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The Billionaire’s Sex Slave

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* Alfred hates her more than anything in the world because she's the daughter of the man who killed his family and took away all his family's property. She's the daughter of the man who captured him and made him a slave at a young age, but then he was able to escape and he ran into hiding for 15years. Trained and built himself. Now he's back as a CEO ready to make them pay for what they did to him and his family. He took his daughter and made her his s*x slave. He's gonna make her pay for everything the father did to him. But then again Lisa is nothing like her father. She's different from him, too different. As he set out to make her pay, he was bound to find out how different she is from her father. But then love rose from the deep-rooted hatred.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

She was sleeping peacefully inside her bedroom, one of those deep sleeps she loves. But suddenly, in the middle of her sleep, she heard a loud bang coming from outside her room. It wasn't a firework or a car crash, but a gunshot.

A loud and disturbing gunshot sound rang through her ears, giving shivers down her spine.

"What's going on?" she asked no one in particular. Just then a more disturbing gunshot rang through her ear followed by a scream.

"Fucksh*t!!!" she exclaimed and jumped off her bed instantly and laid flat on the cold tiles.

She closed her eyes, shivering in fear. She has never been this scared in her entire life.

"Mom!!" she whispered as tears slipped from her closed eyes and slid down her cheeks. She was feeling so scared.

"Baby!! baby!!" her mom whispered as she crawled into Lisa's room.

"Mummy!! Mummy!!" Lisa cried out helplessly.

"Shhh baby, don't cry!" her mom whispered as she got closer to her and hugged her tightly.

Gunshots were still heard from the outside.

"Everything is going to be fine baby!" her mom said, trying to calm her down. She moved closer to her mom and hugged her tightly feeling the warmth. She felt safe in her mother's arms.

After the death of her father her mother has always been her protector, she has always been there for her and now here she is trying to console her daughter who was scared, telling her everything was going to be fine when she knew deep down nothing was going to be fine.

Before the death of her husband, his last wish was for her to take Lisa to a faraway place once she's 18 and in a few days from now Lisa would be 18.

"Mummy, I love you," Lisa whispered as she held her mom tightly. Rebecca felt her heart melt instantly. She stared at her baby who was holding unto her and the tears she's been holding for long, she finally let go.

"I promise you, Lisa, I won't let any harm come your way. I'll protect you as long as I live, " Rebecca thought and sniffed.

"I love you too baby," she whispered as sadness swept over her.

Suddenly, the door to the room burst open revealing a strange man in black, putting on a face mask making them unable to see his face.

"Mummy!!!!" Lisa screams in fear immediately the strange man barged in but then her mom held her so tight. At that moment Lisa felt like disappearing.

"Please don't harm my daughter! please!" Rebecca, Lisa's mother, cried out as the strange man took Lisa away from her.

"Tell that to your husband when you get to hell!!" the strange man said and shot Rebecca on her forehead.

"Mommy!!" Lisa yelled as she saw blood gushing out of her mother's forehead. She became numb instantly, she felt the whole world came crashing on her but immediately she regained herself she screamed at once.

"Mom!!" She cried in agony as she saw her mom dying slowly, bit by bit in front of her eyes and she couldn't do anything. Lisa turned to the strange man who was holding her and bit his hands then ran to her mom who was laying flat on the ground.

"Mommy please stay with me! please, mom!" Lisa cried out as her mother closed her eyes slowly.

"I'm sorry!" was the last word Rebecca said to her daughter before she finally Blackout.

"No! no! mom! You promised to stay with me. You promised never to leave me, mom, you said you were gonna protect me," Lisa screamed in tears as the man dragged her away.

She felt her whole world come crashing down on her at that moment. She felt this was the end of the world. The only person she had in this world. The only person that gave her hope and joy was gone. She has nothing left, she has lost everything.

"No, please help my mommy!" she cried out as sadness filled her heart but the strange man paid no attention to her cries.

"Please! I'll do whatever you want just to save my mommy!" she kept yelling nonstop.

"Fu*kshit!! you talk too much! just shut up already!" the strange man said in his cold voice and smacked her hard on her left cheek making her fall to the ground.

"This voice sounds familiar!" Lisa thought as pain seared through her.

Lisa sniffed in tears and placed her hands on her left cheeks which were hurting like hell.

"Any more words from you, I'm going to kill you!" the man who just smacked her said and she nodded, tears sliding down her cheeks.

"Now stand up!" he yelled and pulled her hair making her yelp in pain.

"You're hurting me!" she whimpered, struggling to remove his hands from her hair, and in the process of doing that she mistakenly removed the strange man's face mask.

Lisa opened her mouth wide as she saw her uncle Damon, her father's brother.

"So, he was the one behind this mask all this while?" she thought tears were sliding down her cheeks. She never thought uncle Damon could do this. They trusted him so much. He was his father after the death of hers and seeing that he was the one behind the mask who killed her mom, she felt bitter and betrayed.

