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The Virgin Wife

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In the steamy and captivating story of “The Virgin Wife “ Beautiful Eve is left with no choice other than getting married to Jason who is arrogant and has not an iota of respect or love for her. Eve is in need of changing the poor status of her family and Jason needs to secure his company by getting a wife. Their marriage is built on pretence and deceit for the sake of keeping his company and her family's new wealth. However, things change the minute Jason finds out Eve was a virgin the next morning after their first s*x.

Chapter 1

Eve's POV

Standing on the altar dressed in an expensive wedding gown with your beloved husband is what most ladies wish for right? But mine was completely different.

I never got the opportunity to wear an expensive wedding gown or at least a beloved husband by my side. I was standing next to the wrong man. A total stranger who did nothing but frown and glower.

I wasn't wearing a white dress let alone an expensive wedding gown. I was dressed in a light red gown that my tailor made at the last minute. I didn't even get a flower bouquet, just a strand of flowers.

"Do you, Eves Jameson, solemnly declare to take Jason Coleman as your lawfully wedded husband?”

I stared straight at the officiant as he uttered those words I dreaded the most.  I never imagined I would be getting married to a stranger I've barely known for a few days. I certainly don't accept James Coleman as my husband.

I was silent for a few seconds.

"Do you Eves Jameson solemnly declare to take Jameson Coleman as your lawfully wedded husband?” The officiant asked once again.

This time, I felt my heartbeat increase faster. I was a little shaky. I turned to the hall to stare at my family; My Mum and Dad.

"Eve, speak up!” My father said in a hush voice to me.

I was very much aware that this marriage would benefit my family and I the most. I felt it was rushed because I never got the opportunity to know much about Jameson or even love him. But this is for the benefit of my family, I have to do it.

I tried my best to swallow the lump on my throat. So, I was able to speak the words I'm afraid to say, which is "Yes, I do."

“Miss Jameson?”

I felt Jameson's grip tighten around my fingers as I tried to pull my hands out. His tight grip holds a small warning.

He glared at me as I slightly raised my head up. I felt like I was wasting his time. My gaze jumped to his face, but he was staring straight ahead, eyes on the officiant, his sharp features set in stone. I thought I saw a muscle in his jaw ticking, but then blinked, and it was gone.

“Miss Jameson?”

I cleared my throat immediately in order to speak. Of course, there was no need to cry or worry about our loveless marriage. In fact, not every marriage is about love.

I heaved a deep sigh.

“Yes, I do.” I replied with a fake smile on my face. I had to smile to avoid any suspicions.

"That’s my daughter!” My father shouted excitedly.

I turned to stare at my excited family. Of course, I had to smile at them. I had to do this.

The officiant turned to my so-called husband.

“Do you James Coleman…"

“Yes, I do.” Jason replied with a cold look on his face. I knew for sure that he never wanted this marriage as much as I do.

My parents became more excited. They can't believe they are the in-laws of one of the biggest tech companies in the states. They ought to be excited.

The officiant smiled.

"Please, face each other,” he said. I followed his instructions, like a robot.

Jason pulled out a wedding ring from his pocket. I could tell that he wants us to get over this as soon as possible.

He slowly slid the ring into my finger.

I reached for his hand to put on the cheap wedding band I bought earlier.I quickly slid it into his fingers and it fits him perfectly.

I stared at the beautiful ring he got for me and the cheap wedding band I could only afford. I felt it would be better if I never got a wedding band for him in the first place because he stared at it dejectedly.

We turned to the officiant as Jason held my hands.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride”

“Kiss the bride?!” I exclaimed in my mind as I stared at the officiant.

I turned to my parents who were already clapping their hands. As if getting forced into this marriage isn't enough, I still have to kiss a stranger who isn't nice to me.

I heaved a deep sigh. I guess there isn't much about kissing him. I mean, we are married even if it isn't an actual marriage, we'll get over it.

I avoided his eyes, rose up on my toes, and brushed a small kiss on his cheek.

Just as I was about to let go of him, his now free hand grabbed my wrist in a gentle hold and our eyes met

I forced another smile on my face and watched him slowly lean down to press a kiss to the edge of my mouth.

My heartbeat quickened as he let go of me. I guess a kiss doesn't mean much. Maybe for me, but not for him.

We turned to my family who were super excited.

