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Million dollar bride

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Ella's father was in a car accident and needed a large sum of money for surgery. David Anthony - a young billionaire helped her pay for surgery on the condition that she become his wife within three years. Detailed outline: During those three years, the two pretended to be intimate but actually slept in two different places. It all started when Maria - David's childhood friend - returned from abroad to study. Her wish is to be David's wife. Hearing that David was married, she almost went crazy, trying to harm Ella. Besides, Raymon - who works in the same company as David - fell in love with Ella from the first meeting. Raymon openly pursues Ella even though she knows she is married. Raymon and Maria team up, separating David and Ella. Mrs. Emma - David's mother - did not like Ella from the very beginning. She wanted her son to marry Maria. So Maria has one more helper, Emma. David organized a picnic for the company's employees. Maria wanted to go with them. During that trip, Ella was also present because she is also an employee of the company. Maria lures Ella up the mountain and pushes her down the cliff. Fortunately, Ella's shirt got caught in a tree branch so she survived. At the end of the day, David couldn't find Ella in the hotel lobby, so he looked for her. David finds Ella but they are trapped. Because it was dark, they had to spend the night at a resident's house. Here, David gradually realizes that he really loves Ella. The next morning, they returned to the city. Maria's plan failed, followed by Raymon's plan. Raymon tricked Ella into the hotel and drugged her. Raymon tries to r*p* Ella but is saved by Rika - David's sister. Rika - is the only one who supports her brother's love. By chance, Maria finds David and Ella's contract in his room. She told all the members of Anthony's family. David's grandfather and parents are angry because David lied to the whole family. Emma tells David to immediately break up with Ella and marry Maria. Ella was kicked out of Anthony's house. She returned to her hometown to live with her father. David was looking for Ella everywhere. After meeting Ella, David stays at her house. They had a happy time together. Emma and Maria find Ella's house and force David back. He was very angry when Emma interfered so much in his life. David was driving home alone at night and had an accident. The doctor informed that David was in danger of living a vegetative life. Emma wants Maria to take care of David until he wakes up and then lets them get married. Maria reluctantly obeys Emma because of their family fortune of Anthony. Maria did not want to live with a disabled man, so she secretly had s*x with Raymon. Emma discovers Maria sleeping with Raymon at Maria's house. She regrets trusting Maria and treating Ella badly. Hearing the news of David's accident, Ella moved from the countryside to the city to take care of David wholeheartedly. Not long after, his health recovered. He proposed to Ella. At this time, everyone in the family accepted this bride. Maria saw David and Ella happy, she got jealous and kidnapped Ella on the wedding day. David is once again looking for Ella. Rika alerted the police and the police arrived just as Maria was about to shoot Ella. Knowing Maria was arrested, Raymon took the money in the safe of David's company with the intention of fleeing, but was caught by the police at the airport.


Five o'clock is the end of the shift.

Ella was packing up her paperwork and was about to go home when a head popped into her room and spoke. "Ella, the boss wants to see you."

"Yes." Ella raised her head and replied. Then she mumbled to herself. 'Time is up, what does the boss want to see me for?'

Her heart was filled with uneasiness. But she still got up from her chair, grabbed her bag, and went to her boss's room, Mr. John.

Ella's boss is a fat man. It is rumored that he is lustful, flirting with young girls even though he is married. Ella was among the young girls. She was repeatedly beaten by Mr. John's harassment, but the cases of harassment are mild. Working at a company whose boss is a pervert, would rather quit. But Ella desperately needs a steady job. If she quits her job, who will take care of her often sick father? Therefore, Ella gritted her teeth and endured, turning a blind eye to everything.

The clattering of clogs in the hallway. Ella thought as she walked. 'After all, what does the boss want to see me about?' She paused and reassured herself. 'It's okay. Don't think too much. It's probably about the Blue Heaven project I'm in charge of.'

Arriving at the door of Mr. John, Ella took a deep breath and then raised her hand and knocked three times on the door.

"Come in." Voices came from within the room.

Ella opened the door. "Boss, is something wrong?"

Mr. John stepped back and took Ella by the hand and went inside the room and closed the door.

Ella looked at the closed door, a little scared but still calm. "What's the matter, sir?"

"Don't call me boss when it's over. Let's sit down and talk for a while." Mr. John grins.

"If it's not important, I'll go home." Ella had just turned her back when an arm grabbed her.

"Don't rush. It's still early." Mr. John deliberately said roundabouts, buying time.

He stroked the back of Ella's hand. Feeling a little ticklish, she withdrew her hand.

"Boss, be proud."

