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Rosie Meachem

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In a world plagued by betrayal and deceit, Daisy's life takes a dark turn after the tragic loss of her mother. Forced to endure the cruelty of her stepmother and stepsister, she finds solace in the unwavering support of her neighbor, Ethan. But just as she's about to embark on a new chapter with Ethan, Daisy's world is shattered once again. Awakening on a mysterious island, Daisy discovers she's been thrust into a chilling predicament. Alongside countless other women, she is subjected to physical examinations and awaits an unimaginable fate as the chosen one to become Alpha's Breeder for Gabriel Stone, a wealthy and dangerous werewolf. Determined to resist her captor's desires, Daisy's defiance only seems to deepen Gabriel's fascination with her. As their relationship takes an unexpected turn, Gabriel begins to fall in love with Daisy, enthralled by her spirit and strength. But Daisy remains resolute in her mission to escape, willing to risk it all for her freedom. In a desperate bid for liberation, Daisy seizes an opportunity to strike back, but the shocking truth behind her family's deception exposes her to a whole new level of danger. Grasping for a lifeline, Daisy discovers she carries the precious gift of life within her a child who becomes her sole reason to fight back and reclaim her inheritance. Enter Gabriel, hope glimmering on the horizon. Daisy strikes a deal with the enigmatic Alpha. Promising him their child and marriage, Daisy implores Gabriel to help her regain everything that had been taken from her. With conspiracies, conditions, and their hearts hanging in the balance, Daisy and Gabriel embark on a treacherous journey of love, revenge, and redemption. Will Gabriel choose to stand by Daisy's side and honor her plea? Can Daisy outwit her treacherous family and reclaim her rightful place? In a world where betrayal lurks at every corner, their love will be pushed to its limits, as the duo navigates the realms of power, lust, and ultimately, salvation.


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