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Submit To Daddy

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Laura, recently heartbroken but trying to hide it, turns to an older man, her ex-boyfriend's dad and Alpha of her pack, for comfort. She finds more than comfort in Charlie’s arms. Charlie takes Laura on a journey and introduces her to things she never knew she needed. Laura and Charlie find themselves in a complicated relationship as she discovers herself, and he falls in love with her. Charlie shows her just how beautiful and sexual she can be as he becomes her Daddy Alpha. The two share sparks in the bedroom, but when their relationship becomes known, will it be accepted, or will they be forced to give each other up?

Chapter 1


I watched him from across the room, my eyes tracing the outline of his figure. He looked different tonight, and I found myself being pulled toward him despite my reservations. Every time our eyes met, he quickly averted his gaze, and a part of me yearned for the warmth of his touch that I had felt so many weeks ago.

He was standing just inches away from me now, but instead of feeling the same electricity as before, I felt empty as he brushed past me without a word or glance. I wanted to reach out and grab him, to ask him why he was treating me this way. But I remembered my mistake three weeks ago when I had foolishly backed away instead of letting myself succumb to our undeniable connection.

I turn and see Chris standing behind me, my smile instantly forming. His name is a whisper on his lips, as if he's asked a question more than uttered it.

"Hey, Chris," I say, my greeting genuine as I take in the room filled with familiar faces. "Nice party."

Surprising even myself, I had come to Chris's birthday party hoping to catch a glimpse of Charlie—my ex-boyfriend's father and the wolf I am inexplicably drawn to. And just like that, there he was in the corner of the room, laughing with some of his friends.

Chris reaches out and takes my hands into his. "We are still friends, right?" he asks tenderly. Even though our relationship was both mutual and amicable when we broke up, it was hard for me to believe he had invited me here tonight—let alone embrace me with such warmth.

So I wrap my arms around him tightly and press a kiss against his cheek. "We will always be friends," I vow sincerely, knowing I had made the right decision in letting him go—even if it meant never finding my true mate, the one who would complete me in every way.

Chris waved goodbye and began to walk away with a content smile. I knew he was happy to know that I still cared for him, but my life was going down a different path than his. I felt a warmth behind me as I watched Chris fade into the crowd, and I leaned back into Charlie's strong embrace. His minty breath brushed across my neck, and my skin tingled with anticipation.

Charlie gently nudged my ear as he spoke in a husky whisper. "Let's meet up after the party. I will not take no for an answer, Laura."

My heart raced at the thought of being alone with him again; three weeks ago, we shared an electric moment in each other's arms before I ran away. That would never happen again - from now on, I would be his.

I turned to face Charlie, and our eyes locked as if no one else were in the world except us two. His stare felt like it could lure any soul in its depths, and he gave me a playful smirk when I answered him with a confident "Yes, Alpha."

He disappeared back into the sea of faces, leaving only his words lingering in the air: "Good Girl. Meet me at my place at 11 - don't be late." All I could think of now was preparing myself for this night with Charlie - because I sensed it would be unforgettable. I have to be his.

Three weeks ago

Three weeks ago, I sat in a coffee shop, the warm aroma of roasted beans filling my senses as I watched raindrops cascading down the windowpane. Shrill laughter and clinking dishes filled the air as I stirred my cup of coffee, killing time until the rain stopped. Suddenly, the bell on the door chimed, and for some reason, I looked up. There he was — Charlie, my Alpha — standing in front of me like an apparition. He came here looking for me. I am late.

Charlie came over to my booth and sat down with me. He cocked his head in curiosity. "You change your mind?" He asked.

I shook my head and took another sip of coffee. "It was raining and very windy, so I figured it'd be safer if I waited for it to clear out before making my way to you from work," I said with a sheepish smile. "I guess I should’ve driven. I didn't mean to worry you, Alpha, or to be late."

He reached across the table and took my hand in his. His skin felt rough but inviting. "I was worried," he said gently. "I wish you would've called me. I thought something happened to you. You seemed so excited when I called. I was waiting for you."

I look over at Charlie as he holds my hand. He is tan with some silver hair. His body is perfect, and he is perfect. His shirt fits him perfectly. Just a few buttons open on his white shirt, and I would love to see what is under it. I have often thought about him in a way I shouldn't, but I can't help it. He is hot, but he is Chris's dad and my Alpha. I can't think of him this way.

The restaurant was almost empty, and the silence between us seemed to stretch on forever. My heart was beating fast as I watched the subtle movements of his jaw clenching and unclenching. His gaze never moved from mine when he spoke.

"Come with me," Charlie ordered, standing abruptly and pulling me out of my booth. He kept his hand tightly around mine as he led me out of the restaurant before I could protest. Not that I wanted to; there was something about him that made me want to know why he was here, why it was so important for him to come for me.

Outside, an ebony sports car waited in the parking lot, its engine purring softly beneath the soft glow of a street lamp. When we reached it, Charlie rounded the hood and opened the passenger door for me. We both got in and before turning the key in the ignition, he looked at me for a long moment. I felt like I should be nervous or scared, but instead, all I wanted was for time to stop right then and there.

He leaned towards me and kissed me hard but pulled away far too soon. "Not here," he said gruffly.

He starts the car, and we drive off. My heart is pounding as if my body already knows what’s to come. In my twenty-eight years, I have never felt like this for a man before. I am completely mesmerized by Charlie, and the mere thought of being with him has me craving more.

We pull up to his house, and he drives into the garage. He looks over at me with passionate eyes as the door rolls shut behind us. As if on instinct, he jumps out of the car and bounds to my side. His strong arms envelop me in one swift motion, and I feel a wave of electricity go through me. He pushes me against the car door and plants a passionate kiss on my lips. I can feel the heat emanating from his body as his hand roams around my curves.

