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You Are Mine (Bound To Me Series)

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After one painful and humiliating night, Mia was left wondering if Master Reed was just a figure that she dreamed up when she secretly discovered the world of BDSM. Until she collided with him in the conference room at her office building and found out just how real he actually was and he's made it very clear that he is going to be her Master. Reed bought "Bean Me" with the intention of claiming Mia as his submissive. A dream he'd had ever since the night he had picked her up off the sidewalk at his club "The Dungeon" three years earlier. Before that dream can come true, it is threatened when his manipulating ex-wife comes back into the picture with every intention of staying there. She brings a few nasty surprises as well that will leave Mia and Reed reeling and wondering if there is any way their fragile budding relationship.18+ Adults only. Explicit Scenes, BDSMBound To Me Series Contains Four books, You Are Mine, You Are Ours, Because I Want To, and They Are Mine.

CHAPTER 1: Prologue

“I really should be getting home," I said for the hundredth time.

I reluctantly followed my best friend Lizzie towards the entrance. This was apparently an exclusive nightclub that she just couldn't wait to introduce me to and had been bugging me about it all night.

"No! Come on, we're almost there," she said hurriedly.

She grabbed my arm and began dragging me past the line of young women dressed in... Well, absolutely nothing really.

To give them credit, they had a few scraps on mostly in the form of gothic corsets and cloth that was supposed to be miniskirts even though they barely made it to the cloth category.

"Wannabees," Lizzie spat out in disgust.

"And how are we any different?" I asked as I gestured to our outfits that she had insisted we wear.

Though I have to admit the green lace corset she shoved me into did emphasize the green in my eyes, what little there was; it also greatly emphasizes my bust, and believe me at a D cup size that is not exactly a good thing. Also, I could do without the stiletto stripper heels that she insisted I wear as well. Luckily, I got away with the knee-length skirt by refusing to come if she didn't let me cover my *ss...sets. That alone made me stand out in a crowd of what she called 'wannabees'.

"Believe me when we get in there, you'll understand," she said mysteriously with a wink and a smile.

"And how are we going to get in?" I asked hesitantly, not really sure if I wanted to know.

A mischievous grin broke out on her face, "Oh, you'll see."

I groaned, “How did I let you talk me into this? I can barely see straight much less walk in these ridiculous heels you wanted me to wear tonight and now you have me club crashing."

“S*ck it up, Mia. You're going to love this. You are always complaining that your life is so boring. Well, take a deep breath and get ready, I'm about to rock your world," said Lizzie.

I just rolled my eyes thinking that this was typical Lizzie, tell her black coffee was boring and she'd bring home a double chocolate mocha. She was the type of girl that made going overboard an everyday occurrence. Me, I was steady and predictable, if someone complained about boring coffee, I would hand them a new mug.

I gave an inward sigh, that's how Lizzie talked me into “leaving my comfort zone" and "exploring new options" or as she put it, "finding a man who could make your panties wet with just a glance".

There was no way I was going to tell Lizzie that despite my modest lifestyle, I was hoarding BDSM books secretly in the back of my closet. They had been sitting next to my nightstand, these books being a recent addition to my romance collection, but my ex-boyfriend Charles had found them, and when I confessed it was something I had wanted to try, he flipped out and called me a freak stating I needed help, then left.

As deep in my thoughts as I was, I hadn't even realized Lizzie had stopped until I ran into her back. In my normal outfit of jeans, a T-shirt, and comfy sneakers, I was ill-coordinated at the best of times. In three-inch, barely-there heels, and a tight skirt, my willpower was no match for my inherent klutziness. My behind found the ground, followed promptly by my head and that was all she wrote.

I came around slowly, kind of like floating back to reality. I heard sounds, but they seemed far away and muffled as if I was underwater. My mind struggled back to the forefront as I cracked my eyes open slowly and painfully. My heart was pounding as I tried to figure out where I was and found I was momentarily thankful that I was not in the hospital. That meant that the pain in my head felt worse than it actually was.

I groggily looked around wishing my eyes would focus on something, anything. The room was dimly lit by what I quickly realized was a roaring fire that was off to the left-hand side making it hard to see, although with my pounding head anything brighter would have made me throw up.

I sat up slowly knowing fast movements were the quickest way to make me sick. I gently rested my head in my hands as I took several deep breaths to stave off nausea threatening to rise in me. Since this was not the first time that I had knocked myself out, I knew what was going on, and thankfully it was only the second.

I was sitting on a large couch. Well, I assume it was a couch. The brown leather monstrosity screamed 'I AM MAN'; however, it was big enough to lie on comfortably. I looked around gingerly as the pounding in my head soon faded to a dull throb. This room looked like either a library or a study; the walls were covered in shelves that were lined with books. I looked in front of me and my suspicions were confirmed when I saw the desk across the room. It was also oversized but was almost spotless. Was it ever even used? I found myself wondering since the only things that were on it were a lamp and a pen holder.

Curiosity pulled me to my feet, however, the dizziness that assaulted me caused me to sit down again and breathe deeply once more. I silently prayed that my own stupidity wouldn't cause me to embarrass myself anymore.

