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Don Vittorio: FINAL

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"Don Vittorio: FINAL" is the thrilling conclusion to the trilogy that follows the life of Ellis Barker, a woman involved in the dangerous world of the Italian mafia. Ellis is forced to face a grim fate after a deadly warehouse fire claimed the lives of Vittorio Amorielle, the love of her life, and Jácomo Grecco, brother of Tommaso Grecco, whom she herself killed. Now she finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between abandoning the mafia underworld with her daughter Donna, the fruit of her relationship with Vittorio, following the Plan B left by him, or remaining in the dangerous world of crime to protect Jake Amorielle, who everyone believes is Vittorio's heir, but who is actually the deceased son of her brother, Jason Barker. However, a surprising revelation contained in the letter left by him completely redefines Ellis' destiny and puts her on a collision course with all those interested in Vittorio Amorielle's legacy, including members of the mobster's own family. Aided by the mysterious warlord Rang Bone, who is charged with protecting her, Ellis returns to Pedesina with the determination to confront all those who wish to take possession of Vittorio Amorielle's legacy. However, her quest is not limited to protecting Jake and securing his right to inherit. Ellis is also determined to uncover the truth about the fateful night of the fire, and the only person who can help her is Rocco, Vittorio's former Consigliere, who is in a coma. In this final chapter full of twists and turns, betrayals and secrets, Ellis will have to face enemies both inside and outside the Italian mafia as she unravels the mysteries surrounding her life and that of Vittorio. Ellis' fate and the future of the Amorielle family will finally be revealed.

Chapter 1

The day was gloomy and gray, as if the sky itself was mourning the tragedy that had befallen Ellis Smith's life. Dressed in black, she walked with heavy steps through the room, greeting the guests who had come to offer their condolences. By her side, holding her hand firmly, was her daughter, Donna, whose sad eyes reflected the pain they both shared.

Ellis gazed at the large photo of John Smith, strategically positioned at the entrance of the house. “Loyal husband, wonderful father. He will be missed,” read the inscription beneath the image. However, those words were lies, starting with John Smith himself, who was Jácomo Grecco, the brother of the man whom Ellis had killed six years ago as revenge for the death of her brother, Jason.

Jácomo had lied to Ellis from the beginning, using the identity of John Smith while waiting for the right moment to exact his revenge. He had kidnapped both Ellis and Donna, threatening to take their lives. The threats were real, but what happened that night in the warehouse remained a mystery known only to God.

All of this had started because of Jácomo's desire for vengeance against Vittorio Amorielle, Donna's true father and the love of Ellis's life. The lines that separated loyalty and betrayal, love and hatred, were blurred and confusing in that somber moment.

Ellis continued to receive the mourners, maintaining a serene expression despite the storm of emotions raging within her. Familiar and unfamiliar faces blended into an indistinct mass, and she could barely hear the words of consolation directed at her.

She looked again at the photo of John Smith, an ironic smile playing on her lips. That image was a sham, a representation of a life that never existed. Behind the facade of a devoted husband and loving father was the real Jácomo Grecco, a man thirsting for revenge.

Ellis's gaze wandered into the void as her mind revisited the events of that fateful night in the warehouse. Flames, screams, chaos. The memories were fragmented, and distorted by trauma. She knew that Jácomo was there, as was Vittorio, the man she loved and who was also the father of her daughter. But what exactly happened, and who was the charred body found amidst the ashes?

The Amorielle family had taken the body for identification, but uncertainty hung over everyone. Was it Jácomo or Vittorio? This doubt haunted her because it meant she couldn't be certain that her great love had truly departed.

As the guests continued to arrive and offer words of comfort, Ellis felt a gentle hand squeezing hers. It was Donna, her daughter, who offered a sympathetic look. Ellis looked at Donna, concerned about how the girl was coping with the situation.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” Ellis asked gently, her eyes fixed on the small figure with black hair by her side. Donna smiled at her mother, a fragile yet sincere smile.