"Sh*t! now you've recognized me there's no need hiding my face again!!" her uncle Damon groaned and smacked her hard again on her cheek.

"Uncle Damon why?!" Lisa asked in tears as she placed her left hands on her left cheeks which were hurting from the constant Slap uncle Damon gave her. Pain, anger surging through her. She didn't even know if it was the pain from the slap or from the heart that was hurting. She felt betrayed, hurt, and almost felt lifeless.

"Just shut up you idiot! if your mother had agreed to give me the paper to the house after your father's death then I wouldn't be doing all this!" he yelled and Lisa stared at him disgustedly.

"If we had given you the house where would we have stayed? and what would be your gain for doing all this?" Lisa asked in tears.

"I'll gain wealth! riches! money! houses! cars! name them all, as far as it concerns material things!" he said, and "You're a disgrace to your family. I curse the day I knew you were my uncle. I hate you," she spitted out and out of anger. Her uncle Damon covered her nose with a handkerchief.

"Hm.ummm..mmm," Lisa struggled with her uncle but then suddenly she blackout.

He carried her on his shoulder and dropped her inside the car.

Just then his cell phone rang. He answered the phone call and placed it on his ear.

"Done, Alfred! I'm with the girl and I'm bringing her already! I hope you are with the money?!" he said and ended the call.

He sighed and entered the car, ignited the engine, and zoomed off.


"Mommy! Please stay with me, mommy!" she whispered in her sleep.

A small bead of sweat trickled down her face.

She opened her bleary-eyed and noticed she was in a strange large room, laid on a bed.

"Where am I?" she asked no one in particular and tried sitting up but then she noticed she was tied to the bed.

She groaned in pain and closed her eyes as her head was hurting. Tears sliding down from her closed eyes down her cheeks as she remembered the past events.

"Mummy!!! she's gone, she's dead! Uncle Damon killed her!" she whimpered. "I wish this is all a dream," she thought, feeling as hurt as ever. Her heart was bleeding nonstop.

Suddenly, the door to the room creaked open. She opened her eyes and raised her head to see who entered the room and then cold ran through her arms.

She saw her uncle Damon and a strange man walked inside the room.

"Here she is Alfred! Now you believe me! Can you please give me the money we agreed on?!" Damon said and the so-called Alfred brought out his phone, did something on it, and then kept it in his pocket.

"WTF!! six million dollars!" uncle Damon yelled happily.

"You can leave now!" Alfred, who hasn't spoken since they came in, finally spoke. And she must confess his voice sounded cold, very cold and it was also filled with so much authority.

"Of course I will. You know she'll make a very good s*x slave!" uncle Damon said smiling and Lisa became numbed immediately at the mention of the " s*x slave ".

"S*x slave?!" Lisa asked no one in particular. Her heart was beating so fast.

"Oh, God!! This can't be!" She mumbled as pain seared through her heart. She felt heartbroken

She has watched so many movies and read a lot of stories on how s*x slaves were treated and now she's going to pass through the same fate.

No! No! This can't be!

"If this is a dream, I want to wake up from it" she whispered and closed her eyes briefly, letting tears flow freely from her eyes, down her cheeks.

Alfred shot her uncle Damon a deadly glare and he quickly replaced his smile with a straight face.

"Hey! you shouldn't take anything I say seriously! but please be careful when handling her because she's still my brother's child!" her uncle Damon said and with that, he exited the room leaving Lisa and Alfred alone.

"Uncle Damon! Uncle Damon! Please don't leave! Help me!" Lisa cried out struggling to free herself but then uncle Damon paid no attention to her cries and then she mumbled: " I have lost it all ".

"Your uncle is not coming back and no one is going to save you. Even if you shout from now till the end of the world!" Alfred said in his cold voice and moved towards Lisa who was now quiet. Her heart is running a marathon race.

"Do you want to know why?" he asked and placed his hands on her thigh making Lisa stiffened. chills ran through her thighs.

"Because you're now mine! my s*x slave and my property!! my accession! so keep shut!" he yelled and hit hard on her face, making her spit blood. Pain seared through her as she looked into those blue eyes of his. Her vision became blurred.

Alfred, whose eyes were filled with pure hatred, stared at her for some seconds before walking out of the room.

Lisa who was now so weak laid flat on the bed and suddenly lost consciousness.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Alfred is seen lying on his bed whispering in his sleep. Beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.

"Please don't harm my mom!! Please don't do this to my mommy Daddy please don't leave me alone" 10 years old he cried as he saw his mom and dad in the pool of their blood.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, panting heavily like Someone who has just run a marathon race. He sighed softly and placed his hands on his forehead feeling tired.

He picked up his phone and saw it was midnight, 12:30 am.

He stood up and walked inside the bathroom to take a cool bath, he just needed to calm himself down. He walked out of the bathroom and laid on the bed trying to catch some sleep but then he just couldn't sleep.

Since the incident that took place 15 years ago, he's been having sleepless nights. For the past 10 years, he's been having sleepless nights.

He stood up and walked out of his room to his study room to

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