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Seduced By Alpha

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Alpha Ryder is a single wolf who is s*xy, hot, and kinky. His biggest issue is finding the perfect she-wolf to share his bed. They all want him, but none want to play his naughty games. Summer is a she-wolf who is having the time of her life away from the pack. When she pays a visit to her sister Rose, she meets Alpha Ryder, and flames fly immediately. At least for Alpha Ryder. From the minute he sees Summer, he is smitten. All he can think of is her voice calling his name. Summer carries dark secrets with her, but Alpha Ryder wants to make her his no matter what it takes.

Chapter 1 - A Long Weekend With My Sister

Summer POV

"I will be there in about an hour, Rose. Traffic is ridiculous," I say. I wish she would stop calling and just let me drive.

"Okay. I worry about you. I am excited to see you. I love you, sis," Rose says.

"I love you, too; bye," I say. I hang up the phone quickly. I could've already been there if she did not call me every thirty minutes. I miss her too, but I am dreading going into the pack territory.

I left the pack life three years ago, right after Rose married Ethan. Rose left our pack to be with Beta Ethan and his pack. The two seem happy, and I hope they are. I know she is anxious to see me. It has been a long time.

I'll be honest. I'm not going fast, and I'm nervous about seeing her. I miss her, but the pack lifestyle isn't for me. Yes, Alpha, No, Alpha, I don't need that nonsense in my life. I don't want to beg for permission to move. I need and enjoy my independence. There's a reason I don't have a partner in my life, and I do not intend on bending over and kissing anyone's *ss this weekend.

I get off the highway and drive three miles to pack territory. It, like all pack lands, is gated and has heavy security. My car is being approached by the security wolf. I'll admit that I miss seeing some of the hot wolves, but the sacrifice isn't worth it. You must first earn my obedience if you want it. These wolves do not want to work for it. They want submission. I'm not going to give it to anyone who hasn't earned it.

"Are you lost?" the tall, hot, muscular wolf asks as he approaches my car. I believe I'm drooling. He's a sight to behold. Will you take me out of the car and lay me over the hood, maybe spank me a few times if I say I'm lost? The thoughts running through my mind are very naughty.

"Are you lost?" he asks me again.

I gather my thoughts. "No. I've come to visit my sister Rose and Beta Ethan. My name is Summer," I respond with a sweet smile. Pull yourself together, Summer. I may not want a relationship, but I enjoy being under a man on occasion; he appears to be entertaining. I bet he is a lot of fun!

"Stay here and behave appropriately," he says.

What does that even mean? I'll keep my cool for the time being. Maybe I'll run into him later at a pack bar or something. That is, if Rose, little miss perfect, can get out from under Beta Ethan.

I stand there watching the tall, dark, and s*xy man walk away from the car. His *ss is beautiful. He walks back after speaking with another wolf. He is aware that I am watching him. He's strutting and smiling just for me. Werewolves, for one thing, are arrogant.

"You can go through the gate now. Do you know where you are going?" he asks.

"No, would you like to show me where I'm going?" I ask slowly and as sexily as I can.

Mr. S*xy Wolf smiles and pats the open window of my car. I notice the wedding band at this point. Oh well, I guess that ride is off the table. Perhaps he has a hot brother. Another attribute of wolves is their loyalty. Mr. S*xy may flirt, but he never cheats on his wife.

"Follow the drive to the left after you go through the gate. The Beta cabins will be at the very end. If you get to the Alpha's house, you went too far," he says.

"Thanks," I say. I get one last look at Mr. S*xy before I drive away.

I go through the gate and to the left. I drive down the long and winding road to the Beta cabins. This bothers me. I hate being here. I'm stuck inside the gate, and it makes me feel overwhelmed. Thank the moon goddess, it is only for one weekend.

I see Rose ahead of me, waiting for me. Look at her, Rose. She's expecting me. She's bouncing up and down, overjoyed to see me.

