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Maria Elise

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Alpha Ryan's Hybrid Luna
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"You have your mistress, why I'm not allowed sexual contact with other men?" Ella challenged her husband, Ryan.  "If you want a sex partner, my dear wife, I will only allow it in addition to me," Ryan replied. With a deep, husky whisper, he added,  "I don't mind sharing, I even enjoy watching. But if I find out you enjoyed someone else's without me, I will punish you. And I warn you, I will enjoy punishing you..." As a hybrid banished from her father's pack and considered an abomination in the human world, Ella has fought hard to make a name for herself. However after her stepsister Aria eloped, Ella was forced to take her place in an arranged marriage with political benefits set by the Council. She married a werewolf! A notorious playboy beast!  If her so-called husband could only leave her alone... but he didn't! He kept pestering her, teasing her... Will Ella succumb to Ryan's punishing love or fight for her independence and a chance at true happiness? Find out in this steamy werewolf romance.

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"Little bunny, little bunny. Wolf is HUNGRY!" The voice taunted me, followed by an evil cackle. "Run, rabbit. RUN!" A monstrous bellow boomed through the night sky and crashed into my soul like a sledgehammer. I could feel a chill sweeping across my body and my heart pounding in my chest. The echoes of howls and laughter followed me from behind as I ran for my life. Elisabeth's life had been harder than most since she was a child - a distant and often cruel mother and her never-ending cycle of addiction that had taken over her life. But on this fateful night, something far more sinister was lurking in the darkness, ready to take her away from it all. Massive figures appeared out of nowhere, growling and taunting her. She tried to scream, but nothing would come out; before she knew it, she was waking up in a world where Viking werewolves ruled with mysterious faeries at their side. Every five years, they traveled to the human realm, collecting ten girls for their mate run - and tonight, Elisabeth was one of them. With only a white dress and her bare feet, Elisabeth stood beside the other nine girls as the beasts prowled around them menacingly. A silver dagger pierced each of their wrists, signaling the start of the hunt! "We honor the moon goddess; let your blood lead your mate to you!"


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