Seeing the stranger on top of her, she panicked.

"Aah! Who are you! What are you doing?! Get off of


Logan grabbed Elena’s pounding arm, but his lower-body movement sped up as he lowered his head and suckled on her glory.

Elena was powerless against the barrage, and since she was no longer lubricated, she was in pain.

Under Logan’s continuous invasions, Elena could no longer endure the assault and she finally blacked out...

Chapter 2

The next morning, she felt tired and woke up beside this man still sleeping next to her.

Everything was like a dream, but so real.

All things seemed to remind her that it was not a dream.

She felt panicked and put on the wrinkled skirt that was thrown on the floor last night.

When she dressed herself, she heard footsteps coming from outside, and finally, the closed door was suddenly opened.

"Elena, you are so shameless" Elena's dad came in and shouted at her.

Elena stood by the bed in a trance. And the man who was sleeping languidly opened his eyes sternly.

Elena was thrown into the most desperate situation overnight. Both her fiance and sister betrayed her, and together they gave her to a man she didn't love at all, and finally destroyed her!

That was all they wanted, making her marry this disabled man!

Logan Brown, the man who stunned everyone in H city. Although he was handsome and rich, no one wanted to marry him because of a

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