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"Don Vittorio: FINAL" is the thrilling conclusion to the trilogy that follows the life of Ellis Barker, a woman involved in the dangerous world of the Italian mafia. Ellis is forced to face a grim fate after a deadly warehouse fire claimed the lives of Vittorio Amorielle, the love of her life, and Jácomo Grecco, brother of Tommaso Grecco, whom she herself killed. Now she finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between abandoning the mafia underworld with her daughter Donna, the fruit of her relationship with Vittorio, following the Plan B left by him, or remaining in the dangerous world of crime to protect Jake Amorielle, who everyone believes is Vittorio's heir, but who is actually the deceased son of her brother, Jason Barker. However, a surprising revelation contained in the letter left by him completely redefines Ellis' destiny and puts her on a collision course with all those interested in Vittorio Amorielle's legacy, including members of the mobster's own family. Aided by the mysterious warlord Rang Bone, who is charged with protecting her, Ellis returns to Pedesina with the determination to confront all those who wish to take possession of Vittorio Amorielle's legacy. However, her quest is not limited to protecting Jake and securing his right to inherit. Ellis is also determined to uncover the truth about the fateful night of the fire, and the only person who can help her is Rocco, Vittorio's former Consigliere, who is in a coma. In this final chapter full of twists and turns, betrayals and secrets, Ellis will have to face enemies both inside and outside the Italian mafia as she unravels the mysteries surrounding her life and that of Vittorio. Ellis' fate and the future of the Amorielle family will finally be revealed.


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