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“I cannot make you my Luna, but I can make you my mistress!” Alpha Zyk’s hoarse voice pulled my numb mind alert as I squirmed under his heavy gaze. Every part of his body was strong and hard. I had never seen a man like this in my whole life. His ripped abs bulging from his arms were hard, his broad and squared shoulders hard as well, and the most affecting of all was his rock hard d*ck that brushed at my back side. It was a strange feeling; feeling repulsed by someone and wanting the person at the same time. His presence alone made all my senses alive. I wrapped my arms around my body tightly, simultaneously terrified and curious of what he might do to me. “From now on female, you only do what I say!” Emma Price, a half werewolf, half vampire watched her mother killed in cold blood at the young age of five, rendering her mute from that moment. In a bid to keep his daughter safe, Elgin, Emma’s father took his child and fled to the human realm where he kept Emma locked inside for her own safety. But Emma’s curiosity and wolf, Ashley led her to meet her mate, Alpha Zyk, the first day she stepped out of the house. Her life plunges into jeopardy when she realizes that her mate doesn’t even want a mute half-blood as his Luna but just a mistress. Tired of dealing with being treated like trash, Emma escapes from the grasp of her mate, after discovering she was pregnant with his child. An event that would either make or break her.


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