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Author Repha

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About me

I am Author Repha from Nigeria, West Africa. I write in the romance genre, preferably billionaire romance. My books are captivating and would keep you hooked till the end. Enjoy my writing, love you all.


Book cover
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“Now take your b*st*rd daughter and get out of my sight! If you ever step foot into this mansion again, you will die!” Elsa Boseman’s thunderous voice sounded all over the room. Her lips quivered as the tears streamed down her cheek freely. “No..mother in-law, please! I’m innocent!” She cried from the floor where she was kneeling before Elsa Boseman. “Leave, you sl*t! Take this b*st*rd and get out of this place!” She heard Mrs Taiwo’s voice and her tears increased. “Guards! Guards! Take her out!” Dotun's provoking voice sounded all over the room. “No..I’m innocent, please don’t throw me out! Mother in-law!” She cried as she rushed over to Elsa Boseman. “No.. mother, I have nowhere to go!” She cried as she knelt before the two women. She was pulled up by the guards along with her daughter who was still crying uncontrollably. As she struggled with the men, she took a glance at Daren who was sitting dejectedly on the long couch with his head bowed. “My love, I'm innocent! Please don’t let them throw me out! Daren!” She shouted with her full strength but he remained silent and didn’t look in her direction. ** The rumbling of thunder could be heard as the rain continued to pour down mercilessly. Her lips continued to quiver and her body trembled as she wrapped her one year old daughter in her bosom. She thought of everything happening in her life at the moment. She had been accused, betrayed and rejected by the family she had worshiped all through the years. She looked at her daughter who was now sleeping peacefully in her arms and she sighed. “I will make them pay,” she said as flashes of lightning appeared in the sky.


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