Mr. John thought Ella was a difficult girl to convince, but he liked her even more. He is not in a hurry but slowly flirts with his prey.

"Project Green Paradise, how are you preparing? Do you need my help?" Mr. John thinks he needs to be a little nicer before his prey falls into the trap.

"No need. I'm done. I'll email you shortly after I get home." Ella said sternly.

"So I invite you to dine with me tonight, okay?" Mr. John suggested.

"Sorry, I'm busy." Ella makes excuses.

"You always say you're busy. Aren't you going to have dinner?"

"I'll eat at home with my father." Ella lost her patience. She looked at her watch, desperately wanting to get out of here.

"Just eat with me once. If you make me happy, I'll give you a raise."

Ella begins to realize the evil intentions of Mr. John, but she refused. "I will work hard and get the salary I deserve. I don't need a raise just to make people happy."

Ella said fiercely and walked towards the door. Mr. John walked over and hugged her tightly from behind. Ella struggled and struggled and screamed. But unfortunately for her, all the employees in the company have already left. Mr. John told them to leave early but didn't tell Ella. The more she resisted, Mr. John was more than pleased. His arms tightened and he tried to kiss Ella.

The door suddenly opened with great force. An angry, flashy woman entered. It was the wife of Mr. John.

Seeing someone appear to destroy their space, both Mr. John and Ella both turned their heads to look at the woman. Mr. John loosened his grip. Ella took the opportunity to push him away. She fixes her clothes and hair.

The woman slapped Ella hard on the cheek. Her mouth was bleeding.

"Sl*t, you dare seduce my husband?"

"I don't..." Ella didn't finish her sentence when Mr.'s wife. John grabbed his hair and dusted him.

Mr. John just watched at first, but when he saw his wife hit harder and harder, he tried to stop him.

The woman rolled her eyes at Mr. John. "Fired her immediately." Do not let Mr. John reacts, she turns to Ella, warning. "Starting tomorrow, you can't come to the company. If I see your face tomorrow, I'll kill you."

Ella hugged the side of her blood-red face and ran out. She walked down the quiet hallway, sniffling. She just wants to work in peace, is that difficult?

The phone in Ella's bag rang. She opened it and saw it was a strange number, but she answered anyway. "Hi."

"Are you a relative of Mr. Stephen?" A girl's voice came through the phone.

"Yes. That's my father. Is something wrong?" Ella asked impatiently.

"I called from hospital xxx, Mr. Stephen was in a traffic accident, the situation is very critical. He is being treated at our hospital..."

The nurse didn't finish her sentence, Ella saw her legs running like flying to the hospital xxx. Moments later she showed up in the emergency department.

She asked the nurse at the counter about the room number her father was staying in.

The nurse said Ella's father was in room 222, she immediately went there. Ella stood outside the door of room 222 and looked inside. Mr. Stephen was lying on the bed, his face covered with wounds, his shirt bloody, the situation seemed serious. The mouth, nose, and hands are covered with tubes of oxygen. Ella burst into tears, she prayed to God for her father's peace. Ella's high-pitched cry caught the attention of a man dressed in patient clothes. He was standing next to Ella calling someone but Ella didn't notice him.

The emergency room door opened. A female doctor asked Ella. "Are you the patient's family member?"

"Yes." Ella replied. "How is my father? Is the injury serious?"

The female doctor hesitated. Her face wrinkled slightly. Seeing that expression, Ella had a premonition that something bad had happened to her father.

"There is a blood clot in Mr. Stephen's brain, we need to perform surgery or it will endanger his life. Given your father's age, delaying surgery will be very dangerous, possibly... death." The female doctor answered after a few seconds of hesitation.

"So how much does the surgery cost?" Ella asked, voice nervous.

"Thirty thousand dollars."

Ella was stunned to hear the cost of Mr. Stephen. What does she do with such a large amount of money?


"How long is the deadline?" Ella asked shivering.

"From now until tomorrow morning but you should have the money as soon as possible."

In such a short time, where did she make thirty thousand dollars? She was recently fired by Mr.'s wife. John, so she couldn't get a salary.

The female doctor looked at Ella's expression, she showed sympathy. "I'm sorry I can't help you. You can borrow money from a friend or a bank."

Ella nodded to the female doctor and walked out of the hospital campus, sitting down on a stone bench, thinking.


Ella doesn't have many friends. Most of them are social network friends, she doesn't have a trusted friend who can lend her money.

Wait, Ella suddenly remembered she had a best friend named Suzy. But Suzy's family is not well off. She also has to work hard to earn money. She doesn't have enough money to lend Ella.

As for the bank, the


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