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Rosie Meachem

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  • 👁 47.8K
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"I, Alpha Miller, hereby reject you, Isla Higgins, as my mate and Luna of the Pembroke pack," he said with a smirk as his beta pinned me against the wall. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces, and I felt a physical ache in my body as pain penetrated through me. “There is no competition here.” Mora, the girl who had made my life hell since childhood, wrapped herself around my fated mate, and he pulled her into his chest, kissing her with passion and lust. I glared at her in frustration and wished I could punch her fake image. Isla decides to leave the pack after the humiliating rejection and the betrayal. Five years later, she returns to her old pack after her mother falls ill. As she comes to terms with the past and becomes a respected warrior in the Eclipse Moon Pack, secrets and lies are revealed. Isla must decide whether to give her ex-mate a second chance or realize her worth without him.


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