"I want to take you into my bed, but only if you want me," he murmurs against my skin as his mouth moves down my neck.

"Yes, Alpha," I whisper breathlessly, unable to resist him any longer. I moan as I say yes, Alpha. I can't help myself. I know what we are doing here and know what is coming. I want this. I don't know why, but I do.

Charlie took my hand and led me down the hall, his grip tight on mine. We stopped in front of a closed door. He paused, then stepped back as he opened the door for me.

Inside was Charlie’s bedroom, where he wasted no time. His hands were soon framing both sides of my face. His lips pressed against mine with an intensity that I had never felt before; my knees grew weak from the sensation of it all. With one hand still cradling my face, his other began to unbutton my dress. As I stood there quivering with anticipation, he slowly glided the garment off my shoulders and let it drop to the ground. Here I was in nothing but a white bra and underwear set, blushing in front of him with desire dripping out of every pore.

He kissed my neck softly, eliciting a moan from deep within me, followed by a firm grip guiding me toward his bed. Before long, we were both settled in between the velvety sheets, with only our underwear separating us. My body burned to have him now, but he seemed content to make me wait—his mouth whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

"I want you!" I moan loudly.

I moaned loudly, and my back arched in response as Charlie's lips kissed down my neck, stopping at my bra. He tore it open with one swift movement, exposing my nipples. His mouth latched onto one of them, sending a wave of pleasure through me that almost made me cum. I tried to reach for his bulge, hidden beneath his underwear, but he stopped me with a firm hand.

“Be good for Daddy," Charlie said, and when he said those words, I felt an explosion of desire rush through me.

"Yes, Daddy," I moaned in response.

His lips journeyed further south as he removed my panties with the same urgency he had shown to my bra. His kisses traveled over my mound before his tongue took over and began lapping up every drop of moisture from my clit. His fingers worked their way inside me as his tongue continued its relentless assault.

"Please fuck me," I begged, but he seemed intent on tantalizing and teasing me until I thought I would go mad.

My body jerks and shakes as I am his, and he can do with me as he pleases. I want him, and I am willing to let him have me however he wants. My body was wracked with anticipation as I lay beneath him, his hard body pressing down on me. His lips trailed fire-hot kisses down my neck and onto my chest, making the area between my legs ache for his touch. His finger brushed against my wetness, and I moaned, arching my back in pleasure.

He pulled back just enough to slide off his briefs and moved between my open legs. He slowly pushed himself inside, inch by delicious inch, filling me up completely. With a few long thrusts, I begin to cum on his cock, and he felt like absolute heaven. "Take me, fuck me, please, Daddy," I beg him.

Charlie pulls out of me and then slides into me harder. His massive cock makes my pussy pulsate in a way I never have cum before. I moan, shake, and feel like my body is on fire as he thrusts into me repeatedly.

I cum hard on his cock again. I feel like everything in me is leaving my body. Holy shit! I want more of him. I want more of him. He slows down for a moment and leans into me. He kisses me so sweetly as I moan. His thrusts are slow as he allows me a moment to catch my breath.

He kisses my cheek and then my ear. "Tell me what you want," he whispers.

"I want you to fuck me, Daddy," I say softly. I can't catch my breath. My body is on fire, and I am in heaven.

Charlie pushes into my pussy hard and begins thrusting into me so hard I feel as if I will break beneath him, but I want him. I want this. I want his cock deep inside me. I cry out in absolute pleasure as he drives his cock into me harder. His powerful thrusts send me into a place I didn't know, excited. My body ripples with a wave of pleasure, and I want more.

I scream as my body releases again on his cock. "I want to taste you," I moan.

"I want to taste your cum, please," I beg him, but he ignores me as he fucks me.

"I want to taste your cum, please, Daddy," I beg him. He stops. He pulled out suddenly, pushing me onto my back on the bed next to him. He grabbed my hips and flipped me over so that I was straddling his face. His tongue found its way between my slick folds and explored hungrily while his large cock filled my mouth. The taste of myself mixed with him was delicious, and I eagerly savored every drop as it trickled down his shaft.

The intensity of the moment made my heart pound faster as I inched closer to his face. His hands were firm on my hips, and his tongue tantalized me. I could feel his stiff cock waiting in anticipation of its release. Eagerly, I welcomed him, pulling him deeper into my throat until he let go with a deep moan of pleasure that sent shivers down my spine. I continued to suck and lick every inch of him until he was completely satisfied before sliding back into the sheets beside him.

I expected him to tell me to get lost. I thought he'd tell me to never return, but instead, he reached out and pulled me close into a tender embrace like no other man had ever held me after sex. We stayed like that for what felt like hours before he eventually drifted off to sleep. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to stay with him forever, but something inside me told me to run - away from the best sex I had ever experienced. Was it shame or fear or stupidity? Whatever it was, I couldn't shake the feeling that this would be our last night together. Why would the Alpha want me? Why do I want him so badly?

Chapter 2

11 pm Charlie's Place


I stand at his door, waiting. I am just about to knock when he opens the door. He smiles when he sees me. "Come in," Charlie says. I feel like I am doing something wrong, but it feels so right. I shouldn't be here, but I want to be here. He is my Alpha. He is Chris's dad. I don't care. I want him.

I step into the house and follow him to the living room. "Sit with me, Laura" Charlie says.

I sat on the sofa beside him, entranced by his presence. His hair was mussed up in a sexy way from running his hands through it, and his deep brown eyes beckoned to me with an intensity that made my heart race. My short skirt rode high on my thighs and exposed the fact that I wore no panties. I had left off my bra too, so my nipples were clearly visible against the sheer white fabric of my blouse. Every nerve ending in my body as alive as he reached out to brush his finger


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