"Do not stand up again," said a deep voice from the doorway.

I lifted my head. The shadow that encased the darkened doorway was large in every way and there was no doubt in my mind that it was the owner of this oversized room. He stalked closer until he towered above me, causing me to crane my neck so I could keep track of him. This giant shadow of a man unnerved me. I felt my breath catch as fear, anxiety, and fascination warred with each other inside me.

"Do you realize how stupid that little stunt was?" The shadow growled.

Oh sh*t. This giant of a man was really p*ss*d.

“I’m really sorry if I've caused you any inconvenience. If you'll tell me where my friend is then I'll get her and you'll be rid of me," I said trembling.

Fear tinged with excitement was coursing through me still and my rational mind became confused with my imagination as to whether or not this man was real or just playing the starring role in my naughtiest BDSM dreams. Just like there was no way to doubt how my body was reacting to just his voice, I did not doubt in my mind that this man was a Dom through and through. As to whether he was a practicing one, I left it to my mind's imagination.

“I was talking about you walking around in those blasted shoes you were wearing. You are extremely lucky you didn't break your f*ck*ng ankle in those shoes. As it is, you most likely suffered a concussion. Where did you get the audacity to think that you could do that and pull it off?” he growled as he stalked closer to me.

“I didn't, honestly, I begged Lizzie not to make me wear them, but she said they made my legs look good and guys wouldn't be able to keep their hands of them, and… seeing as I haven't been laid in a while-" I gasped and then slapped my hand over my mouth.

He came close enough that I could see his face finally. Despite my eyes refusing to work properly, the one part of his face that I could see perfectly was his lips. They were full but set in a harsh disapproving line. An irrational need to drop to my knees and plead for forgiveness for whatever I did to cause him displeasure swept through me.

"Oops," I whispered.

“So, you wore those horrible heels just to attract a man. You were hoping to please someone enough that you would get their attention?"

I nodded emphatically.

“I see. Well, now you have my attention, what are your plans for it?” he asked softly, the husky note in his voice evident.

My eyes chose that instant to work, and I was immediately snared by his eyes, they were dark, bordering on black and with the poor light in the room, I couldn't see any real color. All I knew was that they were intense. This was what Lizzie had been talking about, with one look this man had me melted into a bundle of fervent nerves and wild arousal. I wondered what he would do if I leaned forward just a bit more and pressed my lips against his. Unable to silence the compulsion in my head, I closed my eyes and began to do just that when the door burst open.

"Master Reed, the ambulance is finally here. I told them to come around the back," said a woman from the doorway.

He straightened and turned to her, "Thank you, pet. Now go back to your Master and tell him I said you may have a reward."

She gave an excited gasp, "Oh! Thank you, Master, thank you."

I giggled, “She called you Master."

"Yes, and that is what you will be calling me when we play,” he said, the certainty in his voice implied that we would play and for a moment I believed him with all my heart.

He stared at me longer than necessary, as if he was reluctant to let me go from his sight, then sighed and picked me up, "But today is not that day, your health is vital to playtime."

After he set me down gently on the back stairs he reached into his pocket and pulled out a card and handed it to me.

“Here is my number. When you get out of the hospital and are sober, give me a call. Then we'll discuss your lack of attention,” he said before kissing my cheek as the paramedics came up the steps and began checking me out.

For a while, I was so busy answering the paramedic's questions and being looked at, that by the time I looked up to find him, I saw my savior had disappeared into thin air.

I felt a ping of loss twist my heart, but I shook it off when I saw Lizzie bounding up to me looking as if she had a monster chasing her. She had tear streaks down her cheeks and a worried expression on her face, only after they assured her that I'd be just fine and that they just wanted me for observation did Lizzie begin to calm down and we immediately started tossing jokes and insults at each other. She even convinced one of the EMTs to take a pic of us before they helped me down the stairs.

"To commemorate the moment," she proclaimed.

When I woke up the next morning, everything about the night before was really hazy. I only vaguely remembered the man and I knew he'd given me his card, and if I said half of what I thought I said, there was no way I could ever look him in the eyes again. So, I threw the card away and left the hospital putting all the thoughts of a dark Master right out of my head.

CHAPTER 2: Three Years Later

"Did you see him?" Chrissy said, leaning against the door jamb of my windowless office.

"Who?" I asked, barely even bothering to look up from my computer.

Chrissy was one of those office girls that believed the only way to improve her position was to flirt and/or sleep with any male that would be able to advance her position. Since she was my supervisor, a position she shoved in my face as often as she could, and she started a year after I did then I would have to say she must have been pretty active. So even though I knew who she was talking about, I also knew it irritated her to no end that she thought I was only half-listening to her.

"Oh my God, Mia. Could you be any more oblivious?" she spouted with undisguised contempt.

She was, of course, talking about Reed Callaghan the new owner of 'Bean Me'. We were the largest coffee bean distributor in Oregon. It was where I'd worked as an underpaid slave, I mean a secretaries' assistant. I was Chrissy's assistant


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