“I'm a little tired, Mom,” Donna said, her soft voice laden with sadness. “But I'm okay.”

Ellis gently stroked Donna's hair, feeling grateful to have her daughter by her side despite all the twists their lives had faced. “You can rest soon, alright?”

Donna nodded and squeezed her mother's hand, finding comfort in her presence. Ellis smiled tenderly at her daughter and then turned as the room door opened once more.

Rang Bone, the arms dealer and a loyal friend of Vittorio Amorielle, entered through the door. His expression was serious, and he immediately approached Ellis, whispering in a low voice. “Ellis, is everything all right?”

Ellis looked into Rang's eyes, feeling the tension in the air. “Tell me everything went well,” she responded in an equally discreet tone.

Rang nodded in relief. “Yes, everything went according to plan.”

Ellis felt a weight lift from her shoulders upon hearing Rang's words. She knew there was much at stake, and any misstep could expose the truth she struggled to keep hidden. She nodded in gratitude to Rang, and then it was at that moment that the door swung open again, revealing Peter and Ava, John Smith's supposed parents, or at least that's what everyone believed.

Ava approached Ellis with eyes full of sorrow and embraced her sincerely. “I'm so sorry for John's death, Ellis. He was our son, and you've always been part of our family.”

Ellis accepted the embrace with gratitude, concealing the true emotions that swirled within her. It was strange to see Ava and Peter, whom she had known as her in-laws for so long, knowing that their lives were based on a web of lies.

Peter approached Donna and gently embraced her, murmuring comforting words to the girl. Ellis watched the scene, feeling a mixture of emotions. On the one hand, she was grateful for the support the two had provided to her family all those years, but on the other hand, she knew it was time to confront the truth.

She stepped away from Ava and Peter's embrace, keeping her composure. “Ava, Peter, could you accompany me to the bedroom? There are some things of John's I'd like to give to you.”

Ava nodded, still wearing a sorrowful look in her eyes, while Peter nodded in gratitude to Ellis. Together, they followed Ellis to the bedroom, where a series of secrets and revelations awaited to be unveiled.

As they climbed the stairs, Ellis felt the weight of all the lies they had kept for so long. She knew that the revelation of the truth was inevitable, and now, more than ever, she was determined to uncover all the secrets surrounding that complex web of relationships and betrayals.


Ellis Smith was in her room, where the atmosphere of John Smith's funeral, or Jácomo Grecco, seemed even more distant. She knew she needed to act quickly before her facade was unmasked once and for all. With a discreet gesture, she made her way to the drawer of her dresser, where a revelation that could change everything was stored.

The moment Ava and Peter entered the room, the tension in the air was almost palpable. Ava took the initiative and spoke, her voice trembling with sadness. “Ellis, you don't need to give us anything. We're here to...”

Ellis smiled, interrupting her gently. “You're right, Ava. In fact, I don't want to give you anything. Nothing you don't deserve.”

Ava's eyes widened in surprise while Peter looked at her with curiosity. Before they could understand what was happening, Ellis turned with a gun in her hands. Shock overtook Ava and Peter, and they raised their hands in surrender.

Then, suddenly, Ellis turned, and in her hands, the gun gleamed. Peter, alarmed, asked in distress, “Ellis, what are you doing?”

Ellis didn't waste time. She was determined to get answers, no matter the cost. “Ava, close the door,” she ordered, the gun pointed in Ava's direction.

Ava, now in a panic, stammered, “Ellis, you're insane?”

Ellis pointed the gun at Ava with determination. “I am insane, Ava. And I'm crazy enough to shoot just as I am.”

She adjusted the silencer on the gun and pointed it again, this time with more firmness, repeating the order with a steady voice, “Close the door, Ava.”

Peter, still in disbelief, tried to appeal to reason. “Ellis, you're not going to shoot. This will only make things worse.”

Ellis smiled coldly. “It will only make things worse for you if you don't cooperate. Now, close the door.”

