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Lonely Bride

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As we say, love has no boundaries, nor it has any limitations. A selfless love always finds its ways. A lonely who has no one she calls a family. She had to get married to a billionaire, unwillingly. Though they have age gape, she held no rights to go against this arrangement. Husband’s absence always bothered her somewhere. One tragic incidence pushes her to leave everything and start her own life as per her choices. But what happened when the person and the life she had left long back behind, come and stand in front of her? Asking her to be back in the old life. Will she ever be able to go back? Will she ever be able to get the love of her life? Roller coaster ride of selfless love & sacrifices.

The D-Day

Star cast

Sarah Rose Williams (Female Lead)

Grandmother Grandfather - Rose & Samuel Williams

Mother Father: Samantha (Passed Away) Matt Williams

Step Mother Eliana Matt Williams

Friend: Ivan Mclean

Sean Hudson (Male lead)

Father-Mother: Jennet & Alex Hudson

Grand Father: Morris Hudson

Best Friend: Eric Johnson

Bodyguard: Nora

Girl at home: Alvera

Ex Girlfriend: Kim

New girl in the house: Camila Smith

Land lord: Natalia

Managers “Parminder and Priti

Parminder & Priti’s Daughter: Pam

Sarah’s manager: Mr Luca



Standing in a church in front of my husband. Yes, my husband, who has not given me a single glance yet.

"Now, you may kiss the Bride," the priest announced.

Hearing this, I stiffened, and my fist was sweating, but I acted as orderly as I could. I fisted my palm and clenched my jaw to control my emotions.

He eventually turns towards me, and I stare at his face, but he has no expression. No smile, no anger, no affection, no frustration, and moreover, NO LOVE!

I crave to laugh at the thought: Is there someone on earth who can even love me?

He slowly reached toward me and tilted his head a little. I looked up to see his face. I was looking into his blue eyes, and he was looking at my grey eyes.

Nervousness took over me when he came really close to me, and I closed my eyes and waited for the kiss, but I never felt his lips on my skin.

I came out of my expectations when I received a cheering noise from our family and a few friends who were invited to the marriage.

And then I understood that he just acted as if he had kissed me.

Though I have faced many, this was the best insult I have experienced until now.

Wow, a husband denied a kiss to his newlywed bride. Just wow.

Tears welled up in my eyes, but I hid them instantly, as I did not want anyone to see my weakness.

I again peered at him, and he was smiling at everybody while saying thank you.

‘’What an act!" I thought, looking back at the people around us.

After Some time, we bid goodbye to my father, who was happier as I was leaving his life.

My Grandmother is the only person in my life. When I see her, I feel I am still loved by someone, and love exists in my life, too.

She held my palm, and I had tears in my eyes as she was the one, I used to get some warmth from, but my father took that away too and sent me to a hostel far away from her. And today, again, he did the same.

"Princess, do not worry; this is the end of your struggle in your life. Now you are not alone. Sean is with you, and he will take care of you." I nod a little, as I know better how much he will care for me.

She looked towards him and said, "Son, take care of my princess. She is my pride."

I look toward Sean. He was silent for a moment, thinking something, then nodded, but I looked into his eyes, and I could tell how unsure he was of this promise. I smirk at my fate.

I looked at my grandmother and said, "Take care, granny, and call me every day, ok?"

"Of course, my little flower, I will," she said, creasing my cheeks.

Finally, we rested in the car and moved—I do not know where.

We reached the mansion, which was almost the same as ours, maybe a little bigger, but for me, it was still the same because I do not care about this materialistic stuff.

He got out of the car and left inside without even looking at me. I felt bad a little, but then I laughed internally. Was I expecting him to hold me in his arms and take me inside?

My thoughts broke when I heard someone clearing his throat, and I looked up and saw the driver standing by the open door.

I nodded to him in thanks and started walking inside.

This mansion looks beautiful. I look at the surroundings. It has a beautiful garden, big trees around, and so many security guards.

Is he a President or what? For what does he need this much security? I shake my head at this rich person’s unnecessary drama.

I started walking toward the giant door. My heels were making a clicking Sound on the fine, shining marble.

I crossed the porch and reached the living room and saw him standing there with all his glory, keeping his hands in his pocket, and I guess maybe waiting for me?

I stood at my place a few feet away from him and looked at him as I waited for him to speak. And finally, I got the grace to hear his voice (do not ignore my sarcasm).

"First, never forget that this is my house, and if you choose to live here, you must follow my rules. And if you do not want to live, f*ck off. I do not like noise in the house. The second stays out of my business, and the third does not come to front me if possible and do whatever you want." He showed me a black card he was holding in his hand and said, "And never bother me."

He threw the card on the table and started walking, but stopped and called out to Anna. A lady in her mid-50s came running, bowed down towards him, and answered Yes, Master".

"Show her the cellar". He stated it in one go and had it for, I do not know, where.

My heart got shattered into pieces hearing this. I had faced many things in my life while still belonging to a rich family. I always had luxury around me. I never thought I would live in a basement after my marriage.

She glanced at me with a blank expression and nodded towards me to follow her, and because I had no other option, I did as I was told, but not before grabbing his card.

We arrived at the cellar after crossing eleven stairs.

Yup, I counted.

She turned on the light, and I looked at the place, and to my dismay, it is not a normal basement; it is a beautiful small house with a small living room, kitchen, and one enormous bedroom.

Looking at this, I feel Some ease; at least it is not as bad as I thought.

Feel home Miss Williams, the lady's name being Anna, spoke with a bit of bitterness.

I looked toward her. "It is Mrs. Hudson for you, ‘’ I said, raising my eyebrows. What did she think she could dominate? Like it or not, I am still his legally wedded wife, and nothing can change that. I smirk at her, thinking, ‘Oh, darling, you do not know me yet.’

"Certainly mam." Saying this, she smirks back, calling me mom.

Well, I cannot say anything more when my husband does not want to accept me as his wife. He does not even want to share the same house. Forget about the room. Then what can I say to a servant?

"Send my stuff here, and you may leave." I said, walking towards the kitchen, as I needed water to calm myself.

She nodded and left from there, and I took a breath in relief.

I took a tour to check out the entire area to get to know it properly, so it has a fully loaded kitchen with the stock-up refrigerator and a storeroom with laundry. My bedroom has a king-size bed, a sofa, a TV, a nice walk-in closet, and a fully loaded bathroom. And let us not forget that it has Wi-Fi as its lifeline.

I saw one door open and saw one more beautiful garden and a view of the swimming pool. I can go out directly using this door, So I do not have to use the main door for my excess. And the keys were giving me a clear sign, saying this is the door I need to use.

I came back and saw my stuff lying in the living room. I took my simple dress out, as I want to get rid of this wedding dress as soon as possible.

After taking a warm, relaxing shower, I sat on the Sofa and closed my eyes.

My whole life came in front of me.

Is It Love?

My whole life came in front of me.

I am Sarah Rose William, now Sarah Rose Hudson, eighteen years old. Now living in New York, I have finished high school and am now studying to get my degree in software engineering in a corresponding course.

My grandmother told me my mother passed away right after I was born because of some complications, and my dad blamed me for that, as he used to love my mother the most. He never got married to anyone after her demise. My grandparents always loved me, and my grandfather was the one who gave me the name Sarah Rose. Rose is my grandmother’s name, and as usual, he loves her. So I got my middle name, Rose, which I love. But sadly, my father never let me get close to them, and they could not go against my father’s wishes.

I grew up with servants that he used to change every six months, saying I might kill them too, but now I understand he wanted no one to get close to me.

Finally, one day, he sent me to the hostel at the age o

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