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The Alpha Affiar

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Alpha Kai has no intention of choosing a mate. He prefers taking a different woman to his bed every night. Things are going great for the Dark Moon Wolf Pack until he gets a call from Alpha Jake from the Red River Pack. He has a problem with two of his warriors and needs to relocate one. Alpha Kai can always use another warrior. The new wolf Beta Finn has a wife, Alaska, and she is the woman of Alpha Kai's dreams. Alpha Kai wants Alaska to be his mate, and he will stop at nothing to have her. It is not as simple as just taking Alaska from Beta Finn. There are other people involved, secrets that need to be kept, and a debt that is owed to one of the most powerful werewolf packs, the Larringer Wolves. Alpha Kai realizes his love for Alaska is stronger than anything, and he has to have her. He will fight any wolf to have her as his mate. Alaska is unsure of her feelings for Alpha Kai at first, but when the electricity begins to flow between the two wolves, there is no denying that they belong together. If only everyone agreed with them. Will their love survive the obstacles set out in front of them?

Chapter 1

Alpha Kai POV

She smells divine as she moves closer to me. "I can smell how excited you are to see me, Kim," I say to her as she finally reaches me. She has two beers, one in each hand.

"I thought you might be ready for some fun, Alpha," Kim says. She hands me a beer. The pack is wild tonight; like most nights, we party, we drink, and then we take a she-wolf to do with as we please. My wolves work hard, and they deserve to have as much fun as they want. I always ensure the packhouse is filled with alcohol and willing she-wolves after a long day. Today is no different.

"Do you want to please your Alpha, Kim?" I ask her. I put my arm around her and take a sip from my beer. I watch my wolves while I wait for Kim to answer. She has always seemed a bit timid to crawl in bed with me. She flirts, and brings me a beer, but it never goes any further. I think she hopes I will choose her as my mate if she remains a virgin. That will never happen. I do not want a mate. I like my life the way it is. I plan to keep it this way.

Kim pulls away from my grasp. She stands in front of me. "Well, is tonight going to be the night?" I ask her. I am curious what she would be like. I could order her to my bed, but I do not do that. I want a she-wolf who is willing and wants me, and not one terrified out of her mind.

"Hey, Alpha," Tori and Veronica come up with beers, dancing and wanting my attention. If Kim does not hurry up, she will lose her one shot with me for the night. I am ready to have some fun and do not have time to play games with Kim tonight.

"See you later, Alpha," Kim says as she walks away with her beer. She wants me. I can smell her wetness as she walks away, wishing to get in the bed with me. Maybe I should encourage her and help her make up her mind.

Tori and Veronica are all over me, kissing me, feeling me, and trying to get me to leave with them. The two of them are fun, but what if we took Kim with us. Hmm. "Ladies, I want the two of you to do me a huge favor," I say, growling as I hold them close.

"What is it, Alpha? Anything for you," Veronica says.

"Yes, Alpha, whatever it is, we will do it," Tori says.

I lean down and kiss both of them. "I want her to join us tonight, and I want the two of you to bring her with you upstairs. Can you do that for your Alpha?" I ask the two of them.

"Kim, you want Kim to join us?" Tori asks.

"Yes, I want her and both of you tonight in my bed. You have thirty minutes to get her to my bed, do it," I say.

I walk away from the two of them. I grab a bucket of beers and head toward my room. My wolves are tearing the place apart, but so what. It is a packhouse, and they are having fun. The omegas can clean this place up tomorrow while we sleep it off.

I get into my room and sit down the bucket of beers. I take off my shirt when there is a knock at the door. "Come in," I say.

Tori, Veronica, and Kim all three walk through the door together. "Ready for some fun, Alpha?" Tori asks me.

"Yes, I am. Come here and undress your Alpha," I say.

The three come to me and begin taking my clothes off. Kim is slow initially, but then she seems to fall into place. Good girl, this will be fun. "Now, I am going to lay on the bed and watch the three of you get undressed," I say. Kim almost blushes, but Tori takes over and undresses Kim as I watch.

There is a knock on the door. "Come in," I say. Beta Gunner comes into the room.

"Sorry, Alpha, I know you are busy, but you have an emergency call from Alpha Jake. I brought you your phone so that you can take the call," Beta Gunner says.

"Bring it to me. You ladies, keep doing what you are doing; this will only take a second," I say.

"Yes, Alpha," the three say together. What a sweet sound. Beta Gunner watches them undress while I take my call. I hand the phone back to Beta Gunner when I am done.

"Looks like we are getting another warrior. Alpha Jake is having an issue, but we will worry about that tomorrow; I have three she-wolves to please," I say, handing my phone back to Beta Gunner. He backs out of the room, watching the she-wolves as they join me in bed. Each of them kissing my body up and down and then each other.

"Are you ready for a fun night Kim?" I ask her.

"Yes, Alpha," she responds to me.

"Good then, get on top of me, and Tori will show you how to please me," I say to her. She is clumsy at first but manages to straddle me. Virgins got to love them. She is so timid now, but she will beg to be in my bed on top of me or any wolf in a few weeks. I can tell a lot about Kim, and she will be my new favorite fun.

"This is going to hurt," I say as I slide into her. Tori and Veronica help her take it as I slide into her. So sweet and so tight. I love my life.

Chapter 2

Alpha Kai POV

I wake up with Tori, Veronica, and Kim in the bed with me. Tori is close to me, and I lean over to her. "Come with me," I say to her.

"Yes, my Alpha," Tori says. She gets out of bed and kisses me, wrapping her legs around me.

"Not here," I whisper.

Tori follows me out of the bedroom, both of us naked and making our way through the packhouse. This place is a damn mess.

"Where are the omegas? They need to get all of this cleaned up before our new warrior gets here," I say. I grab a beer and walk through the packhouse with Tori following. We are playful and kissing as we make our way to the front.

"I will get them here, Alpha," Beta Gunner says as he gets to his feet. There are so many beer bottles you can barely walk. We really partied last night. Good thing we have a free day today. Today we welcome the new warrior. Now, that should be fun.

"Where are we going, Alpha Kai?&qu


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