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Rancho Nguyen

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Ella's father was in a car accident and needed a large sum of money for surgery. David Anthony - a young billionaire helped her pay for surgery on the condition that she become his wife within three years. Detailed outline: During those three years, the two pretended to be intimate but actually slept in two different places. It all started when Maria - David's childhood friend - returned from abroad to study. Her wish is to be David's wife. Hearing that David was married, she almost went crazy, trying to harm Ella. Besides, Raymon - who works in the same company as David - fell in love with Ella from the first meeting. Raymon openly pursues Ella even though she knows she is married. Raymon and Maria team up, separating David and Ella. Mrs. Emma - David's mother - did not like Ella from the very beginning. She wanted her son to marry Maria. So Maria has one more helper, Emma. David organized a picnic for the company's employees. Maria wanted to go with them. During that trip, Ella was also present because she is also an employee of the company. Maria lures Ella up the mountain and pushes her down the cliff. Fortunately, Ella's shirt got caught in a tree branch so she survived. At the end of the day, David couldn't find Ella in the hotel lobby, so he looked for her. David finds Ella but they are trapped. Because it was dark, they had to spend the night at a resident's house. Here, David gradually realizes that he really loves Ella. The next morning, they returned to the city. Maria's plan failed, followed by Raymon's plan. Raymon tricked Ella into the hotel and drugged her. Raymon tries to r*p* Ella but is saved by Rika - David's sister. Rika - is the only one who supports her brother's love. By chance, Maria finds David and Ella's contract in his room. She told all the members of Anthony's family. David's grandfather and parents are angry because David lied to the whole family. Emma tells David to immediately break up with Ella and marry Maria. Ella was kicked out of Anthony's house. She returned to her hometown to live with her father. David was looking for Ella everywhere. After meeting Ella, David stays at her house. They had a happy time together. Emma and Maria find Ella's house and force David back. He was very angry when Emma interfered so much in his life. David was driving home alone at night and had an accident. The doctor informed that David was in danger of living a vegetative life. Emma wants Maria to take care of David until he wakes up and then lets them get married. Maria reluctantly obeys Emma because of their family fortune of Anthony. Maria did not want to live with a disabled man, so she secretly had s*x with Raymon. Emma discovers Maria sleeping with Raymon at Maria's house. She regrets trusting Maria and treating Ella badly. Hearing the news of David's accident, Ella moved from the countryside to the city to take care of David wholeheartedly. Not long after, his health recovered. He proposed to Ella. At this time, everyone in the family accepted this bride. Maria saw David and Ella happy, she got jealous and kidnapped Ella on the wedding day. David is once again looking for Ella. Rika alerted the police and the police arrived just as Maria was about to shoot Ella. Knowing Maria was arrested, Raymon took the money in the safe of David's company with the intention of fleeing, but was caught by the police at the airport.


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