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Married To A Heartless Billionaire

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MATURED CONTENTS: 18+ This book contains matured contents. I suggest readers should be at least 18+ to read, as the content could be inappropriate or triggering for some. In this story our female lead is not childish or slow witted, she is independent and dominant, watch her be the villain in her own story or is she? * * * * * * * * * * There are a lot of things Olive Martinez looked forward to but breaking a married man's home wasn't one of them, she was a call girl and he was a one time client that would change her life forever.

Chapter 1


In my line of job men were the prey and we were the predators, well not all the time but if you knew how to play your cards well you could leave a normal life as any average woman and that was where I came in. I wasn't born into this business honestly, I wasn't even forced into doing it and honestly, I had barely started but I needed the money to sustain myself and keep on living a normal life.

I know you are already trying to figure out what my job is exactly but I won't say, let's just say I didn't get the opportunity to call it a full-time job when I met this man in the club, it had been like any other day, my usual routine was to come to the club get a man, have s*x with him, get paid and leave.

Technically, it wasn't exactly my usual routine because you see I had only been intimate with one man so far, the pay had been too good that I didn't bother coming to the club for months but when I was running low on cash again I was back in the club dressed in the most revealing dress ever. It was just my second time in this job and I tell you for a fact that everyone hated me here because the first man I had been with was a very tough man to get but I had gotten him without even making an effort.

The sight of me didn't sit well with them, only their boss who they called princess who happens to be my best friend, who happens to be the one who had introduced me to this job in the first place, at this point she was willing to take lessons from me on how to seduce a man. I didn't have any tricks up my sleeves, I was just lucky to be endowed in the right places naturally, I had full breasts and a big butt for a slender woman like me, it would look like it was surgical but it was all natural.

"Back again," princess smiled at me hugging me tightly.

"Just for today," I said but she wasn't buying it, she had told me I would come back again but I had told her I wouldn't but here I was again like a fool ready to hunt again.

She gave me a quick peck and left me to figure out myself, this wasn't the place to discuss, it was a place to get down to business and make some money. I had barely gotten to the bar when a man approached me and I turned him down before he could even speak, you see I needed quick cash but not stupid cash.

I needed money that would last me a long while like the last, so being observant of my environment was a top priority for me, I couldn't just offer myself to anybody, I had to be sure of his bank account details, and looking at that man he didn't look like he had much, it wasn't like he said anything about being broke but I could just tell when a man wasn't financially capable.

I got to the bar and took my seat when a man caught my eye, he was sited in the VIP section and he seemed to be arguing with another man verbally, it wasn't the man that had first caught my eye but the tattoo peeping out of his sleeves.

Tattoos were a big turn-on for me, they did things to my body that I couldn't explain, I could instantly become a naughty girl just for those hands to touch my body but I remained cool and tried to be composed, men like that were hard to get, from his wristwatch, his shoe to his demeanor, I could tell he was rich, there was just something about this kind of rich men. They were captivating and inviting.

"He is mine," I heard a voice behind me, as a lady walked passed me wearing a thong and a net-like long-sleeve top revealing her n*ppl*s for me to see, like I said earlier, they hated me here but I was open for drama. I watched her walk to the VIP section majestically as the bodyguard allowed her in, it didn't take long before the man yelled at her and chased her off, I watched her run out of the VIP section raining curses at him and it only made me burst out laughing.

Men like that were hard to tame, they were mostly here to do business but I knew just how to get him, you had to make men like him believe they were in control of the narrative, well that was what I knew. I continued to stare in his direction, you see this was the plan to get him to make eye contact just once with me, it was a risky plan but it worked all the time. I watched his pink plum lips move as he talked, his blue eyes, his chiseled jawline, what was such a handsome man doing in this club and how did I miss him the last time?

The sight of him only made me more determined to do my best to get him to notice me, I was this close to giving up when he finally looked my way briefly, but I wasted no time in nodding my head as a sign for him to come to me, I wasn't sure if he noticed it as he was already back to talking to the other man again. I eventually gave up and decided to scan the restaurant and look for another fish in the ocean.

I ordered a drink while I was at it, getting high a little bit was important, it wasn't advisable to do things like this with a clear eye. I finally caught sight of a man when I felt a presence behind me.

"Women always come to me, I have never seen one who dares to call me."

It was him and he was standing right behind me, I suddenly felt wet at the sound of his voice.

Chapter 2


I tilted my head just a little bit as I looked upward to meet his eyes, he was tall, I had always been in control of the situations around me when it came to men but in this man's case I was lost for words for the first time in my life, there was something about his presence, he had barely said anything and I was finding it hard to start a sentence.

I could feel the eyes of the other girls in the club secretly looking at us but this man was less concerned about anyone, his eyes were fixed on me and if I didn't know better I would say he had already undressed me with his eyes.

"I wasn't sure you would come, so, wanna get out of here?" I went straight to the point taking a sip from my drink and looking back at him. Eye contact was also very important, it made them think of you as being mysterious because women were fond of being timid when it came to eye contact, in fact, the ladies here acted dumb and silly around their clie


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