I pull into the small driveway of her cabin. I park my car as she runs toward me. I can't remember a time when we were so separated. I adore her and crave her company, but the pack life, with its wolves and arrogant Alpha, is not for me.

Rose embraces me.

"I missed you, sister," Rose says. I give her a peck on the cheek.

"I missed you too. Is Ethan here, or are we alone in the cabin?" I question her. I hope it is just us. Is it too much to ask that he be away on some wolf b*llsh*t?

She returns her gaze to the cabin. "Ethan is here and is thrilled to see you. We have a visitor, so be respectful," Rose says. Rose appears to be nervous. What's the deal with that?

"I'm always on my best behavior," I say. I put my sunglasses on top of my head and reach into the back seat for my bag.

"Just one bag?" Rose inquires.

I didn't bring much, but I don't plan on staying long. "Rose, I'm only staying for the weekend. What else could I need?" I respond.

I'm pulling my bag out of the car with my back to her, and I can feel the guilt trip coming on. "It's all right. I fully understand. You have a life to return to. It is just that I haven't seen you in a long time, that is all," Rose whines.

She turns away from me and heads for the cabin. "Rose, don't be that way," I call out to her. I follow her into the cabin. From the outside, it appears to be cute. I can't wait to see what's on the inside. Probably wolf dominance and arrogance.

I walk in behind Rose and notice her husband, Beta Ethan, sitting with another wolf. "Hello," I say as I walk past them so as not to disturb the important men who are talking.

Rose rushes over and grabs my hand. "This is Alpha Ryder," Rose says. Is she expecting me to bow down and kiss his *ss?

"Hello, Alpha. I'm Summer. I am also exhausted, so if you will excuse me. I'm just trying to settle in,” I say as I continue walking. As I walk into the kitchen, I hear a low growl coming from Beta Ethan. I knew he was an arrogant wolf.

Rose follows me, and I hear Beta Ethan explain that I no longer live in a pack and that my manners with the Alpha have deteriorated. As Rose leads me to my weekend space, I shake my head.

"I know you're not a member of the pack, but at least acknowledge Alpha Ryder," Rose says.

I toss my bag onto the bed. "I introduced myself. Do you want me to go in there and beg his forgiveness on my knees? I am not a member of this pack. I've come to see you. If I have to kiss the Alpha's *ss while I'm here, I'll go home, and you can come to see me. That is if your arrogant wolf husband will allow it," I yell at her.

When I look up, Alpha Ryder is standing at the door. "I don't want you kissing my *ss, and there's no need to apologize; you did nothing wrong," he replies, smiling.

That's a first: an Alpha with a sense of humor. I shake his hand as he extends his. "It's a pleasure to meet you. There will be no *ss-kissing services offered," I say.

Alpha Ryder chuckles. "I like you," he snickers as he walks away, leaving me to unpack my bag.

Rose is looking at me oddly. "What?" I ask her.

"I asked you to please behave, and now my Alpha is drooling over you," Rose says.

"I didn't do anything," I snap at her.

"You never do, Summer! You never, ever do! Dinner will be ready in an hour," Rose says.

This is going to be a long weekend.

Chapter 2 - I’m Not Submissive

Summer POV

I sit down on the side of the bed in a huff. Rose drives me crazy sometimes. No, Rose drives me crazy 99.9 percent of the time. I have not seen her in three years, and it looks like we could be happy to see one another and enjoy our time together. Why did that damn Alpha have to be here?

"Summer," Rose says. I look up to see her standing in the doorway.

I roll my eyes at her. I cannot help it. I am the older sister. Maybe I'm slightly envious of her because she's married and happy. Am I happy? I think so. Perhaps I do have my shit together, and maybe I do not. I do party a lot, but I have a good job and a really lovely apartment on the east side.

"Yes, sister?" I ask her as she pokes her head in the door.

She looks nervous again. I hope Ethan is not giving her hell because I have a smart mouth and because I refuse to bow down to douchebags like him. Like I said earlier, Rose can come to visit me. It would'


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