Ava, realizing that Ellis was willing to go all the way, closed the door to the room. Peter was visibly nervous, sweating profusely, as both of them sat on the bed, under the gun's aim.

Ellis, with the gun still pointed, broke the tense silence. “Now, let's start from the beginning. Who are you, and why did you pretend to be John Smith's parents all these years?”

Ava took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. “You know who we are, dear.”

Ellis shot Ava in the foot, making her cry out in pain. Then she aimed the gun at Peter, whose face was contorted in agony. “You better start communicating properly with me.”

Peter, gasping from the pain, finally spoke. “Our names are Dmitry Nikolaevich and Maria Petrova.”

Ellis stared at Ava, repeating the name “Maria Petrova,” and then asked, her eyes fixed on her: “What is your relationship with Laura and Olga?”

Ava stared at Ellis with a serious expression and replied with determination: “I'm their aunt. And if you think you'll get out of here alive...”

Before she could finish her threat, Ellis shot again, this time at Ava, and then at Peter. The two fell on the bed, lifeless.

Ellis took a deep breath, her heart pounding, and then left the room, leaving behind Ava and Peter dead on her bed. The truth was emerging, and Ellis's journey of vengeance was far from over.


Ellis Smith descended the stairs of her house, the heavy atmosphere of John Smith's funeral still lingering in the air. Her steps were determined, and she soon saw Rang Bone approaching her with a serious expression.

“Where are Ava and Peter?” Rang asked, with a worried voice.

Ellis looked at Rang with determination and replied, “Dmitry Nikolaevich and Maria Petrova are lying in my bed, in an eternal sleep.”

Rang's eyes widened in surprise. “Did you get any information from them?”

Ellis shrugged, seemingly indifferent to Rang's words. “Only their names, Rang. I didn't have time for more.”

Rang furrowed his brow, concerned. “What do you mean you didn't have time?”

Ellis sighed and explained, “I eliminated them before I could ask more questions. But at least I found out that Maria Petrova is Laura and Olga's aunt.”

Rang let out a heavy sigh. “Ellis, you need to learn to control yourself more. You can't just shoot people like that.”

Ellis shrugged, apparently unfazed by Rang's words. “It doesn't matter. They wouldn't have given up much anyway.”

She continued down the stairs and finally reached the living room, where the guests were gathered in silence. Ellis addressed them, her voice firm and determined.

“I want to thank all of you for being here today,” she began, her eyes moving across the faces of everyone present. “I will soon send the promised sums to each of you. Good job, everyone.”

The guests nodded, some with serious expressions and others feigning sadness, like skilled actors in the elaborate performance created by Ellis to lure Dmitry Nikolaevich and Maria Petrova, the fake parents of John Smith, into her trap. She was determined to uncover the truth about Jácomo Grecco, no matter the cost.

As the actors left, Ellis was ready for the next step in her plan. She knew that the journey was far from over, and that more revelations and challenges awaited her in the future. But for now, she was willing to do whatever it took to get closer to the truth she sought so desperately.

Chapter 2

After the departure of the actors hired by Ellis, the atmosphere in her home began to calm down. She walked through the rooms, closing doors and windows, reflecting on the actions she had taken. Rang Bone watched her silently, his attentive eyes fixed on the brunette as she moved with determination.

Finally, Rang broke the silence. “Ellis, you need to be calmer in your decisions,” he said, his voice serious and concerned.

Ellis stopped and turned to face Rang, her gaze defiant. “I made the right decision,” she replied, with conviction.

Rang sighed, looking frustrated. “Shooting Dmitry Nikolaevich and Maria Petrova without even knowing who sent them was a misstep.”

Ellis smiled enigmatically, as if she knew something that Rang didn't. “It was actually a headshot,” she said, maintaining her calm tone of voice.

Rang furrowed his brow, clearly confused. “What do you mean by 'headshot'?”

Ellis ch


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