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Gabby Sobio

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About me

In the realm where words dance and imagination takes flight, I am but a humble weaver of tales, crafting stories that stir the depths of your soul. With every stroke of my pen, I breathe life into characters, summoning worlds both familiar and extraordinary. Journey with me through the labyrinth of emotions, where joy dances with sorrow and love battles the shadows of doubt. Together, we shall embark on an odyssey of words, where the power of storytelling holds the key to unlocking the extraordinary within ourselves. Dare to be captivated, for within these pages, the extraordinary awaits.


The Virgin Wife
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  • 8.4

In the steamy and captivating story of “The Virgin Wife “ Beautiful Eve is left with no choice other than getting married to Jason who is arrogant and has not an iota of respect or love for her. Eve is in need of changing the poor status of her family and Jason needs to secure his company by getting a wife. Their marriage is built on pretence and deceit for the sake of keeping his company and her family's new wealth. However, things change the minute Jason finds out Eve was a virgin the next morning after their first sex.

The Billionaire’s Brat
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  • 7.5

Nineteen-year-old Tiffany Dion is daddy's little girl, and she would do anything to save her father's company, even if that includes getting married to a pompous show off who calls her a rude brat. Although her husband to be is currently top three among the world's youngest directors, Tiffany can't help but think that he's just childish and annoying. At first, they had it out for each other, fighting over the pettiest and darnest things, but after everything, they put aside their differences and let love lead them. But not without facing some obstacles in the way of their love. Shawn always comes to her rescue whenever she's in danger because she's his brat. Not anyone's but his.

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Amelia is shattered, meeting with an ex from six years ago, at an event. She, however, returns to the same apartment after some time for a job, since funds are needed to secure the life of her mother. Things turn out well between Eddie and Amelia, one last time and an uncertain relationship begins, indirectly. Eddie is happy to be with her once again, not until the arrival of his ex-wife, Jenna. Amelia, sensing she cannot cope with a rude woman as Jenna, quits her job and heads back to her home. Eddie becomes unhappy once more. Fate happens and it is discovered that Chloe, a daughter Jenna claimed to have for him, is not his. He is now determined to go for Amelia again, but Amelia on the other hand, may not be willing to return with him. Find out in the enthralling novel what fate holds for these individuals.


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