“Congratulations, I wish you two a happy married life.” The officiant's voice broke us apart.

I closed my eyes as I heaved a deep sigh, so that was it. I'm now officially married.

My Mum and Dad walked closer to us.

“Congratulations Eve.” My Mum smiled as she hugged me. I could tell by her voice that she felt a bit sad that I was leaving her.

Jason wasn't interested. He didn't even look at my parents. He continued checking his wrist-watch.

“Is everything okay?” My Dad asked.

"Yes, I need to collect the marriage certificate as soon as possible. Eve and I would be leaving for London first thing tomorrow morning.”

“First thing tomorrow morning?!” My Dad exclaimed.

"You heard me right. Clinton, get the car ready." Jason said to his driver.

I didn't like the way he talked to my parents but my parents didn't care about that.

"Are you on a business trip?” My Dad asked once again.

“Yeah. Brimsley will be here soon to take you guys home in your new car. The other gifts are already at your home.” Jason replied.

“Gifts and a car?!” My parents exclaimed happily.

They were excited apart from me. I felt like they were selling me off. They were more excited about what they got from the marriage than me getting married to him.

“You can wait for me in the car. I'll get the certificate now.” Jason turned to me.

I nodded my head.

"Mum and Dad. I guess we should be leaving now. Please remember to greet Granny. I'll visit soon.” I said to them,

“A car. Oh my goodness.”

They were obviously not interested in what I was saying. They were more interested in the car and gifts.

I heaved a deep sigh.

“Mum, I'd be leaving now. Bye”

“Oh, you're leaving already. There's no problem. Remember to be a good girl. Obey him and do everything you're told. Remember the benefit of this marriage.” My father smiled at me.

I nodded my head gently. I hugged my Dad gently.

I walked out of the court to the car. Clinton and Jason were already waiting for me in the car. I could tell by Jason's facial expression that he wasn't happy about our marriage.

We're married already. We'll get through this.

I walked into the car gently.

They were both silent. I didn't dare utter a word. I stared at the paper in Jason's hands. I knew for sure that it's our marriage certificate.

Jason threw the paper at me. I noticed there were two papers instead of one. I caught the papers immediately.

“That’s our marriage certificate and also our marriage contract. You shall abide by whatever rule is written there.” He said.

He instructed Clinton to take us home immediately.

On our way home, I read through the marriage contract. I was at least happy that our marriage won't interfere with our personal life. We just have to avoid getting into scandals.

I was okay with the contract, my opinion doesn't matter anyway. I put the paper into an envelope.

Arriving at Jason's villa, we alighted from the car. It's my second time visiting his home. I never thought I would visit here again after the last incident.

We walked into the Mansion. I noticed there was no one at home. Just him and I.

I walked behind him as he showed the house to me.

“Do I have to sleep in a different room from yours?” I asked gently.

Jason scowled at me. I know for sure he doesn't like such an idea.

"My Grandma will start living with us tomorrow. I don't want her to have any suspicions about our marriage. So, we have to sleep together from tomorrow but for today. We'll sleep in Separate rooms.” He replied.

I heaved a deep sigh. I walked into the room which was mine. I knew for sure that it was the guest room.

I was too tired to worry about the room given to me. I lay on the bed wondering how I ended up in this marriage.

I have always wondered what an actual wedding night looks like. Having fun with your husband and being intimate with each other that very night. I've only read about it in movies and books. I never thought mine would be like this.

I picked up the marriage contract once again to go through the rules. I noticed there was something off in the fifth rule.

“No s*x.”

Chapter 2

Jack's POV

After a few months of struggling to get a wife for the sake of my company, it was finally over! But I still found it hard to believe I'm finally married.

I heaved a deep sigh before reaching for the duplicate of the marriage contract.

I read through the marriage contract. I guess there were few things that needed amendment in the contract like the, “No sex rule.”

I know the reason for our marriage is for an heir for the company but I don't love Eve and I will never think of having such an affair with her.

I dropped the paper on my bed before laying down. I wondered how I'll face the clusterluck I had just created. I can't even hold a conversation with her. If not because of the shareholders, I wouldn't have been in such a mess.

*Two months ago

“Boss, are you ready? The shareholders are already waiting for you in the office.” Clinton said at the end of the phone.

I stared at my wrist-watch. I was

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